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September 2010

Hi all!
Our Birthday Bash is coming to a close .  I can’t say I’m not a little relieved… it’s been a whirlwind month with so much excitement.  But mostly, I’m just dying to know who wins our Next Designer Contest.  We’ve got 10 uber-talented Designers competing for the three Designer spots at theStudio (and a little thing called a Bamboo).  I would be overjoyed with any of them and I canNOT wait to see their final entries.
A big Congratulations to our Top 10.  It is well-deserved guys:  Kimeric, amplantier, 2girlsandadog, StacieMac, kakleidesigns, knittinjen, Daisy Scraps, Peony Blue, jillybean and Lali Creations.  Each of them has won a 5-Action Pack from Atomic Cupcake!  They now have till Tuesday to pull out the big guns & show us what they have so be sure to check out our Gallery as these promising creations pop up!
In the meantime, it’s time for our annual, coincide-with-the-end-of-the-Birthday-BashBackwards Progressive SALE!

And in case you haven’t seen one of our 10 for $10’s before, well, they are truly too good a deal to pass up.  The deal gets you a coupon to get all 10 of these kits FREE!   Truly spectacular savings that don’t come along every day.

Fall Whimsy Scrap Kit | AnDi Designs

Felty Fall Friends by Deli Scraps

One Autumn Evening by DarleneH

Harvest Moon Mini Kit by Digilicious Designs

Autumn Dream by Lara's Digi World

A Vintage September Pagekit by Lynn Griffin

Autumn Crisp ThePage Kit by Linda Cumberland

Colourful Autumn by Monika Designs

Seasons Change by Designs by Moo

That Oktober Kit by Piggy Scraps

Sweet Monochrome is our DOTD through Saturday only for 70% off!  That’s only $1.35 for this beauty of a kit!!!!
A little vintage, certainly stunning, and lots of warmth for all kinds of layouts!  Sweet Monochrome was the very first freebie kit I made as a designer.  I still love the idea, but this one is MUCH MUCH better!  Great with antiqued and sepia toned pictures, or perfect for setting the stage of any moment, you’ll find lots to scrap with Sweet Monochrome.

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Hi all!  Voting for Round 4 of our Next Designer Contest has begun!!  This round the designers were told NO CU ALLOWED!!!  This is the FINAL round for PUBLIC VOTING!!  Head to the Gallery Here, download some absolutely GORGEOUS freebies, then go vote, vote, vote!!  You can vote for as many as you would like, no restrictions!

Take a peek at these beauties!!  Voting will end tomorrow, FRIDAY, SEPT. 24 at 3:00PM EST!!  Only 10 contestants will move on to the FINAL ROUND!!!

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This one is for all of you who love to make a Quickpage/BragBook/Album set with your kits. I know my old way of doing it is a very common way. It is also a very tedious, annoying, time-consuming way. You know, where you select the area under a frame and then delete each bit under it? To get everything nice & clean for the final product? NO MORE!

Introducing my, free, CU-okay, knockout style! Simply create a placeholder, one that you would normally clip a photo to, apply my knockout style and voila! All layers beneath the placeholder magically disappear… only to easily reappear by turning off the placeholder layer.


As you can see, I’ve got my background layer (note that it is unlocked). My placeholder, and then my frame. This way, I don’t see anything I might tuck under my frame… however, it is still there when I turn off the placeholder.


I have applied my free knockout style to the placeholder layer. Now everything layered below this will be invisible. That is everything that is “covered” by the placeholder will be invisible. Simply turn off invisibility by clicking on the “eye” symbol next to the placeholder symbol to turn on all the invisible parts. It is really that simple.

The easiest way for you to try this is to download, unzip and drag my CU-okay Knockout style into your style palette.


Or, follow these simple directions:

In photoshop you can “knockout” all the layers underneath that layer. Soooo absolutely ideal for making quickpages. Here’s how:

  • go to add layer style
  • choose blending options
  • Set fill opacity to 0%
  • Set knockout to deep

Note: background layer must be unlocked

Lots of smooches,


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September Mega, Old School with FREEBIES!!

by Kimberkatt 18 September 2010

It’s September!  It’s Back to School time for most of us so it was only fitting for the team to add their own flair to theStudio’s September Mega, Old School !!! Our September Mega kit is all things OLD SCHOOL. In celebration of everything from our school days and those of our loved ones. This […]

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Voting for Round 3 has begun!!!

by Kimberkatt 17 September 2010

Hi all!  Voting for Round 3 of our Next Designer Contest has begun!!  This round the designers were asked to pick a charity & make a preview using the supplied kit!  If you thought the last two rounds were hard to vote on, this one is almost impossible!!!  Which is why there are no limits […]

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And the VOTE is on!!!!

by Kimberkatt 4 September 2010

Oh, you all are in for some fantastic treats!!!  Round 1 of theStudio’s NEXT DESIGNER CONTEST has closed and we have a whole slew of gorgeous FREE mini’s gracing our gallery just waiting to be downloaded!!!!  Now it’s up to all of you, theStudio Members, to get to voting!!!  The Poll is OPEN for business […]

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PS: Select Color Range

by Toiny Westberry 2 September 2010

Ever buy a CU product and wish it was another color?  Did you try moving the Hue/Saturation sliders?  Did you try moving the Color Balance sliders?  And still it’s just not the new color?  At least not evenly.  I’ve got another trick you can try. I’m going to start with a CU bloom:    Perfectly […]

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LAST DAY TO SIGN UP: Next Designer Contest – Layout Artist Contest!!

by Kimberkatt 1 September 2010

LAST DAY to sign up for theStudio’s NEXT DESIGNER CONTEST!! Top THREE Win: DESIGN CONTRACT & WACOM BAMBOO!! Top TEN Win: 5 ACTION PACK (of choice) from ATOMIC CUPCAKE!! SIGN-UPS END IN APPROXIMATELY 6 HOURS (3AM EST)!! 92 Contestants have already signed up! Will you be next?! LAST DAY to sign up for theStudio’s CT […]

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