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Time for a poll…

by Toiny Westberry on 5 December 2010
in Commercial Use,Grabbags Pin this scrappy stuff!

This poll ends December 15th. You may make up to 3 different choices.

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1 mskinsey 10 December 2010 at 8:53 pm

With regard to the poll on grab bags, I wanted to add a comment, if I may. More than anything, the ONE thing that I am looking for when I purchase kits and other items is ORIGINAL work. It is very disappointing to purchase a kit that looks good in the preview, only to unzip it and find it full of weird bows that defy the laws of physics, recolored flowers and other elements that have been used over and over in other kits by the same artist, and so on. I just purchased a kit that looked dazzling on the surface but in reality was flat and uninspiring, with at least four recolors of the same flower design that this designer has used in several other kits.

Designing is hard work, a fact that I appreciate greatly, having created very little so far of my own work. However, as a consumer, I have certain expectations from the designers whose work I buy: original work of a high quality and continued growth as a designer. Therefore, I do not appreciate it when designers rely on time-worn old CU favorites to churn out more and more of the same cliched elements and papers. Thank you for reading my comments. I probably am unwise to rant about this, but opening that kit was REALLY disappointing.


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