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February 2011


I have a new CU pack of Easter Eggs in my commercial store

The pack contains 14 decorated and texturised eggs, saved as individual .png files at 300dpi resolution for optimum print quality.



For personal and commercial use.

Enjoy and have fun!!!

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Hi guys!  Just wanted to shoot in here to remind you all that TOMORROW is the LAST DAY to get yourself a beautiful mini kit called Calabria Addon by DarleneH Designs for the Feb 15-28 Featured Designer Challenge!!  Get those layouts submitted by midnight EST tomorrow, Feb 28 for your chance to WIN her Calabria Full Kit!!  And, don’t forget to stop on by her store and take advantage of her SALE: 20-50%, including the new Calabria kit!!


I even have a little FREEBIE for you all today!  One 12X12 Quickpage made with Darlene’s gorgeous addon freebie, supplied for the challenge!  Enjoy! :)


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Tummy Bug

by Toiny Westberry on 26 February 2011
in Kids Pin this scrappy stuff!

We are on the tail end of the tummy bug.  It’s not a big deal when Christian, 18, or Cole, 13 have it.  They are big and can take care of themselves.  A little hot tea, some chicken soup, a sympathetic look and I’m done.  But when the little ones, Dane and Tessa, get sick… well… my life gets a little tougher.
I’m a huge fan of horror movies.  Always have been.  Something about being scared out of my skin just makes me feel alive.  However, when the lovely puke scene from the Exorcist visits my bedroom in the middle of the night.  Not a big fan.


I’d literally gotten all tucked in and comfortable, and believe Dave when he says this is a process, when Dane sat up (we are in the process of weaning him from our bed, he’s currently on a mattress in our room) and literally projectile vomited halfway across the room.  It’s a big room.
And, honestly, I’m mom enough that one time would have been fine.  But he repeated this 4 times through the night.  Why?  Why? Why can’t little guys ever make it to the toilet on time?
The really, truly horrible part?  I’m still washing it all up.  I’ve got a lovely, top-of-the-line even, 5kg washing machine.  I so miss my extra huge capacity US-spec washer.  And my dryer is not a dryer.  It’s a centrifuge.  Or as I like to call it a “Water Sucker Outer”.  The clean-up is taking me forever.
Cole, age 8

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First Fountain Pen

by Toiny Westberry 23 February 2011

  We got up extra early this morning because Tess had forgotten her to do her homework.  As it turns out, first thing in the morning is a great time to do homework.  She got third in a class competition (that I completely do not understand) using the “8’s”.  A big deal since she was […]

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10 for $10: Linda Cumberland

by Toiny Westberry 19 February 2011
10 for $10: Linda Cumberland

There’s a wonderful new deal in theStudio.  Those of you already familiar with the gorgeous works of Linda Cumberland don’t need me to babble anymore.  Those of you new to her designs are in for a treat…. and a fantastic bargain.  Now through March 5th you can get 10 of Linda’s most popular page kits […]

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Toe Socks

by Toiny Westberry 19 February 2011

Last night I was watching an old episode of Bones.  Tucked in my bed, warm, tired, my arm propped up on a pillow with a wonderfully soothing bag of ice over it.  At the footend of my bed were Tess & Dane.  Also tucked in, not very soothing.   After the opening salvo, the Bones […]

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Best Friends

by Toiny Westberry 16 February 2011

While I have some gorgeous pictures of my cut-on, stitched-up elbow, I’m not sharing.  For all I know you are eating your breakfast & drinking a cup of coffee (my favorite activity while reading newsletters) and I really don’t want to interfere with your enjoyment of some quiet time.   So, instead, a picture of […]

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Featured Designer Challenge w/ Shelly Marie Scraps – LAST DAY! FREEBIE!

by Kimberkatt 14 February 2011

Hi guys!  Just wanted to shoot in here to remind you all that TODAY is the LAST DAY to get yourself a beautiful mini kit called Vintage Love Addon by Shelly Marie Scraps for the Feb 1-14 Featured Designer Challenge!!  Get those layouts submitted by midnight EST tonight for your chance to WIN her yet-to-be-released […]

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Progressive Scrap starts NOW! Come get your FREEBIES!

by Kimberkatt 13 February 2011

Hi guys!  Just wanted to remind you all that theStudio’s February Progressive Scrap starts TODAY!  This month you will be using pieces from the February Mega Kit: Thinking of You.  This kit is bright, fun and oh-so-cute!  You don’t want to miss out on collecting your pieces and a chance to WIN the entire Mega […]

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NEW from Angel Hartline Designs: One Fine Day Collection

by Angel Hartline Designs 13 February 2011
One Fine Day Collection

Hi everyone! Angel here with a brand new collection to share with you today! I know everyone says this for their current project LOL, but One Fine Day is absolutely my favorite of all my kits so far. I had a blast creating it and I hope you love it, too. Plus it’s ON SALE! […]

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