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New Release "The Nameless One" Collaboration Kit

by eqrAveziur Designs on 2 April 2011
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Hello everybody. Sometimes even if you squeeze your brain, you can not think any name that describes exactly what you’re seeing or doing. And that is what has happened to the components of this collaboration. This has been brought to you by Moon Designs, Nibbles Skribbles, Digilicious Designs, BooLand Designs and eqrAveziur Design. But this is no reason to like this new kit :D

It consists of many parts, the Kit, Glitters, Cardstock, Embossed Papers, Quick Pages, an Alpha, Clusters and a Bundle with an incredible price. See to believe!!

Here are the Embossed Papers design by me and a 100% closer look


And with my part, my adorable Creative Team make some amazing layouts

By Aveziur

By Leila.Ingmar

By Helga

Hope you enjoy it and thanks to stopping by!!

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