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Andalucía Kit, the Spanish soul

by eqrAveziur Designs on 7 May 2011
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Hello everybody. It’s very difficult to tell in a few lines which represents Andalucía, but if you’ve never heard of Andalucía, I will tell you which is the largest province of Spain and which is further south. A compendium of mountains, great plains of olive trees, sun, fun and sand. Of course it is much more than this, but what is certain is that it brings all the Spanish soul, our own way of seeing life. And one of the most important in Spain and the Spanish is the desire to enjoy life and Andalucía is the key point of the fun.

And that’s why so to this day of celebration Andalucía is my best tribute. Indeed, half of my blood is Andalusian :).

Es muy difícil contar en unas pocas líneas lo que Andalucía representa, pero por si no has oido hablar nunca de Andalucía, te diré que es la provincia más grande de España y la que está más al sur. Es un compendio de montes, grandes llanuras de olivos, sol, alegría y playa. Por supuesto es mucho más que esto, pero lo que si es cierto es que aúna todo el alma español, nuestra manera particular de ver la vida. Y una de las partes más importantes en España y de los españoles es las ganas de disfrutar de la vida y Andalucía es el punto clave de la diversión.

Y es por eso por lo que para estos días de celebración Andalucía es mi mejor tributo. Por cierto, la mitad de mi sangre es andaluza :).

Aveziur_Andalucía_preview Aveziur_Andalucía_PpPreview

Aveziur_Andalucía_ElemPreview Aveziur_Andalucía_closer1 Aveziur_Andalucía_closer2 Aveziur_Andalucía_closer3


To learn more about Andalucía, please visit the following website
Para saber más sobre Andalucía, por favor visita la siguiente página

As always, enjoy and have fun. Thanks for stopping by!

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1 Barbara 7 May 2011 at 9:34 pm

Gorgeous! I lived in Rota, Spain, before the base was completed. I HATED to return to the US. My husband and I returned for the ’92 World’s Fair, and I showed him where I lived, Cadiz, Sevilla, Ronda, etc. He would loved to have stayed there too! I may be American but part of my heart is Andalucian! Thank you! BTW, if you do an addon, please let me know! AND, may I suggest el Torre de Oro, and some scenes from Cadiz. For inspiration too, the lovely tile from Plaza de España. 9It astound me that vandals do not destroy this, after all these years!


2 Toiny 8 May 2011 at 5:59 am

Those photo’s are stunning Barbara! Rota Spain is now on my Space-A must fly list!!!!

Gorgeous kit Eva. Just LOVE it!


3 Aveziur 8 May 2011 at 7:20 am

Thank you girls. Barbara, I know Andalucía is much more that this kit, maybe I can think about one second Andalucía Kit. Thanks :XX


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