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Buy SKrapper Digitals’ Full Artistic Heritage Collection for just $20!

by SKrapper Digitals on 9 July 2011
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Hi All! I’m not quite sure if i’ve lost my mind or not…(if so,.. i’m sure it will turn up somewhere around here.. tee hee!) But i’ve decided to have a ‘Buy my Artistic Heritage Collection’ sale just cause i love ya!

Buy My Entire Artistic Heritage Collection
If you haven’t already collected them all, this is an incredible deal!
Purchase ALL of the beautiful  Artistic Heritage Collection Kits  (a $114 dollar value to date!) at this amazingly low bundled price! Hurry, this is a VERY rare once in a lifetime offer that will most likely never be repeated again. That’s over 180 papers way over 600 elements and tons of quickpages and clusters and more all created in gorgeous heritage styling!

The Artistic Heritage Collection is a collaboration between my Grandmother, Helen Stemen and myself.  I’ve always loved the beauty of my Grandmother’s oil paintings and now, together, we’ve discovered a way to treasure and share them with all of our family, friends and so many others! We think you will find them a perfectly beautiful addition to your scrapbook.  I don’t have the opportunity to see my Grandmother very much anymore. We live about 8 hours from each other. so this collaboration collection has been something really fun for us to work on together via telephone, e-mail and letters.

I can truly say that this  is one of my very best series’ because I’m working so hard at making it the very best I can to honor my Grandmother and to complement her gorgeous paintings has been such an enjoyable challenge.  It’s given me a unique opportunity to really stretch creatively and come up with unique elements and papers that carry the same theme as the paintings.  She has enjoyed it immensely and is very grateful to see your beautiful layouts from these kits and says this is one of the most enjoyable ‘jobs’ she’s ever had. Thank You all from both of us for your continued support of our work.

your purchase zip will contain a text file with a coupon code and instructions for downloading all of the Artistic Heritage Collection MEGA KITS and MEGA BUNDLES!.

Including the following products (see additional product previews below)

By The Lake Mega Bundle:

15 beautiful papers
3 extra artistic papers
6 pc. cardstock
60 elements

4 clustered wordart pieces set
4 clustered element piece set

Song of Spring Bundle:

18 beautiful artistic papers
73 gorgeous elements

4 beautiful 12×12 quickpages
4 gorgeous clusters
4 lovely clustered frames
4 artfully arranged skrapstack mats

Faded Winter Mega Kit:

20 beautiful papers
1 decorative paper mat
1 border clustered element
5 lovely bows
2 snow covered branches
1 pocketwatch chain border
2 photo corners
5 flowers
1 thin paper frame
1 gold flourish
2 glitter scatters
3 grassy elements
2 dried flower elements
1 lace border
1 piece of lace
2 paper borders
1 straight pearl strand
1 pearl scatter
2 painted leaf branch elements
3 paper snowflake elements
2 ribbons
2 snowy scatter elements
2 stitching elements
1 rub on branch elements
3 buttons
1 closed book
1 open book
1 envelope
4 frames
1 rusty hinge
1 handwritten letter
1 mini tag
1 pearly pin
2 paper journals
1 wooden snow covered sign
2 painted postcards
1 candlestick
1 church
1 clock dial
2 clockface rub ons
1 doily
1 pocketwatch
1 candle lantern
1 watchface

Autumn Reflections Bundle:

This Bundle contains:

* 5 pc. 12×12 Quickpage Album
* 4 pc. SKrap Stack Mat Set
* 4 pc. clustered element set
* 4 pc. clustered frames set
*and the FULL Autumn Reflections Mega Kit which includes:
20 papers
3 leaf vein papers
1 tattered edge painted paper
1 clean edge paper edges
2 plaid fabric papers
2 patterned papers
2 torn crumpled paper
1 folded and crumpled edge plaid paper
1 plain plaid fabric paper
6 solid fabric papers
1 torn and tattered stacked neutral paper
1 decorated embellished edge fabric paper

3 round die cut paper embellishments
4 curled satin ribbons
5 knotted tag ribbons
4 satin bows
2 vintage paper lace
1 curled paper embellishment
1 ornate metal border
2 fall leaf embellishments
1 round lace circle
1 small diecut journal
1 ornate metal hanger
1 painted grass embellishment border
1 flower  embellishment
4 paper leaf flourishes
1 ornate metal bracket
1 ornate metal photo corner
2 twigs
1 painted tree embellishment
1 reflective leaf element
3 reflective flourish embellishments
1 pumpkin embellishment
1 pearl cluster embellishment
1 pearl brad
1 paper polaroid frame
2 ornate hatpins
1 folded paper journal
2 paper journals
3 fall flowers
2 painting charms
1 brass button
1 butterfly
1 aged leather frame
1 embellished clustered twig element
2 embellieshed clustered borders
2 embellished clustered frames

Seaside Mega Bundle:

*4 pc. quickpage album
*4 pc. clustered elements set
*4 pc. clustered frames set
*the FULL Seaside Mega Kit
that contains:
21 gorgeous artistic papers
1 uppercase sand writing alpha
5 bows
3 curled ribbons
1 twine flourish
1 string bows element
2 tiedown fasteners
1 copper staple
1 torn and crumpled paper border
1 boat tiedown
5 tags
1 folded envelope
1 porthole frame
1 wooden journal
3 frames
1 torn crumpled paper journal
9 seashells
5 different flowers
2 greenery pieces
1 white lace piece
1 sandy scatter piece
2 water drop scatters
1 tied twine bow
1 tied twine frame wrap
1 boat wheel
1 seagull
2 bead scatters
2 pearls
1 paperclip
2 oceanside stamps
1 rock stack
2 painted trees
1 string loop
1 flourish textured border
1 fish stamp scatters
1 seahorse and sparkles scatter
1 blue seahorse
1 starfish dangle
1 blue butterfly
1 pearly button
1 boat
1 beaded dangle

Winter Solace Mega Bundle:

the full Winter Solace Mega Kit
the set of 7 clustered frames
the set of 5 clustered elements
the set of 9 12×12 quickpages

Blush of Romance Mega Bundle:
the full Blush of Romance Mega Kit
7 clustered frames
9 12×12 quickpage set
5 clustered elements

Tidings of Joy Mega Kit:

20 beautiful papers

over 60 lovely glistening elements

Some shadows on clustered and lifted elements

Evening Silhouette Mega kit:
22 beautiful artistic papers

2 aged film strip frames
1 butterfly
3 knotted bows
2 bookplates
1 clustered element
1 clustered border
2 clustered frames
2 ribbon curls
1 beaded wire element
1 gold leaf button
4 gold flourish elements
1 ivory sequin spray element
1 gold flourish border
1 ivory sequin border
1 gold flourish page frame
1 stitched eyelet border
11 various and unique flowers
1 black and gold wood frame
1 red thin wood frame
1 thin gold frame
1 gold pine tree
2 pearl brads
4 pearl cluster elements
3 satin ribbon borders
1 black pine tree element
1 gold staple
3 strings
5 journals

Lake Michigan Mega Kit:

18 papers including:

13 beautiful fabric textured papers
5 painted and artistic papers

61 elements including:

2 tattered journaling pieces
1 distressed painting frame
1 whitewashed beach fence
1 net element
1 distressed edge painting journal piece
1 whitewashed decorative wood border
1 whitewashed distressed wood journal
1 whitewashed distressed wooden frame
1 dark wood frame
1 painting charm
1 painted sand dune element
3 beach grass elements
6 silk bow elements
8 folded silk ribbon border elements
6 stitched fabric borders
7 beach pebbles (and one combined cluster)
1 knotted twine border (for use with beach pebbles)
2 curled twine elements with shell beads
1 lake michigan bird
1 buttoned twine hanger
1 clam
1 shell
1 dragonfly
6 flowers
2 pieces of driftwood
1 whitewashed wood flourish
1 whitewashed wood button

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