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New from Ambowife: Plush w/ a Freebie!!

by Kimberkatt on 13 August 2011
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Hi all!  Happy Saturday!!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, I am… now!  As I stood at the kitchen sink this morning, half asleep, finishing up the dishes from last night, I could hear the wonderful sounds of my children bickering in the living room, followed by sounds of gunfire, explosions & screaming emanating from my husbands Xbox downstairs in the basement, I made the decision that I would be escaping into Scrap World today!!  School shopping, laundry & bathroom cleaning have been put off, for now, so that my slip into insanity can slow down for a bit!!  Today, I’m hoping to keep what’s left of my psyche.  Tomorrow they can take it, fling it around, stomp on it, but, today, I’m resisting!!  I’m a rebel, I know! lol

So, in my rebelliousness, I decided to head to the store to see what new goodies have been added that I could play with, to take my mind off of the war raging around me, literally & figuratively.  And I fell in love!  I know, I know, I seem to fall in love a lot, but I just can’t help it!  Our designers here at theStudio are just fabulous!  And once you see this kit, you will completely understand where I’m coming from!

Tracy, Ambowife Designs, has a brand new kit out called Plush.  Now, Tracy doesn’t have a lot of time anymore to design, much to my dismay, because I really do adore her designs!  She is very busy with being an Admin at theStudio, along with the Creative Team & Quality Control Team Manager and a “real life” job! Tracy is amazing, in my humble opinion!  And, she does all of this with that brilliantly beautiful smile and a heart of gold!!  I love Tracy!  So, even though she’s short on time, she still manages to crank out some gorgeous products!  Before I lead you to the beauty of Plush, I want to show off some of Tracy’s new Commercial Use products because they so deserve the recognition, her extractions & quality are impeccable!!

Creasy Folded 1 cu - $5.00

Felt Xmas Decorations cu - ON SALE: $4.00

Hand Made Flower Mix 2 - $6.00

Hand Made Flower Mix 1 - $6.00

Handmade Ribbon Roses 1 cu - $6.00

Handmade Flowers CU - $6.00

Beautiful, aren’t they?  Now, let me show you Plush!  If you are a lover of all things soft, vintage-like & flowery, you are going to want this kit!!  I’m not even going to try to convince you, I’ll let the previews do that! ;)

Introducing: PLUSH by Ambowife Designs

ON SALE:  30% off!


The PLUSH Coordinates

ON SALE: 30% off!

Plush Card Stock

Plush Glitter Styles and Tiles

Plush Alpha

Plush Felt Papers

Plush - The Bundle - only $7.00

Gorgeous, right?  Now I will leave you with a little sampling I made from this kit, just to whet your scrappetite a little bit more! ;)  Enjoy your weekend and Happy Scrapping! :)


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1 jayleigh3 14 August 2011 at 10:51 am

gorgeous! Thank you!


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