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September 2011

I’m backtracking a little today, because my weekend in Holland was packed with so much goodness, I’m just not done sharing.  On top of Oma, my family, we also hit ‘s-Hertogenbosch Maritiem festival, a celebration of all things boat.  I think.  All I know is, it was busy, filled with Dutch people, Dutch music, Dutch beer, what more could a girl want?

The best part was actually getting to the Maritiem part of the festival, and there was a stau!  After Ausfahrt (meaning exit on the freeway, but, well, we have teenage boys, so, um, yeah), stau was the first new word we learned in German.  It means traffic jam.  All stopped.  No go.  Enjoy the unlimited speeds on the autobahn… not.  In Holland, it being renowned for having recovered about half again of its country size via dikes, a stau is not with cars, but with boats!

Dutch Stau

A little side note, but if you are ever in country, and you want to stay in an unusual place, try renting one of the many houseboats along the canals in Amsterdam.  It’s not expensive, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  There are also old ships that rent berths, google for one that speaks English (almost all do) and read the reviews.  Now that Dave has lost his fear of ships, it’s on our list of things to do.

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The Mega Collaboration Kit Splish Splash is the DOTD at TheStudio this week and a must have.  The talented trio of Aimee Harrison, Scraps of Candy & SKrapper Digitals banded together to create this awesome mega kit. Inspired by all sorts of water fun, Splish Splash is an absolute essential kit to have in your scrapbooking collection! Whether its fun at the beach, the pool, swim team, water balloon fights, slip & slides or those adorable baby bath photos we’ve got everything you’ll need to make your water fun layouts just perfect for your scrapbook.


You’ll also find this kit available as a bundle including plenty of great extras!  Can it get any better than this?  It can it’s on sale for 70% off this week!!!

This kit is so much fun and has so many different water picture possibilities, so I thought you’d like a quick page to try it out.  Enjoy!!!                                   ****Download****

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Ever have a perfect morning?  Thursday Dane & I had one.  It started way too early, that part wasn’t perfect, but it did all get done and that’s pretty awesome.  I got the kids off to school, had a little time to finish up loose ends at work and then it was time to meet Dane for his field trip.

Of course, when I got to the field trip, all the other moms had kiddo’s and mine was nowhere in sight.  It turns out that where I thought Kindy was bringing the kids, in reality mommies were supposed to pick them up.  Luckily it was a long field trip, I had been early, and I had time to go get him.  I know that all sounds far from perfect, but when Dane & I got back, and we had to find our group, we went  through the magic gate alone and truly experienced the other side of the looking glass.

We went to Lutz Akkermans home, atelier, gardens.  Herr Akkerman is an amazing metal artist.  I do not have words for the beauty he creates out of iron, steel, even rust.  Walking up the metal stairs to his home, under the old train car that serves as his living room, surrounded by the fantastical imagery his art evokes, it is walking into another world.  Doing that without the group, in the quiet of the morning, Dane & I both felt the beauty as well as seeing it.  Going to Herr Akkermans is an all-senses experience.

Shortly after entering the garden we found our group and met Herr Akkerman.  Dane, despite being very rambunctious, is usually very reserved meeting new people.  I expected him to hide behind me, especially give Herr Akkermans height and austere demeanor, but Dane stepped right up and shook hands.  I think he felt what I soon learned, Herr Akkerman is a kind, gentle, patient soul.  I loved him, his home and his art.

The next two hours flew by, and we had one great moment after another.  Herr Akkerman shared how he works, special pieces and why he created them.  He let us explore, and touch and interact with his work.  It was two hours spent in beauty and fantasy.  It was a perfect morning.

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Fall Frolic by Marie H Designs

by tammy 23 September 2011

Marie H Designs is one of my favorite designers here at TheStudio and today I got to go in and grab her new kit Fall Frolic to play with. Fall frolic is a fun and colorful kit that will help you create amazing layouts with all your fall and outdoors photos. It is perfect for […]

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New release: Fall comes slowly – El Otoño llega lentamente

by eqrAveziur Designs 22 September 2011

And before you know it is already cold here. I do not like the fall. The colors are not as bright, there is less light and the leaves of the trees no longer glow green, but stained, yes, many other colors, but muted colors. We no longer see the birds flying around you, it’s over […]

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Creative Team Call – Convocatoria de un nuevo Equipo Creativo

by eqrAveziur Designs 21 September 2011

  I’m looking for an enthusiastic and very Creative Team! Requirements 2 layouts per kit (approx. 1 kit a month) Post layouts to DST, theStudio, and a gallery of your choice (more galleries would be nice but not required) Post layouts to my Facebook Fan Page, your Facebook and Blog if applicable Post your layouts […]

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Featured Designer Challenge! FREEBIES!

by Kimberkatt 20 September 2011

Hi all!  Just wanted to pop in today to let you all know that there is a new Featured Designer Challenge up at theStudio!  Michelle, Shelly Marie Scraps, jumped in with both feet when I begged and pleaded, she’s so awesome! Not only was she sick, but she cranked out a new kit and an […]

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About A Boy Collaboration

by tammy 17 September 2011

Guest Designer Ruby Lane and TheStudio’s Digilicious Designs teamed up to bring you a HUGE collaboration for all the boys and men in your life.   Don’t you just love the colors?  I do!!!  Be sure to grab it quick while it’s on sale 40% off!!!   There is also an ultimate bundle for all things […]

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CuddleBeez Scraps retirement sale

by tammy 16 September 2011

Here at TheStudio we are sorry to be saying goodbye to CuddleBeez Scraps but this means great savings for you, all her kits are on sale for $1.00 until the end of the month.  She’s got some gorgeous kits that your not going to want to miss!!! Here’s just a few of my favorites: I […]

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It’s my Birthday!

by Toiny Westberry 15 September 2011
Thumbnail image for It’s my Birthday!

It’s my birthday! Somehow I got to be 44 years old, I’m not sure how. In my mind I’m still 20, just don’t tell my hips, they think they are 60. There are mornings when I look in the mirror and what I think my eyes should be seeing, isn’t there. It’s weird to be […]

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