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College Today

by Toiny Westberry on 22 October 2011
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I spent over a phone on the hour with my oldest baby today. Soren is 21, in California, at university and has a girlfriend I’ve never met. I’d like to change that. He’d like to change that. He wants to bring her home for Christmas. Eeeep. Yes!

It’s a male-dominated world I live in, even with the three big boys out of the house most days of the year. I’m ecstatic Danielle is coming for a month. I love her already. I’m nervous she won’t love us quite as much. Then again, she’s been spending an awful lot time with him. And he is used to a big family. From what I can tell, he’s created a big family at school too. As his roommates recent FB photo clearly shows.

This is Soren, far right, Danielle and friends in their living room on a recent school night. See? I think he has well-prepared her for life in our house.

at home

Not that we sit quietly on the couch, all with laptops, an aquarium gurgling quietly in the background. That is something that never happens. I’m pretty sure it’s not always the case at Sorens house either. I know half of those boys are on the rugby team with him, and a like number work the rock wall with him. All of them snowboard, or ski. It is not a quiet crowd. And since we are not a quiet crowd, I think Danielle will feel right at home. Is it December yet?

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