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by Toiny Westberry on 8 October 2011
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And suddenly it’s really fall.  The kind of fall that’s here to  stay.  Our Indian summer  days are gone and the chill is permanently in the air.  Gone are my tshirts, replaced by  “down sleevers” (aka long-sleevers) and my favorite Lands End fleece sweaters.  A couple more degrees and I can put on my lambfuzz-lined suede boots.  Well, if the toe will ever cooperate.  Good Lord healing takes a long time when you are over 40.

I’m just blessed my little ones keep me young.  This week a switch has flipped  in Dane’s brain and he’s suddenly drawing, no longer scribbling.  Last week people were still amoebas.  This week, at the start of the week, we had heads, legs and arms.   On Wednesday we sprouted  stomachs (and spikes, because Dave & I are ‘good guys’ and spikes protect Dane).  Yesterday we progressed to having hands!

He and Tess both are absolutely loving the cooler weather and snowboots, scarves and hats have made an early appearance.  It is important to keep warm and not catch a cold, insists my little wise man. And every day he’s found a pile of yellow, brown and red leaves, that someone has raked neatly into a pile, that he then throws sky high.  His little face glows with delight and he giggles “I love fall!”

My goal this week is to capture this with my camera, today he’s sleeping off a late night marathon of golf on the Wii.  I did convince Tess (read: couldn’t stop her) to pose for a fall picture or 10.  This is my favorite out of the bunch, you can see the impish side of her crinkling at the corners of her eyes.  I love her.


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