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Finally, New Release is here

by Booland Designs on 27 October 2011
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Wohoooo! Boo here and honestly, I did not think I would get this one out today so bonus lol.

First I want to say again what a wonderful surprise it was to see so many comments on our BooLand Blog Competition for last week. You all did amazing and I’m pleased to tell you your little thank you gift is all fixed and downloadable now. You can check out the post HERE

Exciting and just a bit scary stuffs at the Studio

Halloween Treats There’s a ton of spooky stuff going on in the Halloween Forum this coming weekend too so make sure to check in and take a bite HERE… and watch out, we’ll be tricking and treating all weekend bwahahahahahhahaha (that’s my evilest laugh)

New Release Faded Bouquet

Ok, so it has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween but I figured we have soooooooo much going on with that you might like a little something different. Also, since my store is on sale for this whole weekend at 30% Off I’ve whipped you up a little treat of my own, a further 10% OFF all Faded Bouquet Products so you guys don’t miss out on our usual New Release sale.


Just add the special code at your shopping cart and get a smashing 10% Xtra off all Faded Bouquet Products.


bld_fadedbouquet_pagekit bld_fadedbouquet_alpha

bld_fadedbouquet_clusters bld_fadedbouquet_glitter bld_fadedbouquet_papers bld_fadedbouquet_elements

bld_fadedbouquet_patternpaperbundle bld_fadedbouquet_patternstylebundle

bld_fadedbouquet_quickpages bld_fadedbouquet_swooshes

bld_fadedbouquet_tags bld_fadedbouquet_pagespraybundle

There’s no competition this week folks. I’m thinking we are all going to be way too busy in the forum seeking out the hidden treats or getting whacked with the tricks to cope with another competition but please do leave your comments because we love to hear from you and you never know, I might just surprise you WinkingBig Grin

Don’t forget

My whole store is currently on sale at 30% OFF and you get an extra 10% OFF with your coupon for Faded Bouquet. Enjoy.

AND Check out the BLOG for great coordinating goodies

What’s Next Miss Boo?

Well folks, since we are a little late getting this collection out it stands to reason the next one will also be a little late BUT, do not panic my little scrapperties, I have it all under control (well, as much under control as is possible for me lol) and you should have another fab New Release to look forward to at the weekend so keep a sharp look out. Nope…. its not Halloween linked ;)

That’s all for today my friends. Have a ball at the studio and enjoy your Faded Bouquet goodies

We’ll see you all real soon.


Boo and the Blossoms xx

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