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February 2012

Hello my digital scrapbooking friends. No, It’s not spring time actually, but I have many desires that winter is over, that everything that occurs to me lately for my designs are full of spring colors. And that’s what happened to me in my new kit At Dawn.

Hola amigos de scrapbooking digital. No, no primavera todavía, pero tengo tantas ganas de que el invierno termine, que todo lo que me ocurre últimamente para mis diseños está lleno de colores primaverales. Y eso es lo que me ha pasado en mi nuevo kit.

At Dawn





And some inspiration

100225_Dawn_Madeline 120220-050909

by Madeline

by me

100225_Dawn_Madeline 120220-050909

by Lala

by Lala


Hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by!



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We are in week 5 of strep, colds & viruses at my house.  There has been someone home sick keeping me company for weeks.  As much as I love my family, I’m going a little stir crazy.  Thankfully my husband is not currently deployed, and he is just as ready to get down & dirty with the kids as with the troops.  Sunday I escaped for a little bit with my neighbor.

Our mini-roadtrip took us through Böblingen, where Mercedes has its headquarters (and an amazing car museum).  I actually love it there, it is close to where our hotel-home was and I spent a lot of time wandering the streets when we first got here.  I was a little surprised when she blurted it out “it’s so ugly, I don’t like it.”

I tried to see Böblingen through her eyes, and it is “newer” than most of the towns closer to us.  But not new as in in modern and steel and glass.  Rather it is the new of 40-50 years ago.  She confirmed my suspicion and babbled on, “it was bombed in the war, Pforzheim too. That is why Pforzheim is so ugly. They had to rebuild and they rebuilt in the 60’s.”

My neighbor is a good 10 years younger than me, but the war (WWII) still has a hold.  Sometimes I forget that we were on the other side, that we are a foreign troop stationed in her country.  Sometimes it feels awkward.  I stammered something about “Americans”, and she suddenly realized this as well and loudly exclaimed (my neighbor is as loud as her beautiful red hair); “thank God for the Americans!”  It is rare that we are thanked.  It is rare for Dave to be thanked, it is even rarer that the soldiers family get to be thanked.

It is very rare I hear positive comments from my family about the US military.  Mostly I nod my head and smile, I’m not big on politics or arguing, but inside it does hurt my feelings.  When my Oma could still talk, and she could still talk when I first married Dave, she too was grateful for the Americans and the freedoms they brought back to Europe.  My Oma still talks to me, with her eyes, with her face, her hands, even her words and I do understand the meaning behind it all.  But real conversation is not possible anymore and sometimes, I really, really miss her though she is still here.

My Oma

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Have you ever had a picture that you just loved the colors in? Well there is a super easy way in Photoshop and Elements to get an indexed color chart from your photo.

First, open your new photo.

Then in the menu bar -> Image -> Mode -> Index Color. A box will pop up. Click “ok”.

Go BACK to Image -> Mode -> Color Table

There you have it! A color table will all the colors from your photo! You can now use your color picker to make a swatch or find colors to re-color elements to match your picture. Have fun!

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How to Add a Photo to a Stacked Paper

by Toiny Westberry 27 February 2012

I finally finished my first video tutorial!  I sound so nervous, even to me.  Hopefully this gets better with practice.  I started with a very basic tutorial, how to add a photo to a stacked paper, in photoshop.  I used basic photoshop techniques that should apply to elements as well. Hint: Click on the bottom […]

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Winter Woods by Aimee Harrison Design Studios, Deli Scraps by Min and Piggy Scraps Design

by renee 26 February 2012

I don’t know about you, but I love nothing more than a leisurely walk in the woods on a crisp, cool winters day.  I feel such peace surrounded by the snow laden limbs of the trees and enveloped in the profound silence of God’s world.  Winters Woods by Aimee Harrison Design Studios, Deli Scraps by […]

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Time for a little poll!

by Toiny Westberry 25 February 2012

Please take a moment & let us know what software program you use to scrap your digital layouts. As we expand our Tutorials section, this will be useful information for us. You can make up to two choices, and comments are welcome. Thank you for your time. What Scrapbooking Software do you use?

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Cirque Dreams

by Toiny Westberry 25 February 2012
Thumbnail image for Cirque Dreams

In my excitement to share about our Fat Tuesday parade, I completely skipped over our other exciting day this week. On Monday Armed Forces Entertainment brought a FREE show to all the military families in the Stuttgart community. My entire family was against going. Unlike me, with my great love for Cirque du Soleil, the […]

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Vintage Rose by Julie C Designs

by tammy 24 February 2012

After a short break Julie C Designs is back and better than ever.  Just take a look at her new Vintage Rose kit, a beautiful kit full of wonderful elements along with plenty of realistic pieces to add dimension and depth to your pages and crafts.  Isn’t it wonderful!!! So many possibilities for so many […]

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Fat Tuesday

by Toiny Westberry 22 February 2012
Thumbnail image for Fat Tuesday

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday, the last day before Lent kicks in. It is the last day to celebrate, make merry, break the rules & have some fun! Here in Germany it is almost as big a deal as Carnival in Brazil. I took the little ones over to the big parade a couple towns over, […]

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Venice Nights by Deli Scraps by Min and a freebie

by renee 21 February 2012

A warm Summer night in the Lagoon of Venice. A full moon, it’s silvery light mirrored in the midnight blue waters. A gentle breeze, whispering of love, romance and mystery… This is the mood of “Venice Nights” by Deli Scraps by Min, an opulent kit with beautiful rich colors, with lace, diamonds, pearls and velvet […]

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