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March 2012

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Hi all!  Welcome to the last stop of the Celebrate Good Times Blog Hop in honor of my 3-year Anniverary as owner at theStudio.  I won’t bore you with the babble (I do enough of that in our newsletter), please enjoy your free mini.

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Dave & I took a little roadtrip up to Ramstein this week. He had a second MRI for his back very early Friday morning, rather than try to drive at 4:00 a.m. (eeeeeeeeeeek!), we decided to stay in AirForce Lodging the night before. AirForce Lodging rocks! Completely affordable, nice, spacious rooms and American tv. Wooooooooohoooooooo!

Dave had a parachute accident 20+ years ago. Another paratrooper crossed under him, causing his chute to collapse and Dave plummeted 80-100 ft to the ground. He was helicoptered out, x-rayed, given “ranger candy” (big tablets of ibuprofen) and slapped good-to-go. Gotta love the military. Over the years his back has gotten slowly worse, with his neck causing the most pain. The last year has been especially rough and it’s time to fix him. We are both ready, and dare I say excited, for him to get his surgeries. There is nothing I want more than for him to have a day, days, weeks, months without pain.

We were blessed that our beloved neighbors took the bigger kids, it was just the two of us and Dane this time. Dane did a beautiful job on the roadtrip up, despite some stau’s during road construction. And he behaved beautifully during Dave’s appointment, and mine (a much delayed haircut). As a special treat for all three of us we went out to dinner at Chili’s! Ramstein has a Chili’s!

It’s been 2.5 years since we really had American food in an American restaurant, and it was a cultural experience. I had completely forgotten that in American restaurants refills are free. Imagine my surprise, and Dane’s total delight, when halfway through our appetizer we got another whole drink! Free. I love free, even if it’s a free coke. While Dane loves coke, it turns out he really loves ice. I had no idea how much 1) he loves ice; 2) what a peaceful meal a cup of ice gives me & Dave. Except for a couple of interruptions when he showed off his magically shrinking ice, or how clean ice cubes make his teeth (?) we were able to have dinner almost as if we were childless. Heaven.

Our waiter was attentive and asked us how our food was, did we want anything else, and brought us fresh drinks before the old ones were empty. The best part? When it came time to pay I didn’t have to stand on my chair and wave frantically to get his attention, he came right over, maybe he was psychic, and immediately produced our bill. I realize it sounds a little like he was hovering, but in reality he was incredibly kind, helpful and there only when we needed him. I’m going to stay with “psychic”.

This was, for us, a very welcome change to the more aloof, hands-off approach of our German waiters. Yet we also noticed that we had changed. While Dane ate ice cube, after ice cube, after ice cube, Dave and I slowly enjoyed our food and each others company. When the table next to us changed customers for the third time it dawned on us that our restaurant-going behavior had changed. Like our German neighbors & friends, we now take our time to truly savor our meal and our conversation. Meals out in Germany do tend to be two, even three hours long. I remember being frustrated with this when we first got here, and our children being squirmy. Now, this is one part of our new home I’ve truly grown to love & cherish.

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ScrappyCocoa has a new kit out called You Are Important! Something everybody needs reminded of some times. You are important is a great scrap kit to scrap all sorts of pictures. Girls or boys we all need to know we are loved, wanted and important. Scrap your memories and stories with this kit. The page kit includes 17 papers- 10 patterned and 7 solid- a full alpha and 49 elements. Or save some money and buy the bundle! Bundle includes Messy Stamps, Clusters, templates , and journal cards. Check out the whole bundle HERE! Everything is on sale for 2 weeks!

And here is a QP Freebie to try the kit out! DL HERE

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Springs Awakening Page Kit by BooLand Designs and a freebie

by renee 28 March 2012

Spring is finally and ‘officially’ here and I love it!! I’ve been on a long bicycle trip with my son today and we both enjoyed the warm sun shining over the fields and water. All sorts of birds having the time of their life. The blue skies, the fresh smell in the air, a whole […]

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No Boundaries 1 by Sweetmade, Inc.

by tammy 28 March 2012

Sweetmade has a super cute mini scrap kit in her store.  No Boundaries 1 is full of elements with distinguishing characteristics and papers with many multi-variation colors that are so much fun to scrap with. Sweetmade is also having a 45% off Spring Sale for the next couple of  weeks in both her PU & […]

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Before and After

by Toiny Westberry 28 March 2012
Thumbnail image for Before and After

I’ve been watching some gorgeous pictures come by on my facebook. I have friends who are photographers and they just have a way with the camera that makes me drool. I’m especially fond of the light in their photos. Their subjects radiate with light and warmth, without losing any of the clarity. My goal in […]

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Should you Shadow?

by Toiny Westberry 26 March 2012
Thumbnail image for Should you Shadow?

One of the most common questions all of us get asked; “should I add dropshadows?”… to elements, papers, photos.  My answer 99% of the time is YES. It is all a matter of personal opinion, so take my point of view with a big grain of salt, but I feel shadows add that “pop” to […]

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LOTW March 18 – 24 And the winner is …

by renee 25 March 2012
Thumbnail image for LOTW March 18 – 24 And the winner is …

macfangirl with her beautiful page Meet Oliver. I already love Oliver, only by looking at his lovely smile. I also love the design of this page, the gorgeous little clusters and the title! So congrats to macfangirl by winning this week’s LOTW! This page was created with the fabulous Tylann Collection by Aimee Harrison Design […]

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I Have a Tree Climber

by Toiny Westberry 24 March 2012
Thumbnail image for I Have a Tree Climber

I should know by now that boys always go through a tree climbing phase, so why it surprised me to look out my office window Thursday and see Dane almost at eye level is beyond me. Since playing gargoyle for me, he’s tested out the apple trees and the cherry tree. As long as he […]

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Vintage Blue Kit by Julie C Designs and a freebie

by renee 23 March 2012

Now Julie from Julie C Designs did a fabulous job on designing this kit Vintage Blue. It is filled with all kinds of blue’s, lots of fabulous elements along with plenty of realistic pieces to add dimension and depth to your pages and crafts. There also are 12 wonderful textured papers to create awesome background for […]

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