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I Want to Know….

by Nibbles Skribbles on 14 March 2012
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After our post a few weeks ago asking which software you use to scrap, and all of the wonderful comments and info we got from you then – I wanted to do a similar post today. I want to know – what do you want to know?

There have been great tutorials posted lately including some PSE Basics, some quick photo-editing tips and some fun tips for using your mac and for starting your layouts….

We, as designers, sometimes struggle to figure out what you as scrappers want to know how to do! So, help us out!

Leave a comment in this post with what you want to know. Be as specific as possible, and be sure to let us know what program you use so we can try and write tutorials to match your needs!

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1 Kyrie Drake 15 March 2012 at 3:55 pm

I would love to learn about actions and stules. What they are, how they work, how to install and use them. I’m use PSE10.
I also hear people talking about installing fonts/brushes/styles/actions as they need them and not permanently installing them. I’d love to learn about that too!
Thanks for asking, I look forward to reading more of these wonderful tutorials!


2 Donna 17 March 2012 at 2:33 am

ACK!!!!!!! I need to learn it all!! One of the things that I find confusing (&, trust me, there’s more than one!!) is…what is the difference between brushes, stamps, stickers and rub ons??? Are they all really the same thing but designers & stores just use a different name for them just to confuse me???!! And, I really, really wanna learn how to use all these styles (glitter especially) that come in so many of my kits. My understanding is that “permanently” loading a bunch of styles, brushes, etc into PSE can really slow everything down, but, isn’t it a pain to load & unload these things as you need them… ’cause that means that 1st I gotta find them each time. But I guess that’s a whole other problem area that I need help with!! You guys are all doing a great job with these tutorials & I’m playing along & learning with each one of them…THANKS!!!


3 Shaunna 26 March 2012 at 3:19 pm

I use PSE 7 and am trying to find a tutorial on how to use glitters. I have a bunch of them that came with various kits and have no clue how to use them.


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