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April 2012

When I think about a gardener, the image I form in my mind is that of a gentle soul; someone with a big straw hat, a trowel and gloves, kneeling in dark soil next to a picket fence, a basket resting at her side. She is surrounded by flowers – blue, yellow, pink, and red as she scatters seeds along a cobbled path. She pauses, gazing aloft at butterflies flitting by and pulls a pod of peas from the vine to drop into her garden basket. Can you see it too? It is a lovely scene, isn’t it?

When I imagine this little garden in my mind, it reminds me so much of Aunt Alice, who died in March. Alice was that gentle soul. She had a beautiful garden and a real knack for making it special and unique. Her garden had an almost vintage appeal, with rusty pails and potting buckets scattered about. When I saw Vintage Garden, the new collab from Snickerdoodle, Deli Scraps, and Skrapper Digitals, I just knew it would be the perfect collection for my photos and memories of Aunt Alice.


How about you? What gentle soul do you have in your life to scrap about? For any gardener, or aunt alike, you can find the Vintage Garden collection here at theStudio. You’ll find the kit previewed below, but be sure to check out the shop as there is also a set of clusters, burlaps, solids, stackers, styles, and an alpha. Plus, there’s an Addon to the collection as well (a must-have actually, it has some of my favorite elements of the collection included with it!).


As always, I have a layout share with you for a bit of inspiration, and below that, you will find a freebie to download. The layout comes from Brenda (momto7) and can be found in the Deli Scraps by Min designer gallery.



 Thanks for stopping in today – have a great day!

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Sherlylynn with her beautiful page Alex and Lanie. I love the beautiful photo, the composition, flowers. I also love the fabulous papers layered underneath the photo’s. This is a beautiful and lovely page, so congrats Sherylynn on winning this week’s LOTW!!

This page was created with the fabulous kit Dreamin’ of Daisies by SnickerdoodleDesigns

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Have you ever stamped a Photoshop brush on your layout, only to find that the direction, or orientation, of the brush was not what you wanted?

Turning my head sideways doesn’t always give me a very good idea of what the brush would look like, if properly rotated.  (And it always gives me a cramp in my neck!)  I’m assuming this has happened to at least one of you!  So today I am going to teach you how to rotate your brushes.

In Photoshop, go to the top menu bar, and click on “Windows.”  In the drop-down box, click on “Brush.”  This will open your Brush palette.

Your Brush Palette, when opened, will look like this:

Look to the far right… do you see the circle with the 2 intersecting lines?  The arrow tip that you see at the end of one of the lines indicates the orientation of the brush.  If you would like to change the angle (direction) of your brush, simply click on the arrowhead and drag it around the circle.  You can track the real-time positioning of the brush in preview pane below the “Spacing” slider.

In this example, I changed the angle from 92 degrees to 0 degrees, and now it’s just perfect!

You can do this in Adobe Photoshop Elements too.  Simply select your brush, then click on the blue-tipped brush icon in the top menu bar.

Just grab the arrow tip, and drag it to the position that gives you the brush angle that you want!

That’s it! So simple!

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Fake A Vintage Photo

by Steph 26 April 2012

I love the look of vintage photographs. But sometimes I feel like they are “too” vintage…Especially around the face. I like my photos to have a nice clear face. So I am going to show you have to make your own “vintage” photos, without adding noise to the face. Here is the picture I am […]

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Quick Tip #1 – Adjusting Thumbnail Images

by SnickerdoodleDesigns 25 April 2012
Thumbnail image for Quick Tip #1 – Adjusting Thumbnail Images

I love Adobe Photoshop! I love that there is always something new to learn – whether it is a complicated technique or a simple shortcut.  A few days ago, I was working in a different software program.  Without even realizing what I was doing, I kept trying to use Photoshop shortcuts.  It was then that […]

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Dreamin’ of Daisies from Snickerdoodle Designs, plus a freebie!

by Studio Team 24 April 2012

Spring is sort of a strange and magnificent interlude, isn’t it? It follows a cold, rainy, and sometimes gloomy winter, but hasn’t quite reached the point of bright and sunshiney-get out your squirtguns and dive into the swimming pool weather either. Flowers pop up out of nowhere (aren’t tulips stunning that way?), moss begins to creep along […]

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Tea for Two by Julie C. Designs

by tammy 23 April 2012

Julie C. Designs has a new kit in the store called Tea for Two that is full of soft wonderful colors, cupcakes and lots of love.  It has 114 elements for you to design with, just think of the many layouts you’ll be able to create with this kit!!!   I’m dreaming about them already, how […]

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LOTW April 15 – 21 And the winner is ……

by renee 22 April 2012
Thumbnail image for LOTW April 15 – 21 And the winner is ……

bryanna with her amazing layout A love that never ends. I really love this page, the photo treatment is so beautiful, the framing and clustering just add to the photo and the shadows are simply fabulous! So congrats Bryanna on winning this week’s LOTW! This beautiful page was created with the beautiful kit A love […]

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Tiny Dutch Cars

by Toiny Westberry 22 April 2012
Thumbnail image for Tiny Dutch Cars

If you are really feeling green, and truly wanting to cut down on your carbon footprint, I think one of these would be an awesome next step.  Other than right there, in that picture, I’ve never seen one.  We’ve gotten very used to small cars.  It is now the occasional SVU or full-size pick-up imported […]

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DOTD by ScrappyCocoa

by Steph 21 April 2012
Thumbnail image for DOTD by ScrappyCocoa

Scrappy Cocoa has a new kit out today, and you can get it at a wonderful 70% off! This kit is perfect for scrapping all your outdoor adventures! You can get the bundle, or each piece separately. They are available HERE And, I have a QP Duo for you! DL HERE

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