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Tiny Dutch Cars

by Toiny Westberry on 22 April 2012
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If you are really feeling green, and truly wanting to cut down on your carbon footprint, I think one of these would be an awesome next step.  Other than right there, in that picture, I’ve never seen one.  We’ve gotten very used to small cars.  It is now the occasional SVU or full-size pick-up imported from the States that surprise us.  Not the Smarts, Micra’s or the Fiat 500’s.

This car, however, surprised us enough that I stopped our mini van in the middle of the road while Dave hopped out & walked around it a time or two.  While I have trouble squeezing James (our mini van) into the European parking spots, this little guy takes up barely half a spot.  Now if only I could fit all the kids in…


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