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May 2012

Studio4 Design-Works is having her Grand Opening sale–30% off her entire store!!!   I had such a hard time choosing just one kit for today’s post, Studio4 has so many cute kits!!!  I finally had to have my daughter help me pick, and she choose Grandma’s Garden because she loves nothing better than to play with Grandma in her garden and pick her a beautiful bouquet  for her table.  This kit will be perfect to scrap those pictures and more!!!

There’s an Add-on to this too that makes it even more usable and fun!!!

And today I’ve made this quick page for you, Enjoy!!!




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I had a hard time writing this today, my hand notwithstanding.  I try to keep politics out of the store, and have it be a welcoming place for everyone.  But I am a soldiers wife.  I am soon to be a soldiers mother.  It is because of the military I am in Germany.  Politics are a big part of my life.

For Memorial Day we took a very quick, overnight, trip up to Holland.  Our dear friends are moving back stateside in June, how I will miss them, how I hate this part of the military. They had never been to Holland.  It wound up being our small family, two other dads, and two of their children.  We had a wonderful visit, and a stunning visit to the American Cemetery in Margraten.

Even if you do not have a loved one buried here, I highly recommend a visit.  It is beautiful kept, pristine, and a truly honorable memorial to our soldiers.  I have no one I know buried here.  Each visit I’m surprised by the emotion that wells up.  My throat tightens, tears well in my eyes.  They are boys buried here, many of them my sons ages.

Our friends little boy, he is just seven, had many questions as we stood in front of the map detailing the battles fought in Holland and just over the border in our Germany.  I answered them the best I could.  Being an army wife, a military mom, I couldn’t help but finish my answers with;

         “Someday you may need to come back and defend this country.”

He just nodded his head, and walked to the next wall, to see what that was about.   He has heard that many times.  But I stopped, I felt eyes on me, and I looked up to see the other visitors staring at me.   It took a moment for me to figure it out, and then I realized…  for me it is normal, it is how we raise our kids, it is the military culture.  For others it’s not.

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When I was in the 3rd grade, I had braces. Then, when I was in the 5th grade, I had braces again. Yes! Twice! I guess my teeth must have been really awful. I remember the orthodontist telling my parents that my jaw was small. He even had to remove a few teeth to “make room.” To this day, every time I see a new dentist, the dentist points out that I have teeth missing. Yes I say, to make room.

Scrapbooking wasn’t such a trend back then, but in retrospect, I think it would be kind of cool to look back on those days of braces and orthodontic work and see the before and after look. It’s certainly possible that somewhere in her stacks of history my mother has photos of my braces days, and probably my first visit to the dentist, my second visit to the dentist, my third…ok, you get the picture. I’d have to ask her. But, whether she does or doesn’t, I can tell you that I know just the kit I’d use for scrapbooking my dental photos if they do exist. It’s the new collab Straighten Up from Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs and Christine of Digilicious Designs.

Have you seen this kit? So cute! Here, I’ll show you:

You can find the kit, along with an alpha, a cluster set, date stamps, flairs, glitters, kraft paper solids, and word art in the personal use shop here at theStudio (all 40% off today), or, you can grab the whole collection (65% off today).

How about some inspiration? That’s the best part, right? I just love seeing what other people do with a kit. I get such great ideas that way and I can really tell how the elements and papers work together to make a page. Here are a few examples from theStudio gallery. Feel free to click on each layout if you’d like to leave a nice compliment (people love that! It really makes them smile).

 From msbrad

From Bernie Tuffs (this one surprised me – I hardly recognized that it was done with this collection. What versatility!)

Hopefully I’ve given you some layout inspiration. The next time you take your children for a dental visit, be sure to bring your camera! Someday they’ll look back with amusement that you captured this memory for them, and smile a brighter, whiter smile because of it.

As always I have a fun freebie for you, this time a cluster I made using the Straighten Up collection. Just click on the preview below to download.

Thanks for stopping in today – have a great day!

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LOTW May 20 – 26 And the winner is …

by renee 27 May 2012
Thumbnail image for LOTW May 20 – 26 And the winner is …

britnkaysmemaw2 with her gorgeous page The Rocking Chair. I really did fell in love with the beautiful story written here. Isn’t it amazing that a simple rocking chair can make so many people in a family happy. Generation after generation this rocking chair brings beautiful memories and isn’t that what scrapbooking is all about, saving […]

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Quick Tip #5 – Translucent Elements: How to add a Drop Shadow in Photoshop

by SnickerdoodleDesigns 26 May 2012

I love the look of clear and/or translucent elements. But, for the longest time I didn’t know how to keep them from looking dark and muddy once a shadow had been applied. To solve that problem, I just avoided using them…or worse, used them and they looked just awful! Are you in the same situation? Let me show […]

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Military Discount Program

by Toiny Westberry 26 May 2012
Thumbnail image for Military Discount Program

I thought Memorial Day would be the perfect day to launch our new Military Discount Program. A small token of all our appreciation for all you do.  The Military Discount Program requires sign-up, but then allows you 15% savings on all your Studio purchases. For All You Dois a kit for everyone, but designed for […]

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New Designer and a freebie

by renee 25 May 2012
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I am so happy to announce to you a new designer here at The Studio. Her name is Amanda from A-Manda Creations. She has a fabulous style and designs the most beautiful, fun and unique kits. Kits you can use for various occasions like the fun moments with your kids with the “Play Day Kit“, […]

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Sunshine in Spring

by Toiny Westberry 24 May 2012
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I can hear my neighbours now – did you see the forecast? I hear sun is coming, this weekend maybe. It’s supposed to be lovely out. I always have to laugh a little to myself – of course the sun is coming! The sun always comes eventually. But after a long and dreary winter and […]

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Big Boy

by Toiny Westberry 23 May 2012
Thumbnail image for Big Boy

I’m not sure how it’s done in all German towns, but in our little town the birthday boy (or girl) “registers” at the local toy store.  So, of course, we did this too.  Dane was beyond excited to walk in, pick out his box (old wooden fruit crates painted bright colors), scribble his name on […]

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How To: Selective Coloring

by Steph 22 May 2012

Selective coloring is one of those things, that there is about a million different ways to do it in PS. I’m going to show you what I believe is the easiest way. First of all open up your photo. Duplicate the COLOR copy of the photo{control/command J}. Leave the colored photo on the bottom layer […]

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