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May 2012

LOTW May 13 – 19 And the winner is …..

by renee 20 May 2012
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andrea_luhman with her beautiful layout Rhubarb Jam! Not only do I love the subject of her page, I also love the way she scrapped it. It is beautifully done with the elements here and there, the brushes on the background paper and the recipe written over the jars with rhubarb blended in the background. Congrats […]

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DOTD – That’s Me Collection 70% off! FREEBIE!

by Kimberkatt 20 May 2012
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Hi all!  If you haven’t heard the Big News, Deli Scraps by Min has changed her Design Name!  Her new (to us!) name is Carin Grobe Designs!  Yup!  Her real name is Carin!  But, we can all still call her Min! To introduce this big change, she is offering her brand new collection, That’s Me, […]

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Quick Tip #4 – Scaling Text

by SnickerdoodleDesigns 19 May 2012

A great way to emphasize a particular word in your journaling is to change its font style, color, or size.  In the past, I used to type part of a sentence on one layer, then type the word I wanted to emphasize on another layer (adjusting the font style, size, and color). I would then […]

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Flying Space Available

by Toiny Westberry 19 May 2012
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While we love being stationed in beautiful Germany, one of the major downsides is how far we are from family.  Our parents, my sister, our big boys. This is especially difficult when it comes to big events.  Events we really, really want to be at, like Soren’s graduation two weeks ago.  It is not cheap […]

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Spring Bean by Angel Hartline Designs and a freebie

by renee 18 May 2012
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I don’t know about you, but when I saw this kit  in the store I got all exited! Cheery, playful and delightful, Spring Bean by Angel Hartline Designs is a happy spring breeze packed kit with loads of everyday scrapping magic. The versatile and vibrant colors are just perfect for a variety of layouts and […]

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Nautical by Flower Scraps

by tammy 17 May 2012

With all the new designers loading their stuff into the stores at The Studio there’s plenty of new kits to choose from and is the choice hard.  This week I’ve chosen Nautical by Flowers Scraps, this beautiful seafaring kit has a romantic flair for some elegant layouts! Doesn’t it just make you want to grab […]

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Quick Tip #3 – Previewing Font Styles

by SnickerdoodleDesigns 16 May 2012

I love creating Word Art!  Part of that love is deciding on the “perfect” font that I “need” to use for a particular word or phrase.  There have been times when I have spent more time previewing and sampling font styles, than I have spent in the creation of the word art itself.  That is, […]

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San Francisco

by Toiny Westberry 16 May 2012
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It seems jet lag coming back from the states is much worse than going to the states.  Cole & I especially are struggling with getting our eyes open in the mornings, then keeping them open when late afternoon hits.  I would complain, but, well, I not only got to see my oldest son graduate college, […]

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by Steph 15 May 2012
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I, my friends, have a small problem. I am a terrible speller. Blame it on spell check, if you will. Especially on my computer, every time I misspell a word those little red warning dots point it out for me. In every program. Except Photo Shop. I would painstakingly read and re-read all my journaling, thinking I […]

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New CU papers Dazzle, plus a freebie sampler!

by Studio Team 14 May 2012

I just love the world of digital scrapbooking, don’t you? There is such variety, so many different design styles to choose from. There are brightly colored kits, themed kits, floral kits with soft color palettes, even funky and eccentric style kits. One style that all of us can use a little of now and then, though, is […]

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