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Quick Tip #8: Working with One Image in Multiple Windows

by SnickerdoodleDesigns on 14 July 2012
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There are times when I am working on an image or layout in Photoshop and would like to see two separate views of the image.  For example, when I am retouching a photo, I am working on a zoomed-in view.  This makes it difficult to see how the work I am doing is affecting the entire image.  In this case I would like a full-view image available to me as well.   If you find yourself struggling with this same issue,  here is a quick tip on how to work on one image in multiple windows.

1. Open your document.

2. In Photoshop, click on the Window menu; then Arrange; then New Window.

In Photoshop Elements, the navigational path is:  Window > Images > New Window

In both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, a copy of the active document will be created in a new document window.

3. Select the Zoom tool in your Toolbox and increase the zoom of the new document to the size that will be comfortable for you to work on. The results of your work will be reflected immediately in the normal-sized image window.

4.  When you are finished, simply close the NEW window, just as you would normally close any window.

For demonstration purposes, I have put a big red dot and red arrow on my smaller, detailed window preview.  See how it is reflected in the larger preview as well?  Now I can work on small details, but also immediately get the “bigger picture” of how things will look!  (I’m thinking that big red dot doesn’t look very good, so I will remove it!)  ;)

For this tutorial, I have used the preview for my new kit Honeysuckle & Honeybees, which will be released early next week.  Be on the lookout for it in my store soon!

I hope you find this Quick Tip helpful!



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1 snickels 14 July 2012 at 11:15 pm

I hope I can remember this feature! It will come in so handy, thanks for sharing!


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