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Time to Move

by Toiny Westberry on 29 September 2012
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This week we got expected, but sad news.  Our house in Germany, that I love so much, has been sold.  We knew it was on the market, but it is very big and old.  It needs a lot of work, almost as much as the selling price.  But it sold.  And the new owners don’t want us, they want to live in it themselves.  I can hardly blame them, it is a beautiful house filled with lots of hidden nooks & crannies that delight me daily.  Honestly, it has outgrown us.  With the big boys all out, and their visits dwindling this year as they work real jobs, it is really too big.  I am still heart broken.

I am even sadder that we have to move in the next 3 months. It is the middle of the school year.  Not a big deal for Cole, but Tess and Dane are both in their last year.  They have to switch schools next September anyway and twice in one year is going to be so hard on them.  My heart hurts for them and all these changes.  I’m trying very hard to focus on the positive.  We will be able to move closer to post, and make the commute easier for Dave & Cole.  Plus, we’ll be able to get a house in a more manageable (read easy-to-clean) size.  It will be awesome to get to know another neighborhood, find it’s little secrets and fun traditions.  There is a lot of positive.

Yet when I looked at the stash of photo’s from our house, to share what I’d so miss, this one stood out to me.  It is at sunrise early last winter, maybe the winter before?  I remember how quiet it was when I took the picture, how still everything was, even the air, and how I felt just alone in that moment.  I feel that way a little bit now too.

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