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A Perfect Fall Afternoon

by Toiny Westberry on 3 October 2012
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I had an extra kid and the extra noise of just one extra kid was driving me bonkers.  I thought maybe the apples in the farmers field behind our house might be ready, so I bundled all of them up and took them out exploring. It turned out the apples weren’t quite ready, they were sour & mealy, no matter how any we bit into hoping for a different outcome.  We did find an apple tree that had an-almost tree house built into it and while I played with my camera, shooting some apples & fall leaves, the kids climbed trees and got scrapes.  Exactly what childhood is about.

We took the long way back to the house, bravely crossing our 3-inch wide creek with no one falling… but Dane freaking out enough and needing to be carried across (okay, okay, maybe it was 6-inches wide).  And suddenly, to our delight, we discovered the raspberry patch still had perfect, juicy, amazingly sweet berries on it!  We all stuffed our mouths and enjoyed each bite, extra delicious after the disappointment of the sour apples.  There was even enough to gather hand fulls and take home to share with the Dads (I had an extra kid, remember) when they got home from work.

All in all, a perfect fall afternoon.

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