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November 2012

Christmas Wishes Collab by LouCee Creations and KimB Designs is full of Unique hand drawn and created elements, cheerful paper prints with lots of added extra’s that make this kit perfect for all genders, young and old.  It is a must have in your Holiday creating Stash.

Creating layouts with this is so much fun!!!  With the lavender it’s a perfect fit for my daughter and I’m going to enjoy making lots layouts and here’s one for you to sample, complete with lots lavender, enjoy!!!


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Hey guys! Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday…on a Wednesday. That’s right, I actually got so mixed up on the day of the week that I thought today was Tues!! It’s ok. Ain’t no thing! I still have a tut for you! Today I am going to show you how to instal a PS Brush.

Brushes are a lot of fun once you learn how to use them. I really like pain or splatter brushes. If you buy a kit that doesn’t have splats included, it’s super easy to make your own. Plus, you can get tons of free brushes online. The brushes a we are going to use today came from Brusheezy.  Just make sure when you download a free brush set, you know and pay attention to the Terms of Use.

First of all open a new document. Select the brush tool “B”. It’s also located to the left in the tools menu. Then open the tabs group. You can do this by clicking on the brush icon to the right. See my arrows?

To bring up the brushes menu, click on the little arrow with the lines, top arrow. Then select load brushes. From here you can navigate to where your brush is. I have a folder called Brushes where I keep all mine.

This is the icon for a brush. They are ABR files.


Once you have your brushes loaded, you can select the one you want to use and stamp it on your page. Here is my brush-

Isn’t that fun? It would make a nice addition behind a cluster. Or, some of you have asked why you would ever want glitter styles. Well here is a reason, you can use a brush and smack a glitter style on top and voila! A nice glitter splat/smear-

A few things about brushes- always “brush” on a new layer. If you don’t create a layer for your brush it will brush on whatever is selected. Then if you decide to delete it or start over it will delete the whole layer. There are a ton of free brushes on the internet. Just google Photoshop Brushes. But please  be mindful of where you download from! Get some brushes and have fun playing around!


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Last year at Christmas, my husband and I, eager for holiday cheer, drove around our neighborhood looking for homes with Christmas lights and lawn decor. Life being as it is, we’ve not been able to go all out for Christmas and decorate our own home as we’d like to someday, so we rely on others for this particular type of holiday entertainment.

There is one house in our neighborhood that has what we call a Dr. Seuss tree, an absolutely hideous tall and skinny conifer that, as it reaches towards the sky, tips over and drops long, spindly hands back towards the earth. If you can’t picture it, don’t worry, as I said, it’s hideous! In any case, the Dr. Seuss house creates a light show complete with musical blinks such that if you roll down your window, you can sing along to the beat of the flash. Yup, awesome.

Our favorite house though, was the one with the trailer parked in front. Not a people trailer, a Santa trailer. Each time we drove by the trailer house, the door to the trailer would fly open and out would pop Santa, ho ho ho! There were also reindeer hanging out the window and on the hitch (or something like that) that made the whole thing hideously adorable. We liked the trailer house so much in fact, that we’d drive by on our way home from this place or that just to see the door open and catch a glimpse of Santa.

Sadly, while we had hoped to get our own blow up Santa trailer for our lawn this year, it is no longer available and a newer, less cool Santa trailer has taken its place.

What sort of things bring you holiday cheer? Lights in the neighborhood, caroling door-to-door, or perhaps the appearance of a jolly old man in red with a ho ho ho and a fluffy white beard? Whatever it is, you’ll want to scrap about it of course, and I’ll show you the perfect kit for doing so. It’s called Holiday Hoopla and it’s the newest collab from Studio designers Snickerdoodle Designs and Kimberkatt Scraps. These two work splendidly together (IMO) – did you catch their Busted collection?

You can find Holiday Hoopla, complete with merry elves, Christmas toys, and holiday joys, here at the Studio. Just click on the preview below.

As always, you’ll also find plenty of addons to this collection at 40% off through November 29th, including advent dates, stationery, alpha, word art, clusters, and solids. Of course, if you want it all, you can grab the entire bundle for 63% off.

If you’re looking for layout ideas, you’ll find plenty in theStudio gallery; here are a few to get your creativity flowing (linked for credit)

I’ve also created a freebie for you – this time a cover photo for your Facebook timeline! Just click on the preview below to download.

If you aren’t familiar with personalizing your cover photo, it’s easy. Simply add your photos to the timeline template as you would for a quick page, save, and upload to Facebook by hovering over your cover photo and selecting “change cover” on your page. Facebook will place the profile pic (shown as empty space on the preview) for you. Voila! Easy peasy.

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40% Off Cyber Monday Sale!

by Toiny Westberry 26 November 2012

It’s on & it’s big. Save 40% off in our Personal Use and Commercial Use stores!  Even better, we’ve changed our Free Gift with Purchase in the middle of the week.  We know many of you shopped our Black Friday sale (thank you!) so as a thank you, we’ve got a brandnew, completely amazing, Free […]

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LOTW Nov. 18 – 24 And the winner is …

by renee 25 November 2012
Thumbnail image for LOTW Nov. 18 – 24 And the winner is …

rabbitrun with her amazing page Picking my Pumpkin. I really love this page, the beautiful photo, the colours and the fabulous cluster. The layering is just great and don’t you agree when I say I so like the way the word “Autumn” is written! Congrats Rabbitrun on winning this week’s LOTW! This beautiful page was […]

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Use Blending Modes to edit your Photos

by SnickerdoodleDesigns 24 November 2012

Several weeks ago I promised to share a tip with you on how to use blending modes in your photo editing. Today I am going to show you how the Screen Blending Mode can be used effectively to help lighten up those dark photos you may have lurking on your hard drive. If you are […]

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Me & Annelore & Chief O’Brien

by Toiny Westberry 24 November 2012
Thumbnail image for Me & Annelore & Chief O’Brien

My beautiful sister, Annelore, was here.  A quick whirlwind tour, way too short, completely without my adorable niece & nephew, but here.  So, so here. Annelore had a work conference in Stuttgart, not even Stuttgart, in Böblingen, halfway between us & Stuttgart!  She came bursting in on Thanksgiving (I knew she was coming of course) […]

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Harvest & Hayrides {Collection} by Digilicious Designs and a free quickpage

by renee 23 November 2012

I am so happy she is back! After a short break here at The Studio, Christine from Digilicious Designs is back with a bunch of gorgeous new kits! Just take a look at Harvest & Hayrides, The Magic Of Christmas, Grow and Bibbity Bobbity Boo! All beautiful kits, right here in Christine’s store! I had […]

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Holiday Hoopla Collab by SnickerdoodleDesigns and Kimberkat Scraps

by tammy 22 November 2012
Thumbnail image for Holiday Hoopla Collab by SnickerdoodleDesigns and Kimberkat Scraps

Christmas is fast approaching and what better way to start out the holiday season than with a new Christmas kit.  Holiday Hoopla is a collaboration between SnickerdoodleDesigns and KimberkattScraps.  It is a kit about wonderment, joy, and the magic of believing.   Filled with merriment and mirth, Holiday Hoopla provides all that you need to create […]

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by Toiny Westberry 20 November 2012
Thumbnail image for Drielandenpunt

I got some absolutely beautiful fall pictures during our long weekend in Holland, but this one below tells the best story.  Each of the kids are in a different country: Tess is in Holland (the Netherlands, NL); Cole is in Germany, and Dane is in Belgium.  We took a little bit of a tourist break […]

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