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Tutorial Tuesday: Make Your Own Alpha+Freebie!

by Steph on 20 November 2012
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I LOVE alphas. Rarely do I scrap a page with out using an alpha in my title work. But what about those times when a kit doesn’t come with one? Well, have no fear! I am going to show you two easy ways to make your own alphas. Now, usually I would do a whole alpha sheet {how to use an alpha sheet HERE}, but for the sake of this tut, I am just going to do my title. SO, pick your font and write your title. If you want just a solid color leave as is, but I wanted to clip a paper to mine. FYI this paper is from my Just Be Happy Collection ->Here.

Now, you can certainly leave your alpha as is, but it’s a little bit boring, no?

This first thing I like to do is add an inner glow. It gives the letters a bit of a puffy look. To do this click on the  FX  icon in the bottom of your layers panel. A box will pop up. Along the left find the inner glow option. You can see the settings I used in the picture below. But play around. Inner glows are fun and there is a lot you can do with them.

The other easy thing you can do is give your alpha a slight bevel and emboss. This will give you a chipboard/slight acrylic feel. To do this, open up that FX tab again and this time click the bevel and emboss box. It’s directly below the Inner Glow. Again, play around with Bevel and Emboss. There are so many different ways to use it. You can see the preferences I chose in the picture below.

Now, I think you should all bust out your FX panel and play around. BUT if you don’t want to, I’ve made both the inner glow and bevel and emboss styles into a little freebie for you. And because I love you all it’s also CU friendly. So have fun creating your own alphas or whatever! DL HERE

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