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December 2012

AnikA with her gorgeous page True Light. I so love the dark background which makes all the elements pop. The composition of this page is amazing and so is the photo. The little cluster on the side is the finishing touch. Fabulous page, so congrats to AnikA, on winning this week’s LOTW!

This beautiful page was created with the amazing Shine bundle by Feli Designs

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In Steph’s last post, My Favorites from 2012, she mentioned that tutorials on Photoshop Styles were coming.  That day has come!  I will have several tips and tricks to share with you over the next few weeks.  Today I am going to show you how to “load” styles in Adobe Photoshop.   I am using CS6 Extended, but this works similarly in other CS versions.

I am working with a cute snowflake from Sweetmade’s store,  Vector Snow Fun 1.  (If you are unfamiliar with how to use EPS vector files in Photoshop, you might like to take a minute to read “How to use Illustrator EPS files in Photoshop.”)

To use Styles in Photoshop, you may either “load” them, or “install” them.  When we load Styles, they are available for use until we delete them or Photoshop crashes.  Loading Styles is the easiest way to use layer styles, and that is what we will focus on today.

With your Styles Panel open and the element that you want to work with available, locate the down-pointing arrow in the upper right corner of the Styles Panel.

When you click on the arrow, a fly-out menu will become available.  “Load Styles” is one option you are given.  Choose that.

Next, navigate to the Style (ASL file) you want to use, which is located on your hard drive.   An ASL file is represented by a square, white icon with “fx” on it and a blue band at the bottom.  Alternatively, you can locate the file by looking in the “Type” column. When you see the ASL file you are looking for, select it, click “Load,”  and it will automatically Load in the Styles Panel.

Once your  Styles have loaded, they will appear at the bottom of your Styles Panel.  I have chosen to load my Stained Glass Styles, Set 1, and you can see that they are  now present, at the bottom of my Styles Panel, available for my use.

This is a super simple method of making Styles available for your use!  If this easy method encourages you to use Styles more than you have been in the past, I invite you to visit my SnickerdoodleDesigns Commercial Shop and check out the variety of Styles I have available for your use! (All of my Styles are currently on Special for 50% off thru December 31, 2012.)

And that’s it! Next week, I will cover loading  Styles into Photoshop Elements.



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Every muscle in my body hurts.  Even ones I didn’t know I had, hurt.  My respect, admiration and appreciation for the legion of packers & movers we’ve had in our lifetime has risen a thousand-fold. Despite being evicted from our home, through no fault of our own (in Germany landlords can break the rental contract if they are moving back into the home), our command left us to our own devices.  And, it turned out, moving in Germany is prohibitively expensive.  So we dusted ourselves off and tackled the job ourselves.

It’s been one week, two days, and we are on the last bits. I will be forever grateful to the friends that have dropped by to help, whether for a couple of hours or a couple of days.  Each item they moved was one less item for us to move.  I cannot imagine where we’d be without them.  We dontated most of our old furniture to needy people, or new-to-Stuttgart military families.  I also, finally but sadly, purged our home of many of the things left behind by Soren, Nicholas and Christian.  When Dane noticed what I was doing he madly scrambled for all of Christians things to hide in his boxes, to keep in his room.  Christian is his wingman, his best friend, his favorite brother, and for Dane it was saying goodbye all over again.

Despite my incredibly tired body, and the mountain of boxes needing to be unpacked, I’m overjoyed at the new home we have. It is beautiful, modern, new-to-us and truly feels like home.  A couple of days now, I’ve had my morning coffee in our “winter garten”.  A winter garten is comparable to a florida room.  Ours is 3/4 glass, all windows, and two stories.  My bedroom opens onto the second story where there is a beautiful, cushioned, bench for me to sit and watch the sunrise, listen to the rooster next door, and enjoy a cup of joe.

This makes everything in the last weeks, months, worth it.

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A Year in Review: Scrapkit by Jen C Designs

by tammy 27 December 2012

Scrap your way through your year with A Year in Review by Jen C Designs.   It’s got great colors, fun elements and the date elements are incredibly easy to use and completely customizable! All are 40% off right now!!!  Today I’ve got a little cluster frame freebie for you, enjoy!!! ***Download***

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Snickerdoodle Designs: Year in review

by Studio Team 24 December 2012
Thumbnail image for Snickerdoodle Designs: Year in review

So I have this great idea for a Christmas card. Don’t worry, I do know that today is Christmas Eve. Not only have I not sent out our Christmas cards yet, I haven’t even made a Christmas card yet, nor have I taken the photo that is supposed to go on the Christmas card. Oh I’ve been […]

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New House

by Toiny Westberry 22 December 2012
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On Thursday we finally got the keys to our new home!  It was, again, a completely new experience.  We met the “old” home owner at our new house.  After some handshakes & pleasantries we all trooped into the not-so-empty house.  We bought the house fully-furnished. A win for us, after six kids, and countless military […]

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Reflections by Feli Designs and a free quickpage for you

by renee 21 December 2012
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Reflections by Feli Designs is a gorgeous and versatile collection in soft tones of pink and blue with a touch of dark brown, simply perfect for all your beautiful and personal pages. The beautiful elements are will add a lovely, special feel to your page. They are perfect for a gorgeous cluster and will let […]

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December Kit Project 365 by Digilicious Designs

by tammy 20 December 2012

Digilicious Designs is back with her final December {Kit} Project 365  for this year – An ongoing Collection of resources to help you document your everyday moments.  It’s a super cute Christmas kit with pink in it…I’m so doing the happy dance with this one because 2 years ago my daughter wore pink Christmas pjs […]

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by Toiny Westberry 19 December 2012
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On Sunday we ran out of tape.  A pretty big deal when you are stuffing all your worldly possessions into boxes.  Boxes that are going to be driven through snow, sleet & rain to a brandnew (to us) house thirty minutes away.  I really needed tape!  Luckily I also needed a break, and thankfully we […]

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My Favorites from 2012

by Steph 18 December 2012
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Well friends, this year is almost over. Every year about this time I am always amazed by how fast time goes by. Gone are the days when I was a little kid and the time just dragged on. I’ll admit, I miss those days! Anyway, I thought for my last post of 2012, I’d do […]

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