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My Favorites from 2012

by Steph on 18 December 2012
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Well friends, this year is almost over. Every year about this time I am always amazed by how fast time goes by. Gone are the days when I was a little kid and the time just dragged on. I’ll admit, I miss those days! Anyway, I thought for my last post of 2012, I’d do a little bit of looking back over my tut’s of the year. If you are new to my Tuesday Tutorial, skim through, you might find something useful!

Text Boxes

How To Thread Stuff

Text On a Path

Using All In One Alpha Sheets

Spell Check

How to Save Your PSD templates into PNGs

Beyond Black and White

Easy Photo Edit in PS


And these are just a few of the wonderful tuts you will find here on the DSS blog. There are many to look over! As always, I’d love to hear your ideas for tuts. Please leave a comment letting me know! One tut that is in the works is how to load styles into PSE. Unfortunately my knowledge of PSE is limited, so I am not the one writing it. but someone is!

I’ll see you folks in a few weeks! Next week is Christmas! And the week after that, my family and I are going to be on our way out of chilly MN and into Warm AZ for a whole month! Yippes! So I’ll catch you all later, in 2013, from the land of the sun! Merry Christmas and God Bless! {the kids enjoying Santa}

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