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Kitchen Menu – Project!

by Toiny Westberry on 9 January 2013
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So I was lucky enough to have my kids AND my hubby home for Christmas break this year.  I took the 2 weeks and worked on projects around the house that I have been putting off, or things that were bugging me and needed fixing.

One thing I have had for the past few years is a list of our dinners for a 2 week time span.  I plan out meals to have and purchase groceries based on those meals, so when I go to cook I have what I need.  Well I have always done this on a piece of paper ripped out of a notebook, sometimes the back of an old sheet of paper, all in all it’s always been real ugly!  Then I had the great idea to fancy it up a bit! There is this amazing product out there, CHALKBOARD VINYL!  Can you imagine the possibilities?!  Um I have this stuff all over my house!! I even have a tupperware container with a piece on the top of it, so I can write little notes to my 1st grader in his lunch! I just wipe it off the next day and write a new one…back on track to my dinner menu.

Well at first I thought I will just stick a piece of chalkboard to my fridge, which is completely do-able…easy and works, but well I wanted a bit more. I have a grape themed kitchen. My kitchen is typically painted purple (and I LOVE it) and I have this awesome strand of grape lights that hubby hung around the top ceiling of the kitchen.  So when I saw the amazing Wine Country kit from Aimee Harrison, well it basically looked like my kitchen so I had to have it!  And this is how I fancied up my menu!

I made an 8 X 10 background using her fabulous kit, and while I was designing it I had a black rectangle on my canvas as well to show me where my chalkboard vinyl was going to go, once I was happy with it I deleted the rectangle and saved my background. I sent it off and had it printed at my local photo shop.

This is how it looked when I got it.  Then I ran it through my laminator so that I could wipe it off easily and not ruin it.  Once it was laminated I cut my chalkboard vinyl rectangle and carefully stuck it right on there!  Then I hung it on my fridge and now I have a pretty menu display that works for us!  I love how this project turned out, and I love even more how well it matches my kitchen!  I am dreaming up new ways to incorporate this beautiful kit into my kitchen, I will be sure to share when I do!  You can find Aimee’s kit HERE  And you can find the chalkboard vinyl HERE.
Here it is all finished on my fridge, I spared you a photo of my whole fridge which is loaded with all sorts of pretty artwork from my babies!

I hope you enjoy this project and it inspires you to create your own menu planner using some chalkboard vinyl! You can never have enough of that stuff!

Amanda a.k.a A-Manda Creation


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1 Carolyn 10 January 2013 at 11:33 am

HI, don’t mean to complain but I need to let you know that it’s impossible to read this blog due to some kind of thing that hangs here on the left of the page covering an inch of text straight downt he page. Is there anyway to remove it? It has:: Share: for Tweeter, Facebook etc etc etc.. then this and that and I’ve tried to get around it and just can’t.. PLEASE!! Is there something you can do on your end to disable that obstacle ?? ;-) it would be greatly appreciated.


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