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Showers are no Fun

by Toiny Westberry on 26 January 2013
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I’m not sure what possessed the former owners of our new home, but the shower, our shower, is a handheld-only kind of thing.  It’s not laying on the floor of the shower or anything, it’s neatly hanging on it’s shower holder-thingy.  But in order to use it on me, as opposed to watering the bathroom or ceiling, I need to hold it in one hand.  I hate this!  I hate washing my hair with one hand only, rinsing my hair with one hand only, scrubbing all of me with one hand only!

Even worse, and thankfully, for many reasons, there is no hidden camera in my shower, I’m completely inept at picking up a shampoo bottle, dispensing shampoo, putting down the bottle, and then getting my hand with shampoo to my head.  Something always goes wrong.  The bottle slips out of my now slippery-with-shampoo hand.  I drop the showerhead and it squirts in my eyes, on the ceiling, into the bathroom, or all three.  Or by the time I get my hand with shampoo to my head, there is no more shampoo.  Showers are no fun.

Monday was an American holiday, so Dave and I had a date at the local do-it-yourself.  Unfortunately despite staring at all the different shower set-ups, we were more confused than ever as to how to get the shower we wanted.  By then it was kid-pick-up time, and we’d missed lunch.  We did a lot of staring!

Since it was a holiday, but all the German stores & restaurants were open, and we were more than a little frustrated, and not really dated-out, we decided to try something new.  We went to our new closest-to-us city,Weil Der Stadt, and picked a lovely little Russian coffee house for lunch.  I had some amazing blini’s with sauerkraut and mushrooms, that I’d ordered only because they couldn’t possiblly be good, so why are they on the menu, I must try it.  I can’t wait to go back and have those again!

After we strolled through Weil Der Stadt, a must for anyone in our neck of the Schwarzwald, and just enjoyed the typical German architecture, quaint alleyways and the intricate fountain on the marktplatz.  Dane, because he is Dane, couldn’t resist getting up close and personal with a very scary, very not-real, bear.

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