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WMW – Red Eye Quick Fix

by Rebecca on 30 January 2013
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I am surrounded by brown eyed grand children.  All but 3 got their grandpa’s eyes.  Big, brown, and RED in a lot of photos.  I’ve never been able to make the red eye tool work to my satisfaction in Photoshop.  I tried.  To the point of wanting to bang my head on the desk…I tried.  Fortunately, I found a work around.  It works for me and it might work for you too.

This is a pic of 2 of my grand girls.  As you can see both are sporting big browns, but Makenna has what we lovingly refer to as “fish eye”.    That just won’t do on my layout so we’re going to fix it up.

Have you got a photo like this?  Go ahead; get it out and work along.  You’ll be surprised at how fast and easy this is.

I’m working in CS5 but this is pretty easy so you can probably follow along in most any editing software.
I use “CTRL J” to duplicate my layer and add a layer mask.  It’s the little square with the circle at the bottom of the layers palette.
I want to work up close so I’ll use the short cut CTRL + ALT + 0 (zero) to bring the girls to 100%.
I want to add a layer below so with layer 1 selected hold down ALT and click the New Layer icon.
Choose a soft round brush.  Adjust the size to just a little larger than the red portion of the eye.  Set the color to black.
Reduce the opacity on Layer 1 to about 50%
Select layer two and make one dot with the brush on each of the eyes.  It will look a little scary but that’s the goal.

Reduce the opacity Layer 2 to about 20%.  You need to see the white reflections.  Switch back to Layer 1 and select the layer mask.  Change your brush color to white and reduce the brush size to match the white reflection dots.  Make a dot over each of the reflections.
Adjust Layer 1 back to 100%.  You may need to play with the opacity of Layer 2 so the eyes look natural but it shouldn’t take much.
Here is my final step.

Easy breezy with plenty of room for error.  That’s a good thing.  Now all you have to do is find the kit you want to use with those gorgeous perfectly photographed eyes.

My pick is “Today”.  It’s a beautiful collaboration between eqrAveziur and The Urban Fairy.  It’s perfect for scrapping everyday photos and I fell in love when I saw it.  As it happens, it’s also on sale so that makes it even better don’t you think?  Here’s a look at the Page Kit but there is also a set of glitter elements and a journaling pack.

Go ahead, give it a try.  Get the red out. ;)

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