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He Drank the Koolaid

by Toiny Westberry on 9 February 2013
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Wednesday evening, after the newsletter had gone out, Tess & I finally, successfully got milk fresh from the cow! Fresh, warm, creamy.  Incredibly delicious and a new, weekly, must-have, extra errand to run.

In the meantime, it’s been snowing every day.  Not quite non-stop, but close. It is a stunning, breath-taking winter wonderland.  I’ve already wandered the garden and taken some beautiful close-ups of pine needles tipped with snow, furniture all but buried, our pond frozen over & shimmering with a touch of sun.  The kids have their sleds ready and Dane even has on 3 hats!  He hates a cold head.

Dane happily posed for pictures this morning, if it meant he could be outside a little more, he’d happily do anything I asked.  Obviously the box with koolaid got unpacked yesterday.  I could’ve erased all evidence with photoshop, but I kind of like the splash of color.

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