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WMW – One Page Wonders – Scrap an album in a flash!

by Rebecca on 6 February 2013
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Last week was a terrible week for me.  My computer fizzled out just before the big Flash Sales and I was in a panic.  Not only was I scheduled to help a few people with their sales but I had big plans to grab some great deals myself.  I did grab a few goodies but it was a challenge working from my guy’s PC.  Not only did I have to install some things to get me going but there was the issue of my bookmarks and passwords both of which I depend on to make it from moment to moment.  Fortunately, I had asked Aimee Harrison just a few weeks before what she recommended for saving passwords and she turned me on to LastPass.  LastPass saved me last week.  Without it, I would have been swapping from spread sheet to spread sheet trying to find my log ins.  It’s a password manager and let me tell you, I’m sold.  It’s easy to set up initially and it was a breeze to get all of my passwords to my “makeshift” computer so I could keep on working and shopping.  It has nothing to do with scrapbooking or pretty pages but it was a life saver for me this weekend and I thought it was worth sharing.

I like time savers.  Life is busy and anything I can find to save a step or a minute or two is valuable to me.  Boo has just released a brand new line she’s calling One Page Wonders.  These are cool little mini type kits that she designed to help you scrap a page or two or three in a snap and she has them permanently priced at just $1.97.  When I think mini I think mini but that’s not the case with these.  Each of these are filled with elements and at least 3 papers so you’ll have plenty to work with whether you want one page or an entire album.

With this being the “love” month you’ll find a lot of possibilities with this beauty!


Here are a few sample pages with just the first One Page Wonder.  Can you see the possibilities?


I’m thinking some Valentine’s cards or LOVEly hybrid projects might be pretty easy to whip out too and at this price you don’t even need to wait for a sale!  Don’t stop here though, there are already 10 of these in a variety of colors and themes in the store and there are more coming soon. ;)


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