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March 2013

Ellay2572 with her fabulous page Sisters! I love the beautiful, large photo of those two lovely girls. I also love it’s in black and white which makes it stand out so much. The composition of this page is gorgeous, and the borders are beautiful. So congrats to Ellay2572 on winning this week’s LOTW!


This lovely page was created with the beautiful Fairytale The Page Kit by Scrappy Cocoa.


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Do you ever find yourself leaning toward your computer screen or squinting your eyes to get a better view of the project you are working on?  Even with new glasses, I still  find myself doing that at times.  Today I would like to explore with you one of my favorite Adobe Photoshop tools, the Navigator Panel, which helps me when I really need to see something in a different view.

If you don’t see your Navigator Panel, go to the top menu bar in Photoshop and select Window, then in the dropbox menu check Navigator.

Image 1

The purpose of the Navigator Panel is to give you an overall view of your image, as well as give the the ability to navigate through the document and/or change the size of your image easily. Viewing your image at Print View gives you an overall feel for your image, but zooming into your image will allow you to more easily focus on small details that you would like to work with.

There are several ways to change the view size in the Navigator panel:

1. Drag the slider to the right to increase the zoom or to the left to decrease the zoom.

2. Click on either the small or large mountain icons, located to the left and right of the slider, to decrease or increase the zoom.

3. Enter the percentage that you would like to increase your image by in the Zoom Box on the left.


And, as with most Photoshop Tools, there is also a great shortcut!  Hold down the Control Key, then drag in the View box around the area that you would like to zoom in on.

I wanted to see ALL of the color variations in this crab’s eye, so held down the Control Key, and dragged about his eye.


This is the zoomed in image of the crab’s eye.  I was amazed at the color variations there!


Here’s another tip! You can also hold down the Shift Key and then drag in the view box, either horizontally or vertically, to constrain the view options in those directions.

I LOVE using the Navigator Panel and find it extremely helpful, not only to see an image up close, but to switch back and forth quickly and easily from a Zoomed In View to a Print View.

The Navigator Panel is also available in Photoshop Elements (I am looking at Version 11, and I assume it is in previous versions as well). In Elements a Zoom Slider is available, and the Control + Drag Shortcut works.  Elements users will not have the “mountain icons” or the “percentage zoom box” available.

If you find larger views in Photoshop are helpful for you, you might enjoy reading the following tutorials:

Bigger previews for your fonts
Can you Read this?
Adjusting Thumb Nail Images

And just as a matter of interest, the photo I was working with in this tutorial is one I took in the Galapagos Islands of the Sally Lightfoot Crab. It is indigenous to the Islands and was simply amazing to see!  This image was NOT Photoshop enhanced.  The brilliant colors are unique to this amazing animal!


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Every year I seem to be the only mom in church with not-so-beautiful dyed fingers.  I’m pretty sure this is why pristine white gloves used to be De riguer for Easter.  I just know that even if I invested in some pristine white gloves, they wouldn’t stay that way till mass, let alone all the way through.  At least this year I know I’m not alone.  Tess not only has dyed fingers, but she managed to dye her hair as well (see photographic proof below).

This year we are going to the Easter vigil mass in Stuttgart.  In Latin.  One of our favorite families stationed with us are baptizing their beautiful daughter tonight.  I am so excited to be a part of this amazing celebration, on Easter!  In Germany.  In Latin.  I am slightly dreading the late mass, the extra long vigil, in a language I do not understand.  At the same time, I have goosebumps in my stomach.  I love baptisms to begin with, it is my favorite sacrament, this first sacrament.  To be there at a very traditional, Easter vigil, baptism could only be beat by mass at the Vatican. Even the kids are excited!

Tomorrow is a jam-packed day, I admit I’m happy to go to Mass tonight and leave tomorrow free for the commercial-celebration of Easter.  The little ones have been buzzing with excitement all week, scoping out the house for the possible location of their Easter basket.  Dane especially has been whining that Soren is not flying in till Wednesday.

“This house is so big.  I don’t know this house.  How will I find my basket without Sooooooren!” In truth, this house is smaller than our previous house.  He’s also not had Soren to find his basket for many years.  I think it’s really just the excitement of his big brother coming to visit.  It’s been a really, really long time since August.  I’m pretty over-the-top excited myself.  Is it Wednesday yet?


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Spring Break by Laitha’s Designs and a quickpage for you!

by renee 29 March 2013
Thumbnail image for Spring Break by Laitha’s Designs and a quickpage for you!

Now don’t we all long for Spring? I know I do and that is why I’m so thrilled with this beautiful new kit Spring Break by Laitha’s Designs. It is filled with fabulous spring colors, lovely spring flowers and lots of warm spring colored backgrounds. With this kit you bring Spring right onto your computer […]

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A Bloomy Afternoon minikit by Lara’s Digi World

by tammy 28 March 2013
Thumbnail image for A Bloomy Afternoon minikit by Lara’s Digi World

A Bloomy Afternoon minikit by Lara’s Digi World gives you that touch of spring that we have all been waiting for.  It’s full of soft springy colors, yellows, blues, and greens, that just make you think that spring might actually get here even when it’s still all white outside. Add in those cute little bunnies […]

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Wow! Bigger Previews For Your Fonts In Photoshop & Some Oriental Inspiration

by Rebecca 27 March 2013

I’m on a mission to learn something new each week.  My lessons aren’t always technology related or associated with my hobby but since I spend most of my time with my nose buried in some software, I will admit those lessons definitely come more frequently.   I’ve worn glasses most of my life but the older […]

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Rocks in a Box

by Toiny Westberry 27 March 2013
Thumbnail image for Rocks in a Box

Sunday night, getting all the stuff ready for school the next day, I was met with protests. “but Moooooom!  We don’t have school tomorrow.” What?  No school. Why?  What was going on.  Were they sure? “When we left on Friday they all said: ‘frohe ferien.’” Um.  Frohe ferien = happy holidays.  Oops. I googled the school […]

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Journey of a Photo Edit

by Toiny Westberry 26 March 2013
Thumbnail image for Journey of a Photo Edit

I often get asked how my photos turn out so wonderfully.  It is a true combination of ingredients; a good camera (Canon Rebel); photoshop; luck; 1,000 different shots; amazing actions.  I’m especially a huge fan of Jodi Friedman’s actions over at MCP Actions. This photo appears in Wednesdays Studio Newsletter, under Personal Notes.  I’m going […]

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Dyeing Easter Eggs – Cameo Style

by Min 25 March 2013

Hi, Min here again, with a fun Easter project. I’m the one who’s responsible for dyeing Easter eggs in our family – including my parents, in-laws and my sister. That means I’m usually dyeing around 40 eggs. For years we had beautiful multi-colored and patterned Easter eggs, but at some point our teenage daughter decided […]

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LOTW March 17 – 23 And the winner is ….

by renee 24 March 2013
Thumbnail image for LOTW March 17 – 23 And the winner is ….

craftyjac with her fabulous page Oh So Cute! I find this such a lovely page, the photo’s are just adorable and the layering and composition of this layout are simply beautiful. So congrats craftyjac on winning this week’s LOTW! This gorgeously sweet page was created with the fabulous Sweet Baby Girl Kit by A-Manda Creations.

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