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Every year I seem to be the only mom in church with not-so-beautiful dyed fingers.  I’m pretty sure this is why pristine white gloves used to be De riguer for Easter.  I just know that even if I invested in some pristine white gloves, they wouldn’t stay that way till mass, let alone all the way through.  At least this year I know I’m not alone.  Tess not only has dyed fingers, but she managed to dye her hair as well (see photographic proof below).

This year we are going to the Easter vigil mass in Stuttgart.  In Latin.  One of our favorite families stationed with us are baptizing their beautiful daughter tonight.  I am so excited to be a part of this amazing celebration, on Easter!  In Germany.  In Latin.  I am slightly dreading the late mass, the extra long vigil, in a language I do not understand.  At the same time, I have goosebumps in my stomach.  I love baptisms to begin with, it is my favorite sacrament, this first sacrament.  To be there at a very traditional, Easter vigil, baptism could only be beat by mass at the Vatican. Even the kids are excited!

Tomorrow is a jam-packed day, I admit I’m happy to go to Mass tonight and leave tomorrow free for the commercial-celebration of Easter.  The little ones have been buzzing with excitement all week, scoping out the house for the possible location of their Easter basket.  Dane especially has been whining that Soren is not flying in till Wednesday.

“This house is so big.  I don’t know this house.  How will I find my basket without Sooooooren!” In truth, this house is smaller than our previous house.  He’s also not had Soren to find his basket for many years.  I think it’s really just the excitement of his big brother coming to visit.  It’s been a really, really long time since August.  I’m pretty over-the-top excited myself.  Is it Wednesday yet?


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