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WMW – Leverage your options with a Levels Adjustment Layer

by Rebecca on 13 March 2013
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Spring is right around the corner here in the U.S.  We all have our gifts and mine definitely do not include gardening.  I have honestly been teased about  having to “negotiate” with artificial flowers.  I gave up years ago.  It simply wasn’t fair to the flowers but I do love to grab some photos when I find something great.  Take this sunflower; I was “wowed” when I found this row of towering plants at the back of our hotel in Colorado last summer.  Each morning I would get my coffee and my camera and head out the back door and snap away until it was time to leave.  Some of my shots were fantastic, others not so much.

I got this great shot of bees buzzing around and in the process almost got pegged by some of these pesky little yellow jackets.  I love the levels adjustment option.  It’s usually my first stop when I start to play with my photos.  In this case the sun was very bright and the greens seemed a bit washed out so I added a simple levels adjustment to perk the colors up a bit.  See the tiny bit of difference on the top and bottom?

Here is another beautiful pink flower with the same problem.  The colors look just a tad faded.  I made individual levels adjustments on this one. 

Now it’s your turn.  Go ahead, give it a try.  I’m telling you it’s an amazing tool for your tool box.  Or you could just grow insanely gorgeous flowers and take perfect pictures and make awesomely gorgeous pages of the whole growing experience.

I  found some more garden kits that might suit your upcoming green thumb extra activities.

Cottage Garden by Aimee Harrison

Camomile Lawn by Lou Cee

And if you just need some overlays to add some extra pizzaz to your paper or elements you might want to  check out the Butterfly Garden Overlays by Boop Designs.

Now this should keep you busy.  There are some beautiful kits in this store so plant a seed, add some water and what your garden grown.  When it blooms and you get those not so perfect shots just remember to whip out the levels tool and play, play, play.


Have fun!



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