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Top 5 Reasons to Scrap

by Rebecca on 12 June 2013
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Was there a life changing event that set you on the path to scrapping?  Maybe it was a new baby or maybe just the opposite; maybe it was losing someone close.  Is scrapping in your veins or just a fleeting thing that will be gone next year and replaced with something new?  I’m always curious when I see amazing Creative Team members who are on several teams and day after day they put their hearts and their lives on a page for the world to see.  I am very inspired by the gallery and I love it when I can set aside a half hour to just window shop and leave a little comment or show of appreciation for their inspiration.  More than one of my pages are the result of a scraplift (kind of like shop lifting but if you give credit to the artist when posting your page you don’t go to jail).

This week someone one asked me what I did.  That’s all they said so it was vague but in our world today we know what this means.  Before I had a chance to answer, my guy piped in and started tell all the things I do.  To this person, he made me sound pretty impressive and it sparked the question of why and all I could say was “I love it”.  On the way home I thought about the reasons I scrap and am even involved in the scrapbooking world.  I’m sure the “why” is what makes the connection so strong.  I’m sure it’s what’s kept me at it for so long and I’m wondering if my reasons are the same as yours of if they are very different.  These are not necessarily in order of importance.  For me, these reasons often rotate based on a need that needs to be filled at the time.

Preserve Family Memories

When I first started scrapbooking I wanted to document important moments or events so I scrapped holidays and birthdays and vacations.  The older I get, the more I realize that it is often the more mundane things that I remember most fondly although, this is often much to the chagrin of the person in the photo.  Yesterday, was light bulb changing day.  I know.  Sounds crazy but we have a very tall ceiling and if we do it together it’s faster and much more safe.  Here is a picture of my guy doing a mundane daily task.

  1. 002_sm
    And another of him saying “Really babe, why do you have to have a picture of this?”  He is SUCH a good sport don’t you think?003_sm

For us, this isn’t so mundane though.  There are lots of memories in this photo.  I bought him that ladder before we were married.  The story is long and I won’t bore you but it took 3 people to get that ladder from the store to his house on Christmas day.  It’s a wonderful memory and a story we still tell when someone asks why we need such a big ladder.  Well, um….we need it to change the light bulbs.

Making a Page for Someone Makes Them Feel Important
I am a sentimental old (but not terribly old) fool when it comes to feelings.  I love little Random Acts of Kindness.  I love them more when they can be anonymous but that’s hard to do in digiland.  We live in a fast paced world today but you can almost see someone smiling when an email comes across with “Thank You!” or “You Made My Day”.  I love that stuff and making a page or a card for someone is a great way to show them how much you care about and appreciate them.  Father’s Day is just around the corner and even if your husband or father isn’t uber sentimental, a handmade gift is a great one to give and there are lots of resources to spark your creativity.

Document The Times

Nothing brings out laughter more in our house than to pull the old photos out.  I wouldn’t trade those belly laughs from the grand kids over grandpa’s plaid shorts for anything in the world.  Circa 1969.  Come on…you’re laughing too. Here’s the thing, in 20 years you’ll be laughing hysterically at the photos you take today (even if you have a crappy camera).


Scrapbooking feeds my creative waterfall

Yes, waterfall.  I love making stuff.  I have an entire room dedicated to my stuff.  I would love to call it my studio but my guy calls it my “crap room” his very funny take on “craft room”.  Some people like to garden but it’s not my thing.  Instead, I love the feel of paper and lace and ribbon and the look on the face when someone opens a gift I took the time to make for them.  Ideas run rampant in my mind spilling over … just like a waterfall.  On top of several Pinterest Boards dedicated to my habits I have a stack of spiral notebooks filled with ideas and inspiration.  My experience has been that many scrapbookers are also very gifted or talented in other creative areas too.

It’s all about the People

My inbox was busy after the tools post a few weeks ago.  It came as no surprise to me that some of my best buds in the scrapbooking world were also very “into” wood or wood working.  Linda Cumberland and Karen (Snickerdoodle Designs) both have a history and some passion for wood.  NancyP left a great comment on the blog post.  Her husband was a tool and die maker.  Honestly, it’s like having lunch with a bunch of girls and finding that our kids were all born on the same day or have the same name and it happens all the time.  As of today, I have a warm fuzzy spot for Valentina.  We share a common interest – cutting files.  I made my purchase as soon as the newsletter hit.

Can’t wait to get in my crap room {wink} and make me some lovely flowers for a card or just to feed the creative waterfall of one of my grand-girls.  I’m already thinking of which kit to use.  I love Peacock Glamour by Manu Scraps or the beautiful pattern papers in  Long Time Ago by ADB Designs or maybe….the blues and greens in Dream Alley by Studio4 Design Works.  Somehow I feel a connection to all of these people.  I’ve never met them and probably never will but it is the people that have welcomed me into digi land and keep me inspired day after day.

I didn’t mean to run amok today.  Thank you for hanging with me if you’ve made it this far.  Curiosity has the best of me and I’m wondering if you feel a connection to my Top 5 Reasons.  Isn’t a Top 5 List an easy thing to do?  Do you still need a Father’s Day Gift?  My last simple tip to help you put a smile on his face this Father’s Day is to make a page (digital or paper) with the Top 5 Reasons you love and appreciate the special man or men in your life.  If you need a bit of inspiration you’ll find over 100 products in the Father’s Day Category.  There is something for every style and sentiment from these Love you to Pieces Print and Cut bundles by A-Manda to Dad’ll Fix It by Lou Cee AND there is even a fun FREEBIE at the bottom of the 2nd page by Piggy Scraps.  Here’s a Peek.

If I don’t see you next week it is because my guy has seen his 1969 photo posted here and I’m in BIG, BIG trouble. ;)

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1 Robyn 13 June 2013 at 10:15 pm

What an interesting blog post Rebecca. THANK YOU!


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