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I want a new camera.  I don’t need a new camera.  Mine is barely 2 years old but I can never seem to get the shots I want.  The manual that came with my camera is over 200 pages!  I just wanted to upgrade so I could get better pictures and now I just want to upgrade AGAIN so I can get better pictures.  My guy said I need to read the manual but I just want a camera that takes good pictures without having to take a class or read a book on how to operate it.   Now, I’m a pretty smart girl but I just don’t get all this ISO and F-stop stuff and he either isn’t very good at explaining it or… I’m not quite as smart as I think I am.  This week we had a long talk about the new camera that I won’t be getting.  It ended with something like “Well babe, if you can’t figure out the point and shoot do you really think it’s a good idea to drop all that money on a DSLR?  Is it possible that it’s not the camera but maybe it’s the operator?”  Ya think?  I admit it, I should read the book.  Ask me this time next year how that went. {wink}  I actually started out with crappy pictures years ago and learned how to spiff them up in photoshop but I would so love to just “point and shoot” and plop them on a page.  I want pictures like this.  Every time.  Sadly, it’s usually an accident. LOL


If you’re a fabulous photographer then I envy you.  If you’re a fabulous photographer with a rinky dink camera, that makes it even worse!  On the other hand, if you’re like me and you want some tips without having to read the 200 page manual then you’re in luck.  Shortly after our “it ain’t gonna happen” conversation this week I got an email from MCP Actions titled ~ 6 Tips to Photograph Landscapes and Scenery from a Car.

Now this opens a whole new conversation because there is a constant battle when we’re on the road about the difference in “slowing down and stopping”.    I want to S.T.O.P when possible so I can enjoy the moment and grab a shot for the memory.  He has a tendency to just slow down to an incredibly SLOOOOOW crawl without coming to a complete stop.  I find myself trying to apply the break on my side and I’m not kidding when I tell you he is going so slow that I could probably step out of the truck.  Men!  Mine cracks me up.  Anyway, back to the story.  That post was very helpful and had some really great tips.  Buried in the text is also a link to some critical camera operation info too; some stuff I could actually understand about ISO and F-Stop. I’ll be testing this out come the end of the month when we head for Colorado.  Hopefully, I’ll have some great “only slowed to a crawl” shots when get home.

Until then, I’m clicking away and tossing what I don’t like.  What I do keep, I’ll find a way to work with just as I have in the past.  This week my new Scrapping BFF is these Super Drop Shadow Styles by JanetB Designs.

You don’t see much of her because her specialty is Commercial Use.  You can see more of her AND the rest of the fabulous CU designers if you subscribe to the new CU Newsletter. ;)

Shadows used to be almost as much of a challenge as getting the perfect shot.  Last week I saw these in the store and even though I’m so so with shadows, I thought I’d give them a try.  It IS after all, all about the tools right?  Truth is, I’m feeling a little lack of mojo on some scrapping projects.  I was hoping a new tool would help me push past the slump, and so they did.  Janet made this super easy too.  There is a file for PS users and a quick and easy PSD for those of you who use PSE.  Instructions are in the download so you won’t have to read a manual.

I put them to the ultimate test last night.  These are some shots I took last year as a sort of practice run with my new camera.  The ones on the left side came out pretty good but those humming birds…well, not so much. I really want to get my pictures scrapped from last summer before we leave again this summer so a template was in order.  I have a ton of traditional templates but I do love all the blending extras in Boo’s Photo book templates so I chose Let’s Make A Photo Book Template 5 {8&9}.  This comes with lots of extras but I already had my kit chosen so I removed all of the flower and ribbons and just used the skeleton template.


I’ve had Summer Afternoon by ADBDesigns for a while {side note: pretty sure this was a DOTD so it was a great bargain} and it’s been calling to me so I started to play.  Since I wanted to put Janet’s  Drop Shadow Styles to the test I put all of my elements on first and then started to shadow.  Here is my NO shadow version.

pitypartypictures_no shadow

I zoomed in close and started to click on the shadow style thumbnails.


It was so easy, click, click, click and then pick the one I liked best.  In the end, I only made a few minor adjustments.  I did add an element from CU Baroque Paper Elements by eqrAveziur.  I wanted a bit of paper feel behind the birds and I wanted to test the styles on something intricate and paper like.  Here is an upclose with no shadow and a touch of shadow.


One of Janet’s styles applied.  I wanted it to look like a paper embellishment added with tiny glue dots.


Except for adding my little journaling blurb I am a totally happy with my page.  I went for a traditional paper scrapped page with a touch of 3d and I think I got it.  One thing is for sure, this page went quickly and sometimes just getting a project crossed off your to do list will spark your mojo.



Yes.  I know.  The birds look sort of ok here but in real life…not so much.  Here is a zoom at 100%.  Just so you know I’m not complaining over nothing.


Each of these designers have graciously allowed me to offer you a bit of a deal on the items I used.  Isn’t that just too cool?

Janet B has a coupon for 20% off the already ridiculously low price of $4 on both of her Drop Shadow Styles

Use Coupon Code >>  eac46d8e0a
One use per person
Expires 6/14/13

Good on both products – Go ahead, you’re going to want them both.  Might as well get them now and start enjoying them. ;)

eqrAveziur has put her gorgeous CU Baroque Paper Elements on sale for 30% off for one week

And Diane (ADBDesigns) has her Summer Afternoon Page Kit on sale too.

Edit!  Oh Dear, I totally forgot to put this very cool freebie in.  I used a combination of elements from Summer Afternoon, the beautiful Baroque paper element and a series of the Drop shadows so you can get a sneak peek.  I deliberately left the shadows on the background for this freebie.  I hope you like it!  Click the Image or Download Freebie Here.  ***Download No Longer Available***


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