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Adorable Dentist

by Toiny Westberry on 14 August 2013
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There’s my beautiful girl with her beautiful purple teeth!  I miss her.  She has a best friend, it’s summer, and they are either at Becca’s or squirreled away in her room making Littlest Pet Shop videos.  I’ve been loving how happy she is, how adorable those videos are, and then, yesterday, I suddenly realized I’ve barely seen her this summer.  She’s been in & out & busy so much, there hasn’t been a lot of mommy & Tessa time. I really miss her.  Thankfully we have a little R&R coming up and that will change all that.  Yay!

In between all her summer activities, we’ve fit in a slew of dental appointments.  It seems getting a new dentist is always the last thing on the list with a move, and that was true this time too.  Can I just say, I love, love, love our new dentist!  She is adorable (I know, I know, #1 quality to look for in a dentist), she is smart, gentle, competent.  She takes her time with us and answers questions patiently.  I really feel we have the perfect dentist for all of us.  And that is something rare.

Along with her personal adorableness, I love the office itself.  Not so much the office, it’s clean, professional, modern.  You know, a dentists office.  But it’s location?  For someone who’s still happy as a clam to be living in Germany, this office is in the perfect location.  Or almost perfect.  Inside the actual city wall would be best, but it is right outside and I see the history & beauty every time we drive in.  Our dentist is in Weil der Stadt, also know as the Gateway to the Black Forest & the birthplace of Johannes Kepler. One of my favorite little cities here.  See, I am beyond lucky!

Thankfully we get to go to the dentist a lot.  It’s not just because of the German way of seeing the Dentist (visit 1: check stuff out; visit 2: cleanings; visit 3: fillings (as needed)), but also because there are so many of us, even without all six kids living at home.  You can see by Tess’ face (and that was visit #3, in as many weeks) that she loves being there.  Everyone should have an adorable dentist, outside of old city walls, to put a smile on their face.



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