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August 12th Inspiration – one photo with multiple frames.

by Robyn on 11 August 2013
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Over years of looking around different galleries, one particular technique has always appealed to me.   I love seeing a page where just the one photo is featured under multiple frames.  I’ve created a page as an example of what I mean and I’ve used Studio 4 Design Works’ wonderful new kit MANIFESTED MEMORIES.  What a great kit!  I guess the color palette really appealed to me for starters, but when I unzipped the files, I was totally won over by the amount and the variety of the elements – and the beautiful selection of papers too!

As in all things with Photoshop (or PSE) there are many different ways of arriving at the same destination. For me, when doing this technique, I find the easiest way is to make colored blocks in separate layers over the the original photo layer – see graphic below.  I lower their opacity so  I can see to move them around or resize them and get them exactly where I want them to be. If you have a person in your photo, be careful not to put a frame edge over the face and thereby cutting the face in half!  By clicking on the thumbnail of one of these colored shapes and holding down the Control key I get a selection, then I go the photo layer and Control J and you then have that piece of the photo on its own layer.  Once you have all the pieces (in this case four) on their own layers you can change the order of these layers depending on which piece of the photo you would like on top, bottom, or in between.  In my finished page I’ve put a simple stroke around each piece and, of course, shadowing.  You could use actual frame elements around each photo piece if this is the look that you are after.  In this case I didn’t want to detract from the lovely elements, so I’ve kept it simple with just an inside stroke.



………and the lovely Manifested Memories kit.

Manifested Memories

Thank you for reading and I hope that you are inspired to try this technique.

Have a great week,


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