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September 2013

A big drum roll please! We have our final winner for the September Give-Away 4: Canon Powershot. We use for all our onsite drawings & giveaways:


Congratulations go to commenter #111 Julie! Please check the email you used to register on our site for details on how to claim your prize:

Canon PowerShot A2500 16MP Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD (Red):


I want to thank all of you for helping us celebrate six years of theStudio in style!
theStudio turns SIX
Winners in Round 4 of the Next Designer Contest have just been announced: NDC Week 4 Winners!! As well as the WINNERS of the Layout Artist Contest 2013, and the Photography Contest! Again a HUGE thank you to our sponsor MCP Actions:

We are already looking forward to seeing all of you next year!

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Anja_77 with her amazing page Autumn Sunrise. I really love the clustering on the page and the beautiful photo tuck in so beautiful! I also love the large blend on the background which gives this page a special touch! So congrat to Anja_77 for winning this week’s LOTW!


This awesome page was created with the beautiful Autumn Sunrise by Vero Designs.


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Last week, in Merge Down vs Merge Layers, we discussed the difference between those two options in Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. This week, we have two more merge options to explore:  Merge Visible and Flatten.  These options may be more familiar to us than Merge Down and Merge Layers, but let’s see if we can pick up a trick or two as we explore these options today.

Merge Visible is an option that enables us to merge all layers that are visible, while maintaining any transparency that is present. This is the perfect option to choose if we want to merge layers for a cluster or if we are creating a Quick Page and need to maintain the transparent area for our photo.

We make layers visible or invisible by clicking on and off the eye icon to the left of a layer.


The cluster in the image below is finished and ready to be saved.  We want to maintain the transparent area around the cluster.

When we right click on any layer in the layers panel, a fly-out menu will open. About 3/4 of the way down this list, we will see the option “Merge Visible.”


If we click on that option, all of the visible layers will be merged together on one layer; the transparent areas will retain their transparency. Whatever layers are not visible, will remain on their own layer.


That’s how Merge Visible works.  It’s pretty simple!

Now, I’m pretty much a right-click girl.  If I can’t find something I want, typically I find that if I right click on “it,” options become available to me.  I liken it to finding a hidden doorway that opens up into a beautiful garden!  The garden is there all the time, but you have to know the “secret” to getting to it!  Well, right-clicks work like that in Photoshop for me, but another “secret doorway” is down-pointing arrows. Have you ever noticed the down-pointing arrow in the Layers panel?  I have to say that I overlooked it for a very long time.  If we click on it, we find yet another way to access layer options. There aren’t quite as many options here as there are when we right click on a layer, but Merge Visible is there. It’s just a different way to reach the same end.


Did you notice that when we used the down-pointing arrow to access Layer Options, that Keyboard Shortcuts are right there for us (to the right of the panel)?  I continually forget that Shift + Control + E is the shortcut for Merge Visible.  So if I don’t want to take the time to glance at my Digital Sticky Notes, I will access the Layer Options via the down-pointing arrow, click on Merge Visible, and look, once again, at the shortcut.  One of these days, I will commit it to memory… I know I will!

Now let’s look at the Flatten option.  When we use the Flatten option, all layers are merged together into a Background layer. If we want to save our document as a jpg, this option works just fine.  If we want to maintain transparency, this option is not the choice we want to make.

Let’s merge the layers of this cluster now using the Flatten option. In the image below you will see in the Layers Panel, that all layers have been merged and “flattened,” with a white background.


Don’t forget…. Control + Z is the Keyboard Shortcut for Undo.  So I will Undo, and use the Merge Visible command to merge the layers and keep the transparency of this beautiful cluster!

Once I create a page using papers, elements, text – whatever I want to use, I can use the Flatten option to merge all of the layers, and save it as a jpg. The Flatten option is perfect for that!

A great big thank you to Kabra, a member of both my Creative Team and that of theStudio, for her creation of this beautiful cluster, using the new collaboration between SnickerdoodleDesigns and Kimberkatt Scraps, Lil T.O.T.’s.

Using Kabra’s gorgeous cluster made putting together this Stacked Paper a snap for me!  You may download this Stacked Paper as a gift from Kim and me by clicking HERE or on the image below!

***Download No Longer Available***


Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day with us!

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Early Fall by Vero – The French Touch and a free quickpage for you!

by renee 27 September 2013
Thumbnail image for Early Fall by  Vero – The French Touch and a free quickpage for you!

I love Fall. I love it when the colors change and turn from green in the most beautiful shades of red, brown and yellow. I love playing in the leaves, making long walks with my dog in the forest, enjoying the world around me. Early Fall from Vero – The French Touch, gives me just […]

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Ice Cream Social by Aimee Harrison Design Studios

by tammy 26 September 2013

Aimee Harrison Design Studios has been busy designing and added a bunch of new kits to the store.  One of them is called “Ice Cream Social”  a perfectly adorable collection for all those moments with your favorite frozen (or un-frozen) treats! Created in beautiful pastels it’s a must have, especially at 40% off. Then there […]

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Photography Contest Week 4

by Toiny Westberry 25 September 2013

TheStudio & MCP Actions have come together to bring your our first annual Photography Contest.  Four weeks, four challenges, four prizes and one Grand Prize Winner! Photography & scrapbooking go hand-in-hand. Almost every layout needs some great photo’s to hold those memories forever.  Challenge your photography skills and earn a chance to win the amazing […]

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September Give-Away 4: Canon Powershot

by Toiny Westberry 23 September 2013

Before we announce our next giveaway, a big drumroll for the winner of last week’s giveaway: September Give-Away Week 3: Bamboo Capture!! We use for all our onsite drawings & giveaways: Congratulations go to commenter #65 Denise S.! Please check the email you used to register on our site for details on how to […]

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LOTW Sept. 15 – 21 And the winner is ….

by renee 22 September 2013
Thumbnail image for LOTW Sept. 15 – 21 And the winner is ….

*Gina* with her fabulous page My name is Hannah. I really love the composition here, the fantastic clustering and use of shadows. The photo absolutely stands out and the blended clock is a beautiful detail. So congrats *Gina* on winning this week’s LOTW! This beautiful page was created with the amazing kit Late for School […]

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by Toiny Westberry 21 September 2013
Thumbnail image for Zwiebelkuchen

Exploring our town one day, we ran into the Mayor.  An ebullient, extroverted kind of guy.  After half an hour of talking, I found myself drafted into the town choir.  Hysterical because I can’t carry a tune. I can’t even carry a note!  Since then I’ve gone to several Tuesday night practices.  Everyone tolerates me, […]

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Merge Down vs Merge Layers

by SnickerdoodleDesigns 21 September 2013

For the longest time I didn’t understand the difference between Merge Down and Merge Layers, two layer options available in both Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. If I wanted to merge layers, I tried Merge Down. If that didn’t give me the result I wanted, I clicked Control+Z (to Undo), and tried Merge Layers.  One […]

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