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Fall Leaves Wreath (with cutting file freebie)

by Min on 1 October 2013
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Today is October 1st…. And in my little corner of the world there is no denying that Summer is over and Fall is in full swing.

I felt like having a little Fall decoration without “going Halloween” already, so I set my Cameo to work to create a beautiful Fall leaf wreath:

Supplies needed:

Cardstock in a variety of Fall colors (I used 6 different ones)

Cutting files for different leaf shapes (you can find the ones I used here in my store)

Plain heavy cardstock for the wreath base

Silhouette sketch pens (I used orange and gold)

Glue and a little bit of ribbon

Cutting file for the wreath base – if you don’t have one, here’s the download link to mine (click image to download):

***Download No Longer Available***


Cut your wreath base first – resize the circle to match the size of the wreath you want to create. I cut mine as big as possible from a 12 x 12 in sheet of cardstock.

Now that we have a base, it’s time to cut something to glue onto it to make it look pretty, lol. Open a new document in Silhouette Studio and add all the different leaf shapes you want to use to it. I am lazy so I usually just drag them in there from my explorer window.

Adjust the page setting to the size of cardboard you’re using and arrange the leaves to fit as many on them as you want to have cut from that color. Depending on the size of your wreath you might want to resize them (mine were about 4 in in size).

In order to get the veins done with a sketch pen and the outlines cut with the knife we need to split this nice leaf arrangement up into a vein part and an outline part.

Select everything and choose Object>Ungroup (CTRL+U) until everything is ungrouped (the menu option will be greyed out). Deselect by clicking on the cutting board area and start selecting all the outlines while you hold the SHIFT key:

Now choose Object>Group (CTRL+G) to group all the outlines together and move them off the cutting board. Select the veins and group them, as well.

Pick the sketch pen you want to use and insert it into the knife holder of your Cameo. Place your first sheet of cardstock on your cutting mat and load it into the Cameo.

Back at the computer open the cut window in Silhouette Studio and choose the sketch pen instead of the blade (no further settings needed) and press cut. DO NOT UNLOAD THE CUTTING MAT WHEN THE SKETCHING IS DONE!!!

The display of the Cameo will say “unload”, but ignore this and only replace the sketch pen with the blade.

Back to the computer and Silhouette Studio: Move the leaf outlines back onto the cutting mat and align them with the veins (do not move the veins!!).

Then move the veins of the cutting board, pick the blade and adjust the settings according to your paper (make sure the blade setting of your knife is correct) and press cut.

Unload your cutting mat and remove the leaves and the paper from the mat.

Repeat these steps for the rest of your cardstock sheets until you have a nice heap of leaves. (This will take some time….)

Now get out your glue and start glueing the leaves to your wreath base, applying glue only to the lower third of each leaf. Make sure they overlap nicely.

Continue until your wreath base is completely covered.(I used about 70 leaves on mine) If you want to you can still insert a couple more leaves in one place or the other since the leaves are only glued onto the wreath by their base.

Carefully turn your wreath and insert a ribbon into the holes of the base and tie them into a knot. That’s it! :D

If you wanted to you could also attach a bow to your wreath, but I liked mine plain:


Have a wonderful day!




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1 Nibbles Skribbles 3 October 2013 at 6:34 am

Min this is super cool! I need to do more with my Cameo, seriously! I LOVE this! I tried making something similar with snow flakes last year, and failed miserably (or, got impatient, since the snowflakes took FOREVER to cut out)!


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