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December 2013

Rabbitrun with her fabulous page too Much Party. I really love the fun feel of this page, the two ladies having a great time and celebrating. I also love the layering of the papers and the beautiful cluster, so congrats to Rabbitrun on winning this week’s LOTW!


This fantastic page was created with the awesome Party On 2014- The Complete Works by Booland Designs


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Last week we talked about Document Size vs. Canvas Size in Photoshop. We learned that our document size can be our canvas size, but our canvas size doesn’t necessarily always equal our document size.  We also learned how to change our canvas size.  I promised to share with you the ways in which I find this technique most helpful to me. So let’s get started.

1.  Designers will typically trim their papers and elements closely, in order to reduce the size of a file.  This saves the designer upload time, the customer download time, and smaller files take up less space on the hard drives of everyone. In the image below, you will see a tag template, trimmed very closely to the edges.


I wanted to use this tag template, but knew that I wanted part of my design to hang over the edges of the tag base.   I increased the canvas size, to add extra transparency around the tag, giving me the room I needed to work. When I was finished with my tag, I trimmed the transparency to reduce the file size.


2.  Have you ever tried to use a brush along the edge of a paper, only to have the brush keep “falling off” the edge of the paper?  Or you might have had the same experience trying to erase something along the edge of your paper.  In cases like this, you need more room to work.  Increase your canvas size to give you extra space around your image, and you will be able to brush or erase without a problem.

In the image below, you will see a postcard that I created for The Long Road Home.  I was using a texture brush along the edges of the image, but the brush size that I wanted to use was too large for this document size, so the brush kept “falling off the edge of the card.”   Decreasing the brush size made the brush usable here, but  the smaller brush size changed the look of the brush, and that wasn’t what I wanted. Instead,  I increased the canvas size and was able to use the brush at the larger size that I wanted it to be.


3.  I will also increase my canvas size to quickly make a photo mat or frame.

In the image below, you will see a picture of my husband and me at the Zugspitze.   I wanted to add a black mat around this photo.  There are multiple ways to do this, but one of the easiest ways is to just add a Stroke.  When I added an outside stroke around this photo, the edges of the mat became curved.  (If I had placed an inside stroke around the photo, the edges would have remained square; but I also would have lost the part of the photo that the stroke covered.)


What I did was trim the transparency away from the photo,  then increase the canvas size by 1 inch.  (For a refresher on how to do this see:  Document Size vs. Canvas Size in Photoshop.)


The new canvas area filled with black and I had a lovely mat, with square edges, around my photo.


Here’s at trick to create a quick frame:

1. If your photograph is a locked Background, double-click on it to unlock it.

2. Create a blank layer below your photograph.

3. With the blank layer selected in your Layers Panel, increase the canvas size of your photograph.


4. Once you click Okay in the Canvas Size dialogue box, the blank layer will fill with color.  Now, holding down the Control key, click on the thumbnail of your photograph to select it. You will know that it is selected because you will see marching ants around the photo.  Go to the top Menu options in Photoshop, click on Select > Inverse.


Next click on the layer that has been filled with color, and hit Delete.  This will remove the size of the photograph from the color layer, leaving you with a nice frame around your image.  Stylize this frame anyway you wish.   Clip a paper to it, apply a style, or do anything you would like to make it your own.

In the image below, I have applied a Snowy Ice Style to the Frame, and then applied a small inner stroke to the photograph to create a mat.


Play around with increasing your canvas size and see if you can’t find even more ways to use this technique.  If you have a favorite, please share with us!

Photoshop Elements users: These instructions are applicable for Photoshop Elements Users as well.

Credits: Photograph of the front porch taken by Norma Keevers

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Party On 2014- Page Kit by BooLand Designs is a stunning kit to scrap all your New Year festivities with. Dressed up for festivities with family and friends. Tonight at midnight, the New Year begins! Say goodbye to the old and enjoy the scene…Party On til tomorrow. It’s Twenty-Fourteen! Party On 2014 is really perfect for all your New Year’s  Party photo’s. It is filled with lots of unique elements in gold, white, brown and black. You’ll find everything and more for all your scrapping projects in Party On 2014 by BooLand Designs and, as always, she added lots of little extras for you!

Party On 2014 – de kit van BooLand Designs is een geweldige kit om al je oud- en nieuwjaars foto’s mee te scrappen. Helemaal gekleed voor het feest met familie en vrienden en om middernacht begint het Nieuwe Jaar! Zeg vaarwel tegen het oude en geniet van het nieuwe … Party On tot de ochtend! Het is 2014!! Party On 2014 is perfect voor al je oudjaarsavond en nieuwjaars foto’s. De kit is gevuld met een heleboel unieke elementen in goud, wit, bruin en zwart. Je zult alles vinden voor je scrap projecten in Party On 2014 van BooLand Designs en, zoals altijd, heeft ze ontzettend veel extra’s voor je!


There are way too many extra’s to show it all to you here, so please do take a look at BooLand Designs store right here! You will not be dissapointed!! Of course Boo from BooLand Designs made a fantastic deal for you! If you purchase the Party On 2014 Mega Bundle you will save lots of money. It is currently on sale for 41% off! You can also go for Party On 2014 The Complete Works, which is on sale for 68% off! Too good to miss!!

Er zijn veel te veel extra’s om hier allemaal te laten zien, dus neem een kijkje in de winkel van BooLand Designs! Je zult zeker niet teleurgesteld worden!! Natuurlijk heeft Boo van BooLand Designs en geweldige deal voor jullie gemaakt. Als je de Party On 2014 Mega Bundle koopt krijg je een korting van maar liefst 41%. Je kunt echter ook gaan voor de Party On 2014 The Complete Works. Deze is in de aanbieding met een korting van 68%. Te goed om te missen!!



I made a quickpage for you with this amazing kit. I hope you like it and I wish you a fabulous 2014!

Ik heb een quickpage voor jullie gemaakt met deze geweldige kit. Ik hoop dat jullie het leuk vindt en ik wens jullie een fantastisch 2014!

***Download No Longer Available***


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LOTW Dec. 16 – 21 And the winner is ….

by renee 22 December 2013
Thumbnail image for LOTW Dec. 16 – 21 And the winner is ….

Vanessa R with her fantastic page When Winter Comes. I really love that photo and how it is scrapped. It fits perfectly in the page, the colors combine beautiful and the elements make this little girl shine even more. This really is a beautiful page, so congrats Vanessa on winning this week’s LOTW! This fabulous […]

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Document Size vs. Canvas Size in Photoshop

by SnickerdoodleDesigns 21 December 2013
Thumbnail image for Document Size vs. Canvas Size in Photoshop

When I started working with Adobe Photoshop, I didn’t understand the difference between “document size” and “canvas size.”  Coming from a painting background, I viewed my “canvas” as the area I had to work on. I translated this, in Photoshop, to mean the photo or scrapbook page I was working on.  That is not necessarily […]

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Weihnachts Circus

by Toiny Westberry 21 December 2013
Thumbnail image for Weihnachts Circus

Last week, while I was still sulking over our friends PCS’ing (Permanent Change of Station) back to the states, a new friend (Tricia) called & asked if we wanted to go to the Weihnachts Circus with them.  It was sponsored by the local big box furniture store, and only €2 each.  I need a pick-me-up and the […]

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Old Christmas by ButterflyDsign and a free quickpage for you!!

by renee 20 December 2013
Thumbnail image for Old Christmas by ButterflyDsign and a free quickpage for you!!

With Christmas less then a week away, I am really looking forward to cosy and happy family time. For me Christmas is all about family, spending time together, playing games, watching movies, listening to music and of course sing a long! Old Christmas by ButterflyDsign really represents my kind of Christmas feeling. I love the […]

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Happy Holidays by Vero The French Touch

by tammy 19 December 2013
Thumbnail image for Happy Holidays by Vero The French Touch

Our little ones are all waiting for Santa, peeking under the tree and out the window, as we are busy preparing for this wondrous event.  Each year we take lots of photos so we can remember those happy moments later in the year.  With this kit, Happy Holidays by Vero The French Touch, you’ll be […]

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12 Kits, $12!

by Nibbles Skribbles 18 December 2013

In all the hubbub of the holidays, sometimes we just need to treat ourselves. Today, I want to share an awesome, limited time deal to help you do just that! 12 fantastic, full sized digital kits for just $12! Not only is it twelve amazing kits, it’s 12 kits themed around each of the 12 […]

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Santa Napkin Holder – with freebie :D

by Min 17 December 2013
Thumbnail image for Santa Napkin Holder – with freebie :D

Hi all, Today I have a Christmas craft project for you that’s quick and easy, fun to do with the kids and will add another smile to your Christmas breakfast table: A Santa Napkin Holder (doable without a cutting machine, as well ;D) Supplies needed: red (paper) napkins (mine are about 13 in square when […]

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