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Weihnachts Circus

by Toiny Westberry on 21 December 2013
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Last week, while I was still sulking over our friends PCS’ing (Permanent Change of Station) back to the states, a new friend (Tricia) called & asked if we wanted to go to the Weihnachts Circus with them.  It was sponsored by the local big box furniture store, and only €2 each.  I need a pick-me-up and the price was right.  We went.

It started off normal-ish enough.  A small tent, a ring in the middle, with the mandatory camel holding court staring at us.  We got ring side seats for €2 and happily munched fresh popcorn coated with sugar.  Then the ring master came out, a flying trapeze act, some prancing horses and some doggies doing tricks.  Then, and I was 99% positive I misunderstood the ring master, the barn circus started.  But I didn’t misunderstand.

First two bulls, complete with horns, came out.  They passed right by, close enough to gore me if I turned my head.  I tried to climb in Tricia’s lap.  Bulls up close & personal are scary.  The bulls went to the front of the ring, stepped up on “the curb” and stood there.  Sheep came out.  What do you suppose sheep do with bulls at a circus?  Why they run under the bulls while the bulls stand still up on the curb.  Then a mini pony came out.  What do you suppose mini ponies do with bulls at a circus? Why they run very, very fast under bulls in tight, tiny circles while the bulls stand still up on the curb.  Then the goats came out.

Goats do not run under bulls.  Are you crazy?  Goats climb up bulls using long, metal planks.  Then they stand there & look goat-y.   And suddenly a dog comes out of nowhere, runs up the plank and jumps over the goat!  This is pure gold.

Finally, geese are trotted out.  Geese do not climb up planks or jump over goats, they do not run tight, tiny circles under bulls. Instead they march elegantly under the bulls… until the one in front gooses the bull in front.  I may have pee’d my pants laughing.

Weihnacht circus was just what the doctor ordered.


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