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Gallery Showcase

by Rebecca on 14 May 2014
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I was browsing through the Designer Gallery today and I found this great page, Ocean Drive by Pepette in Lara’s Digi World‘s gallery.  I just finished a slide show for an engagement party.  The groom-to-be has been hunting, fishing, and boating his whole life.  There was a photo similar to this in the stack his mom brought to me.  As we went through each one she gave me a bit of the story.  When we got to the one like this, she said “look!  I’m a big man, driving the boat”.  We both laughed out loud.  These are the moments in time that adorn our lives with laughter and childlike ear-to-ear grins.  Unlike formal photos where there is the stress of making sure everything is “perfect for the picture”, it’s the baseball cap and T-shirt moments that are sheer joy.  Don’t forget to capture these moments.

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is a beautiful kit by Lara.  It has a speck of winter, a touch of summer and a splash of spring.  It is on sale right now, for a little while longer for 35% off.

Lara’s Digi World also has this great 10 for $10 Bonus.

For a LImited Time you can get 10 beautiful kits for $10.  It’s one of the best offers in the store right now.

Go take a peek, and while you’re there, be sure to catch up on the forum festivities.

Round Robin is really a Rocking Robin!  Those women are having so much fun!

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