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September 2014

It’s October.  You may have been expecting an abundance of Halloween Kits and Collections.  You may still get some of that before October is over but you’re not getting that this week.  Nope.  This week (officially today) there is a brand new Coordinating Collection debuting.  Like the traditional brick and mortar stores that have shamelessly been stocking their shelves with ornaments and pine sprays since what seems to have been the day after Easter, the designers at The Studio have joined the masses.  The theme and category is Merry Christmas, but even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you’ll want to take a peek.

This isn’t your ordinary holiday collection but it is a great way to get started and keep to your budget at only ONE DOLLAR per product, you can literally shop til you drop and then scrap or craft your heart out.  I instantly though of package decorations when I saw this set of flairs from Nibbles Skribbles.

If traditional is your thing then you’ll love Holiday Traditions by ADB Designs.  It’s filled with poinsettias, pine cones and beautiful, shiny gold ornaments.

Valentina’s Creations has these amazing Merry Christmas Journal Cards.  I can just FEEL HYBRID!  Print these on some sticker paper and your gift tags are ready to go!

I fell in love with Jilbert’s entire Gatherings set.  It focuses a bit more on the Thanksgiving or Family dinner theme, yet it would work for the perfect page of my grandmother or uncle Joe.

Do you bake with your children or grandchildren?  Manu Scraps has all you need to preserve those memories with her Merry Christmas {Christmas Baking} elements and frosted cookie alpha set.

Love the rich, warmth of vintage red?  Studio4 Design Works has you covered with her Merry Christmas Red Stamped Papers.  These are a stunning companion to her Merry Christmas Kit.  It reminds me of hot cocoa and marshmallows and would be perfect for any winter pages or projects.

Ready your winter or festive photos.  There are torn pages by The Kit Cart, Christmas Angels papers by Vero and Tis the Season Splats by The Urban Fairy.

The scrapping possibilities are endless and each of these is on sale for just $1 Each.  Don’t tarry though.  This sale ends on October 15th.  After that, you’ll pay full price and that’s no fun at all!  While you’re there, shopping and working on your list, be sure to pick up all of the bonus Christmas cards.



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Jacqueline with her fantastic page Sunday Morning Musings. I love the layering here, the wonderful arrangement of the elements and amazing shadowing. All that combined with a beautiful photo makes me feel this a marvellous page! So congrats Jacqueline on winning this weeks LOTW!


This wonderful page was created with the fantastic kit Sunday Morning Musings by Studio4 Designworks


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Custom Collection Sunday

Earlier this month I introduced Custom Collection Sundays.  A chance for each of you to request a Custom Collection from one of our Designers. Every week one person wins their request.  Two weeks ago Andie won her own Custom Collection by ADB Designs.

I might be a “second request” again… LOL! I would like to see an “adult-themed” Pharmacy kit. It could also double as a Chemistry kit or a Science kit, or even a Doctor’s kit. I would like to see the “Rx” symbol that pharmacists use and some molecular models. An occasional “exploding experiment” would probably fit too. White lab coats, beakers and test tubes, Bunsen burners, periodic table, bottles filled with different pills, written out prescriptions… etc.
“WA” could include “drawings” of the molecular structures on a chalk board… Ideally, it would have “heritagey” colors with a touch of white and light blue.

Thanks for the chance!

from: Andie

This week Diane, ADB Designs, will be releasing her brandnew collection “The Apothecary Shoppe“.  I have seen most of the previews and I am in drool with the fantastic vintage apothecary elements. She has truly brought Andie‘s dream request to live. I am bursting with pride!

The Apothecary Shoppe

I also have an update for last weeks winner: Stash Empress! A-Manda Creation is hard at work fulfilling your request of a Rainbow Loom-inspired collection.  I have seen the first unofficial previews and absolutely love the colors & pure happiness that radiates from her designs.

Well – lets see if third time’s the charm?
I’d love to see a collection devoted to the Rainbow Loom/rubber band craze! My daughter (and grandkids too) have been very involved with this new craft & have made all kinds of amazing things, not just bracelets, but all kinds of cute objects. PLEASE!!!???!!!!

from: Stash Empress

This week we have another win, congratulations Gail Wilde! You win your request for a POSITIVE collection specifically for people with disabilities by Nibbles Skribbles and me! I volunteered for many years at a group home for kids with disabilities, working my first shift as a care giver on my 18th birthday.  This is a request close to my heart and I am honored to bring it to life for you.

I have not seen a realistic, POSITIVE kit about the many ways those of us who are disabled strive to stay physically -and- mentally fit. I’m not just talking about the Para-Olympics, but other things as well. My right foot has painful problems that make it very hard to walk. (My body doesn’t tolerate pain meds) Two small strokes made me a bit disoriented. Under my desk is a little pedal/cycle machine that I’m using right now- a gift from my daughter and son-in-law. Next to my apartment are the winding lobby stairs, and I walk down and back up those stairs at least once a day. Also, at the urging of my neurologist, I do puzzles, sudoku, etc., read a lot of ebooks (so many free ebooks are available), and of course, digital scrapbooking, genealogy, and more. Most of us know at least one person who is disabled, and it would be interesting to see how others cope, also.

from: Gail Wilde

I am going to repeat myself and say I have a very hard time picking a winner every week.  We have some fabulous requests!  I can imagine all you requests blooming to life.  I wish I had a magic wand:

My husband is rebuilding a 1967 Chevy Chevelle. I would love to put together a progressive scrapbook that shows the rebuild as a surprise for him. A kit that contains classic cars and/or mechanical items…plus the emphasis could be on cruise night…a big time car event we love to go to…thanks!

from: Diana

Here in Australia – Spring has sprung and the end of the schooling year is drawing to a close with granduations and school formals to prepare for. I would love to see a kit full of elegance and class (I’m not suggesting that kits aren’t this already)!! But I would love to see shimmering satin & silk, lace, sprinklings of beautiful cut diamonds, strings of pearls, champagne & bubbles, grandma’s cameo brooch, silver photo frames. A future full of hopes and dreams … Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

from: Michele

Hoping for kits for any of my grandchildren’s off-the-grid activities – tap dancing, cross country, wrestling ,karate, rugby and cello. I sure wish they’d chosen some of the activities that match the activities in scrapbooking kits

from: Nancy Holland

I can only pick one a week, but don’t give up! There are many weeks in a year, next week it could be YOU!

Very important note: I will post a new winner every week, however, please do not expect your Custom Collection to be ready within a week.  Scrapbooking Collections take time, and that time varies by Designer.  Some of our team are full-time designers, others are part-time. Some are new mommies with littles at home, and others are Grandmothers.  Some of us are both.

I cannot wait to see the requests this week, please post away your biggest wishes in the comments below.  You can post the same request this week, or mix it up with a new request, even multiple requests are okay!  There are no rules, every request is looked at and considered.  Comments are open to everyone.  I will post a new winner next week!


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Using Lighting Effects in Photoshop

by SnickerdoodleDesigns 27 September 2014
Thumbnail image for Using Lighting Effects in Photoshop

Light plays a very important part in digital design and in our scrapbook pages.  It can be used to add drama to both our photographs and layouts.  Today let’s look at the Lighting Effects filter in Photoshop and see how we can make that work for us. The Lighting Effect Filter is not available in […]

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Shining Autumn Glory by Feli Designs and a free quickpage for you

by renee 25 September 2014
Thumbnail image for Shining Autumn Glory by Feli Designs and a free quickpage for you

Let’s celebrate a golden autumn, with its beautiful and amazing and vibrant colors!! Shining Autumn Glory by Feli Designs is a wonderful autumn kit, filled with lots and lots of beautiful and unique autumn elements all in shades of red, yellow and green. The kit is absolutely perfect for all autumn pages and will give […]

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At The Fire Station by Nibbles Skribbles

by tammy 25 September 2014
Thumbnail image for At The Fire Station by Nibbles Skribbles

Do your kids visit the Fire Station every year?  Here’s what Nibbles Skribbles has to say about it, “Every fall, the local fire station hosts an open house where the kids can come and climb in the trucks, meet real fire fighters and learn about fire safety. My kids LOVE going and checking it out, […]

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Operation Market Garden

by Toiny Westberry 24 September 2014
Thumbnail image for Operation Market Garden

Last week, for the first time in 20 years together, Dave & I went away for five whole days without any children.  It was the 70th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden, and Dave jumped as part of the commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem. On Saturday we woke, way too early before five in the […]

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LouCee Creations 50% for One More Day

by Rebecca 23 September 2014

If you missed the last Big Sale you can put the tissues away.  LouCee Creations has most of store on sale for 50% off through Thursday. Shop for page kits, collections, and all of the accessories and Save Big. Choose from her brand new kits like the Babushka Page Kit Or go back in time to […]

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Custom Collections Sunday

by Toiny Westberry 21 September 2014

Earlier this month I introduced Custom Collection Sundays.  A chance for each of you to request a Custom Collection from one of our Designers. Every week one person wins their request. Last week Andie won her own Custom Collection by ADB Designs. I might be a “second request” again… LOL! I would like to see an […]

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LOTW September 14 – 20 And the winner is ….

by renee 21 September 2014
Thumbnail image for LOTW September 14 – 20 And the winner is ….

Ellasspace with her amazing page Autumn Days. I love the composition of this page, the clustering is absolutely beautiful and the shadows are perfect too. The photo’s are so wonderful and I love how they show the beauty of fall! So congrats Ellasspace on winning this weeks LOTW! This fantastic page was created with the […]

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