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Hey Folks,

Boo here from Booland Designs

How was your New Year? Did you ring in the moment full of cheer, good intentions and a little bubbly like me?


Be prepared, this is a long one and I thank you in advance for indulging me. Grab your coffee and sit back. I hope my efforts will be an inspiration for any of you also trying to change things this year.


For years and years now I’ve refused to make ‘New Year Resolutions’ because in my experience they are bound to fail for one reason or another then you spend the rest of the year feeling like a failure and you know how that works right? Yup, you ARE what you feel so…….

I don’t know what’s different this year. Maybe its that I’ll be 50 in May and that’s a pretty big deal. Perhaps its the Mayan Calendar thing though I don’t think the world will end, just change and, lets hope, for the better. Maybe its just time to start living, believing in oneself, being the person you feel you are inside. Whatever the reason, this year I have decided to make that New Year Resolution and its this.

elegant WA new years resolution copy

I promise myself to be all I can be, all I was born to be, all I know I can be and I promise to do this for ME.

Ok, that’s a pretty big resolution, especially for little old me lol BUT… when you think about it, its only what we all want and strive for every day of our lives. We want to be the best parent we can be for our kids. We want to do the best we can at work. We want to be the best spouse we can be, be more accommodating, understanding, thoughtful and so on….. don’t we? I know I do but often I tell myself “I’ll do that tomorrow” or “well, life gets in the way”, and I find myself down the line having done none of the things I felt so passionate about. That’s sad. Life is too short not to try for those dreams. I believe most of our dreams, if not all, are reachable if only we believe in ourselves to get there so this year, that’s my goal. I know I’ll stumble sometimes. I know I’ll make mistakes and I know it won’t always be easy but I’m determined that this year I will try.

Why am I sharing all this with you guys? Well my first and probably my most difficult challenge this year is to become a Non-Smoker.

That might seem like a pretty easy challenge to some but to those of you who are like me (and if I’m honest, I am a HEAVY smoker) its going to be a real tough nut to crack.  I first started smoking when I was 12, yes, 12. You know how it goes. The most popular girl in school challenged me to one and then laughed herself silly as I coughed my self silly. In my humiliation I vowed I’d show her and so I practised and practised until I felt I was accomplished enough to take up her challenge again. Little did I realise back then that not only did I look like an idiot but I was setting myself up for a life long journey of failure.

Despite numerous punishments metered out by my exasperated mother in her effort to stop me smoking I continued to smoke and continued to take my punishments believing I was now one of the ‘cool’ set.  On one occasion my mother made me smoke a pack of cigarettes one after the other until I was literally sick thinking that would put me off for life. Half an hour after taking to my bed I climbed out of the window and, armed with her last Green Shield Stamp book, I sneaked off to the woman across the street who sold single cigarettes in exchange for the stamps. Hmmm, so much for that lesson.

Suffice to say, smoking has been a life long sentence for me and, I now realise, for my family who have all had to live with the evil weed whether they wanted to or not.

In an effort to prepare myself I’ve secretly been visiting a hypnotherapist and getting some subliminal help. I don’t know if this is working but I can honestly say I feel more determined then I might have done without that help.

The other thing I plan on doing and my main reason for sharing my story with you all today is this. Experts advise you avoid areas where you usually smoke and since I only smoke in my office at home I have decided to take a little vacation from my pc. After today I will be gone for a couple of weeks while I concentrate on home life and getting free of the dreaded cigarette so there will be no new releases for a little while. I hope you’ll all understand and bear with me while I make this life change and be sure, when I return, hopefully with a smoke free mind, I’ll have lots of new and exciting things on offer.

I suppose you could say this is the start of my 2012 365 Project. Here’s hoping its full of great adventures, new discoveries and not too many hiccups along the way. Wish me luck?

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Catch up for Newsletter ‘Out with a Bang’

I know a few of you had some problems accessing your NL downloads for this issue. This was due to a technical problem with mail Chimp which has now been fixed. I’ve tested the links and they are working fine for me so you should now be able to grab your goodies. If you should have any further problems please do email me but be aware I won’t get to answer any until I return in 2 weeks.

New Collections and Goodies

Before I go, I want to share with you my latest New Collections. One is currently in store and available now and the second will be released on Wednesday (thanks Studio Boss Toiny for sorting that for me) and of course, I have some lovely goodies for you both here and on the BLOG so lets not waste any more time and get on with the show.

Introducing Winter’s Bride

the second in my Winter Themed Series and available now at the Studio




bld_wintersbride_alpha bld_wintersbride_clusters

bld_wintersbride_frames bld_wintersbride_journaltags

bld_wintersbride_elements bld_wintersbride_papers

bld_wintersbride_quickpages bld_wintersbride_glitter

bld_wintersbride_patternbundle bld_wintersbride_patternbundle

and your Winters Bride Goodies


Available on my BLOG


Available on my BLOG



Introducing Winter’s Edge

Due for release Wednesday 11th Jan 2012 at the Studio

(If you get the Studio Newsletter you’ll be in for a treat today)




bld_wintersedge_alpha bld_wintersedge_clusters

bld_wintersedge_frames bld_wintersedge_tags

bld_wintersedge_glitter bld_wintersedge_stackedpages

bld_wintersedge_elements bld_wintersedge_papers

bld_wintersedge_patternpaperbundle bld_wintersedge_patternstylebundle

and your Winters Edge Goodies


Available on my BLOG


Available on my BLOG

Don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter for exclusive goodies and I will be back in a couple weeks with a lovely new set of collections and goodies for you.


Meanwhile, thank you all so much for your continued support and understanding. Please wish me luck, I’ll need all your good wishes.


Take care and enjoy life


Boo and the Blossoms xxx

looking forward to meeting the new me soon


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Out With A Bang

by Booland Designs on 31 December 2011
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It’s almost here

New Year Countdown

Hello dear Friends,

I have no idea if the clock you see above will work according to YOUR time but I’m hoping it will. If not, then you will at least know when it turns 2012 for me lol. It’s all good fun.

Before the big moment though, I wanted to share one last collection with you. I honestly did not think I’d get this one done in time but I’m chuffed to be able to share my newest collection with you today. Winter Tide (Available now at the studio with 40% off for a limited time only) is the first of several Winter Themed Collections I have created to see in the New Year and coming winter months. I don’t know about you but I always find that winter falls flat after the Christmas festivities and seems to be unbearably long and dreary before we see the first colors of spring again. Recently though, since really getting into my design work, I’ve begun to form a real appreciation for Winters stark beauty and I hope each of the new collections in my mini winter series will bring some beauty into your lives to brighten an otherwise bleak period before the sun shines again. What a great way to end the old year and start the New.

Here is Winter Tide


on top of your 40% discounted rate for a limited time only.




bld_wintertide_alpha bld_wintertide_bling

bld_wintertide_clusters bld_wintertide_frames

bld_wintertide_glitter bld_wintertide_quickpages

bld_wintertide_elements bld_wintertide_papers

bld_wintertide_patternpaperbundle bld_wintertide_patternstylebundle

All available in individual packs or super saving discount bundles to suit every need.

Don’t forget, Winter Tide is available at the Studio with 40% OFF for  a limited time only HERE

Your Winter Tide Goodies

are available via my BLOG

And to finish the year the way we like to at Booland here is a fab little giftie to mark this special occasion

Out With A Bang



Well folks, that’s all from us for the year. Thank you all so much for your fantastic support and friendship and especially for all your super comments which we love to read. We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as we have. Please join us next year for another fun journey of creativity, discovery and laughter and of course, great goodies.

Until then, all that remains is for us to wish you all the very best for a wonderful, happy and peaceful 2012.


and let Booland give your Imagination Wings.


*News just in* I’m a Nana again. My beautiful 2nd Grandson was born 30th December 2011 to my eldest son Daniel. Congratulations Danny and Sam and little Courtney. I’m soooooo happy for you.

Now that’s what I call going out with a BANG! Wohoooo!


Boo and the Blossoms xxx

BooLand Store

You will find ALL my products at the Studio


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Hey friends,

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas? Mine was awesome, not because I got tons of gorgeous goodies (which I did) but because I got to spend time just chilling with my family, Elly had a fantastic day and loved everything she got. Jay cooked the best Christmas Dinner to date and I got to sit back and put my feet up for a while. What more could anyone ask for?

Jay, being a Virgo male, is very well organised and a perfectionist to boot so leaving Christmas Dinner to him was the sensible thing to do. He planned every detail from the shopping list, to the actual shopping (yes girls, he went and did the Christmas food shopping) to the prepping and finally, the cooking and serving of dinner and every bit of it was like a Christmas present for me.

His organising was so good (he had his iPad propped on the work top with his step by step timings) that I talked him into giving me the list so I could share it with you. Trust me girls, if you want a smooth running Christmas Dinner next year with no hassle or stress just follow Jays guide and you’ll have a winner for sure.

Jay's Christmas Dinner Plan


Holly Garland lighted

I really enjoyed reading about your own family traditions at Christmas time and I must admit, Christmas is made all the sweeter when I see my own children continue our traditions with their own families.

Jay and I have even created a new tradition that is just ours. On Christmas Eve, once Santa (via NORAD) hits the UK we open a lovely bottle of Champagne and exchange our own gifts to each other. Its a really magical time for us. Doing things this way allows us to have some romantic time together and means Christmas Day is all about the kids, which is as it should be. We’ve been doing this for about 5 years now and it really works for us.

Thinking about all these little traditions inspired me to create my latest collection. Traditions is perfect for scrapping both vintage and modern layouts with its gorgeous festive colors. Its packed solid, just as any good Christmas Stocking should be, with beautiful elements and gorgeous papers so you’ll have plenty to keep you happy as you create all those wonderful keepsakes of your own Christmas Traditions.

Its available NOW at the studio. As always, you get a super 40% off its usual retail price for a limited time only.

Here is Traditions 



bld_traditions_alpha bld_traditions_clusters

bld_traditions_fancybrackets bld_traditions_glitterswirls

bld_traditions_glitter bld_traditions_stackedpages

bld_traditions_elements bld_traditions_papers

The Page Sprays


The Unique Pattern Papers


and the Coordinating Pattern Styles


All available as individual packs or in super saving discount Bundles to suit every pocket.

and a little Inspiration from our good friend Simplette


Your Traditions Goodies

available on my BLOG

Just click the images to be taken in a new window to the BLOG




100% view of BLOG Bonus


and if you are subscribed to our BooLand Newsletter you will now be enjoying these

bld_traditions_NL1 bld_traditions_NL2

bld_traditions_NL3 bld_traditions_NLBonus

If you are not yet subscribed, sorry, you missed these but to be sure you don’t miss any more Newsletter Exclusive Goodies just sign up here. Its FREE

That’s all for now folks.

We hope you continue to have a wonderful, safe and peaceful holiday and we’ll be back real soon with more gorgeous goodies

Until then, take care


Boo and the Blossoms xx

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