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Jean with her fabulous page Template Take Away 25.  The clustering at the bottom of the heart is first class on this page.  It is beautifully balanced yet it’s not a perfect mirror image; this gives a little extra character (IMHO).  I love the colors in the kit Summertime Stories  and I was impressed with her tweak on Template #25 from Template TakeAway 25-28.  What I loved most though was how she was able to bring back a studio photo from the 80’s.  If you were around in the 80’s you probably have your own studio shots like this.  I know our family has a slew of them.  All the boys in their Sunday best and mom with her pearls and token big hair.  I love old photos!  I love creating pages that bring those old memories back to life.

A big congratulations to Jean on her LOTW.  Go leave her some love in the gallery.

Here is an up close and personal look at Summertime Stores by Studio4 DesignWorks.

And the Template TakeAway Pack used for this page is

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I hear you.  I hear all of the high fives going on along with the yelps and shouts of excitement.  They say it takes 30 days to make or break a habit but I’m pretty sure it only took me 2 purchases to literally throw caution to the wind and spend with abandon once I knew I could depend on that bright yellow banner to top the page and give me the friendly warning.  And then… it was gone.  No one told us it was gone.  It just failed to show up and I missed it terribly.  I realized how quickly I am spoiled by the little conveniences and how maddening it can be when they just vanish.  I know some of you really missed it too.  Tracy and I (The Studio Customer Service Team) get a chuckle every day when someone either needs an order reset or is requesting a “do over” because that sign didn’t show up at the top of the page to warn you that you already had that kit in your stash.

Good News!

The Warning Sign is back.  You can now shop in confidence that you won’t be duplicating a previous purchase.  Tracy and I can take a little breather too.  I was afraid it was going to take some arm twisting but it was just a matter of waiting on some critical coding to be completed.

The Apothecary Shoppe

The Apothecary Shoppe

Everything LOOKS the same and for most of us it’s business as usual but BEHIND the scenes an entire team is working on some critical tasks that are required for us to become VAT compliant along with speeding up the store so nothing slows you down or gets in your way when you see that kit or collection that makes you put your coffee down and reach for the mouse.  You know the one.  The “I’ve got to get that today! page kit for the photos I took last night!”

You can go back to shopping until your heart’s content, and we want you to shop too but there are a few other things you’ll have to police on your own.  We don’t want you to lose your products but it’s happened a few times lately.  This is a good month to nudge you to speed things along too.  I’m hearing “Get Organized, Organize my files or photos or all of the above.  Now is a great time to do just that.


We are always happy to reset your downloads if you lose a file or group of files but some of you Shop A Lot.  Some of you make Humongous purchases!  Sometimes these older orders don’t want to cooperate with us so we have to reset the products ONE file at a time.  If you have a big order, please allow us some extra time to take care of these.  We promise to get them to you as quickly as possible.  Be Aware though that when you purchase products from the Retiring Category in the Personal Use and Commercial Use store that those downloads need to make it to your computer quickly.  Once our items are retired, they are deleted from our server to make space for new products.  Once, they are gone from our servers, they are generally gone forever.  It pains me to see you lose your products if you have a hard drive problem but it’s even harder when you just didn’t get around to downloading and now they’re gone.


When my grand kids need to make a commitment and I want them to really remember I tell them to Raise Their Right Hand and repeat after me.  This can be as simple as I (state your name) promise to take my plate to the sink, or not tell on my sister again TODAY.  This works with husbands too although not nearly as well and certainly not with all as much humor.  Today.  This day.  I want you to raise your right hand and promise to download all of your digital files within 24 hours of purchasing them.  You don’t have to cross your heart or offer up small children.  I trust you.  Then, go ahead an unzip them.  Make sure you got what you paid for and everything unzips properly.  99.9% of the time everything is ok.  That final 1% is what could ruin your day if you hold out the perfect kit for the perfect photos and when you finally find the time to scrap your page something is wrong and those files are gone forever.  It is such a drag and Tracy and I cry big crocodile tears when it happens.  Don’t let it be you.

If you do have a problem, we’re here with ALMOST round the clock coverage.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Now go shop and watch for the yellow banner.  Both Retiring Categories are on for the month of January.  There will be new products popping in for the next few days.  You’ll get them all at 75% off.  Combine these with that Amazing Morning Mist Collection for just $1 each AND with the new Round Robin by Carin Grobe Design and ADBDesigns and you’ll be able to fill your cart in no time at a massive savings.





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Yesterday, Manda (Nibbles Skribbles) wrote a great tutorial on How To Use A Quick Page.  Quick pages are often overlooked because as creative people we kind of want to do our own thing but don’t be fooled or foolish; they are fabulous tools for scrapping big projects in short order.  It was also perfect timing since a Brag Book page is just a small quick page and A-Manda has a cutie for you today.

The best part is, her entire collection of Brag Books and Quick Pages along with Her Whole Store is on sale right now for 50% off.

It’s the Oh BABY! Big Sale!

theStudio AdvertisementsChristmas is barely two months away.  Yes.  Really.  Even if you don’t celebrate though, brag books are a wonderful gift for any occasion and they are so easy to create and customize.  If you’ve never given a brag book as a gift, this might be the answer to your prayer about what to get the grand parents this year.

Even if you have all of your shopping done (bawahahaha) brag books are a simple, easy way to document your memories for your children or even your parents.

I love autumn.  Fall colors, fall leaves, acorns and cute little squirrels make it easy for me to whip out a book in short order but A-Manda has brag books in every color and theme you can imagine!  Now is the time to watch for the best deals at places like Shutterfly and Blurb.

Did you have a new baby join your family this year?  There are 3 different baby brag books.  These are great alone or mix them and match them.


No baby’s this year?  No worries.  There are brag books for every holiday, every season, and in every color.  A-Mandas’ specialty is children.  She designs great kits and collections with bright, fun colors.

After all that, if brag books just aren’t your thing, you’ll still love browsing the isles in A-Manda’s store.  On top of page kits that are packed with elements and papers, you’ll find coordinating page borders, cluster frames and a literal smorgasbord of products to help you finish your pages and products in record time.

Her newest addition is I Want Candy.  It is filled with color and fun elements just in time to celebrate Halloween.

Get the separates or save on Big Bundles or Mega Bundles but hurry, the sale ends soon.

Here is your free brag book page.  Give it a try.  You’ll see how fast and easy that next gift will be.




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Thirteen FREE Christmas Cards And Some Fantastic $1 Deals

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It’s October.  You may have been expecting an abundance of Halloween Kits and Collections.  You may still get some of that before October is over but you’re not getting that this week.  Nope.  This week (officially today) there is a brand new Coordinating Collection debuting.  Like the traditional brick and mortar stores that have shamelessly […]

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LouCee Creations 50% for One More Day

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If you missed the last Big Sale you can put the tissues away.  LouCee Creations has most of store on sale for 50% off through Thursday. Shop for page kits, collections, and all of the accessories and Save Big. Choose from her brand new kits like the Babushka Page Kit Or go back in time to […]

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What’s Your Dream?

by Rebecca 17 September 2014

It is time for the wish lists to start showing up.  Christmas is already in the stores.  I don’t want to look….yet.  The older we get, the harder it is to buy for our grandchildren.  So much of what they have in their life is disposable.  Temporary.  I like gifts that keep on giving and […]

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50% Off Fairy Garden AND A Free Cluster

by Rebecca 6 August 2014
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Recently a friend mentioned that she wanted a fairy garden.  She’s been pinning her special finds like crazy and I have no doubt she will indeed have a full blown fairy garden attached to the huge tree in her back yard before summer is over.  These are so super cute!  I found this Fabulous Fairy […]

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ATTENTION! All Budget Conscious Bargain Hunters

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Some big sales are ending promptly at midnight July 31st. If you are a bargain shopper, you’ll want to take a look today. Retiring Products There are 514 products in the Retiring Products Category by some of my favorite designers and they are all 75% off. Love the worn look of Snickerdoodle Designs? Love the […]

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Need A Little Cooling Off?

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  Just a photo of a penguin (even if he is snorkeling) makes it seem a little cooler, don’t you think?  It’s crazy hot in many parts of the globe right now but you can find some super cool deals on Christmas Kits during the Studio Christmas in July Sale. There is something for everyone.  […]

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Mel Designs Lost Her Star

by Rebecca 16 July 2014

As a child we always want to be the recipient of the coveted gold star.  It’s a sign of doing well or going beyond the norm.  To have your star removed or taken away implies that you didn’t make the cut or dropped down a notch, but that isn’t the case with Mel Designs.  Here […]

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