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3-2-1 CU Sale, with a CU freebie!

by Toiny Westberry 1 March 2014
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It is time for another wildly popular 3-2-1 Sale! This time we’ve got it in the Commercial Use store.  Only through this Monday, March 3rd.  So hurry over, gather your baskets full, and enjoy a little shopping spree. Everyone deserves a little shopping spree now & then. We’ve got over 20 Designers, each with three (3) products at two […]

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No Shoes. No Soccer.

by Toiny Westberry 14 February 2014
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Yesterday was not poor Dane’s day.  All week long he looks forward to Tuesdays.  Soccer day.  The hours between school and soccer practice are almost unbearable, the boy has no concept of time.  Timers, clocks, stickers-on-clocks, nothing works.  He must ask me every 1-to-5 minutes; “Is it time?” “Can we go now?” “How much longer?”  […]

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Last Days to Save on Winter Wedding!

by Toiny Westberry 13 January 2014
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All good things must come to end, and our fabulous $1.00 sale on the beautiful Winter Wedding is no exception.  Through January 15th each product in this stunning Build-Your-Own collection will be $1.00, after that each product reverts to its full price. Each Designer has created stunning Winter Wedding pieces in her style, in $1.00 packs to […]

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My Bestest Friend

by Toiny Westberry 8 January 2014
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At the end of 3rd grade, we moved to America.  To California, to be precise.  Before that I had spend only 6 months in America, and I knew little-to-no English.  My memories of those first months are all visual. I wonder if that is what my kids remember from our first year in Germany? I did […]

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Shadowing Clusters Tutorial

by Toiny Westberry 7 January 2014
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Designers frequently create amazing clusters either as freebies, or as a make-my-life easy add on product.  Lately I’ve found that most of these clusters are pre-shadowed and I can just do a happy dance & slap them on my page.  Sometimes, though, they are not preshadowed.  Sometimes I am okay with that.  Shadowing can be […]

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Blog Hop: Oh Tannebaum

by Toiny Westberry 13 December 2013
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Can you believe it’s the end of 2013?  I sure can’t.  This year has gone so quickly. Well as 2013 comes to a close we can’t help but do our traditional Christmas Blog Hop! A handful of us have created mini kits thanks to some holiday song inspiration. Please keep in mind our time zones […]

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by Toiny Westberry 7 December 2013
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Today is much better.  I can breath again, and tell random strangers “I’m okay” without bursting into tears, turning me into a liar.  Our friends made it back stateside, after an extra long day of travel, safe & sound.  Even their puppy made it, United Airlines treated her with extra care & love.  It is […]

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Today I hate the Military

by Toiny Westberry 4 December 2013
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This morning, at 2:00 am, I stood on my quiet, dark street enshrouded in a heavy layer of fog.  I watched our best friends load up the rental car, program the GPS and drive away till the tail lights faded from view.  That was it.  It’s over.  Three years of friendship, laughter, tears, inside jokes […]

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Photoshop Tutorial: Make a Snowman

by Toiny Westberry 23 November 2013
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Last weeks Photoshop Tutorial: Make a Snowflake turned out to be quite popular.  I thought I’d continue the winter trend this week, so let’s  make a snowman! You will have the opportunity to download not just the snowman sample we make today, but also the layered snowman template and the photoshop snowman styles used in this […]

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Photoshop Tutorial: Make a Snowflake

by Toiny Westberry 16 November 2013
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We had our first snow this week!  I love snow, and ugly Christmas sweaters, hot chocolate, skiing, white trees, white skies, white flakes falling down. I love snow.  I love snowflakes! Just like there infinite variations of Mother Nature’s snowflake, so there are infinite variations of a Photoshop snowflake.  This is only one way, one […]

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