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Custom Collection Sundays

by Toiny Westberry 7 September 2014
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Last week I introducted Custom Collection Sundays.  A chance for each of you to request a Custom Collection from one of our Designers. Every week one person wins their request. I’ve got to tell you, this was hard! Some great requests were posted: I’d love to see a collection devoted to the Rainbow Loom/rubber band […]

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Custom Collection Sunday

by Toiny Westberry 31 August 2014
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Who’s ready to try something new?  Me! I’m always ready to try something new LOL!  One of the things that has frustrated me is trying to find the absolute perfect scrapkit for my photo’s.  It used to be I could just make what I need.  Now, with a full-time job, three kids still at home […]

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by Toiny Westberry 30 August 2014
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We have 1-2 years left in Germany.  I can’t believe how fast our time here has gone. I can’t believe how much my kids have grown.  I really can’t believe how much of my bucket list I haven’t seen! I love travel.  I love new places, new sights, new smells, new foods!  When I realized […]

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Progressive Labor Day Sale!

by Toiny Westberry 29 August 2014

Happy Long Weekend! The timing couldn’t be better.  I still need to decompress from my vacation… and our house has a couple Honey Do chores for us as well.  I think, maybe, the weather is cooperating and we’ll get to grill too.  I’m ready! Have I mentioned “grillfackeln“? This is bacon-on-a-stick. But so much better […]

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Vacation on Texel

by Toiny Westberry 27 August 2014
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I have decided I am now 90% German.  Living here for five years, it’s just seeped into my being. I blame osmosis.  We finally went on vacation-vacation last week.  For one week.  I totally get why Germans take such long vacations (Germans have on average 34 paid vacation days).  It took me till Sunday to […]

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Round Robin II: Family Dinner

by Toiny Westberry 26 August 2014
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Hello all! Round Robin II: Manu Scraps Week 03 has gorgeous layouts, all radiating with that beautiful, vibrant color from the fantabulous Tuscan Summer collection! Coupons will go out tomorrow; Wednesday, August 27. This week we have a beautiful, perfect, end-of-summer collection. I think you will all love the Family Dinner collection! Please ask questions […]

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Round Robin III: Tuscan Summer

by Toiny Westberry 19 August 2014

  We have a another round of Round Robin!  What is a Round Robin? A Round Robin is One Month, One Designer, Four Collabs. How do you come in, and more importantly, how can you save extra? Answer: Create a LO! The LO rules are simple: Use only the current week Round Robin Collab Properly […]

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The Most Gold Hair

by Toiny Westberry 16 August 2014
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My packages to Christian have been taking forever to reach him.  Poor kid is going to think I don’t love him.  That is the last thing he needs.  Afghanistan is no picnic, and it’s been hard for him. Yesterday I drove all the way to Kelly, the furthest local base from me, to mail him […]

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theStudio CU Facebook Hop

by Toiny Westberry 16 August 2014

We have our first-ever CU Facebook Hop! This is a great way to stock up on fabulous CU goodies (great for PU use as well), and get to know our Designers and their design style just a little bit better. Plus, free is good.  Free when school supply costs are overwhelming most of us?  Awesome!  […]

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Harry Potter

by Toiny Westberry 13 August 2014

My kids, like many kids, love to dress-up and pretend. When the big boys were little (now 22, 23 & 24), dress-up was fine by me… at home.  Out in public I insisted they wear normal clothes like jean, shorts, t-shirts.  If they were lucky t-shirts with Scooby-Doo or Superman.  If they were lucky. I […]

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