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ArisaMinamoto with her fabulous page This Happy Place.
I love the composition here. The black and white photo’s do so well in this colorful page and the elements and brushes and stamps really make the photo’s look amazing!
So congrats Arisaminamoto on winning this weeks LOTW!


This wonderful page was created with the fantastic kit This happy place by WendyP Designs.



A is for apple, B is for bus, do you remember reading or hearing those when you were young? JulieC Designs created ABC kits for you to celebrate those days. These kits are perfect for all sorts of projects, and especially for kids. You can create gorgeous cards, invitations or just scrap your beautiful children photo’s. F is For by JulieC Designs is the newest kit in the ABC collection and it is on sale for 30% off at the moment!

A is voor appel, B is voor bus, ken je deze liedjes nog van toen je jong was? JulieC Designs creëert een hele ABC serie voor jullie om je hier aan te herinnneren. Deze kits zijn perfect voor allerlei projecten en speciaal voor kinderen. Je kunt er prachtige kaarten, uitnodigingen of gewoon al je mooie foto’s mee scrappen. F is For van JulieC Designs is de nieuwste kit in deze ABC collectie en het is momenteel in de aanbieding met een korting van 30%!


Please take a look below to see the other bundles from this collection.

Kijk maar hieronder om de andere bundles te zien van deze collectie.






Now here is the quickpage I made for you. I decided to go for F is For Fun. Please enjoy!

Hier is de quickpage die ik voor jullie gemaakt heb. Ik heb besloten te gaan voor F is For Fun. Veel plezier ermee!



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When someone you love is in the military, it’s not just hard work for that person but for the entire family. Long distance communication, managing a household without help, waiting, worrying, hoping and praying that they will come home safe and sound. Bring them home is a beautiful, soft and meaningful collection created with love by Angel Hartline Designs, Nibbles Skribbles, Piggy Scraps and Vero – The French Touch.

It will be FREE for Studio Military members: just go here to get it.

Thestudio-BTH-kit-pv Thestudio-BTH-pp-pv Thestudio-BTH-solids-pv

Here’s a Quick Page for you today, Enjoy!!!




Creating Text on a Path

Last week we talked about Working With Shapes in Photoshop.  Today let’s look at another thing we can do with Shapes, and that is creating text on their work paths.

For today’s tutorial, I am using Photoshop CC.

Let’s get started!

1. Select the Shape Tool in the Tool Bar on the far left of your screen.

2. Go to the Top Options Bar.  Choose:  Shape; No fill; No stroke


3 Create a new blank layer. Drag out your shape on that layer.  I chose the Ellipse Tool, and held down Shift while dragging to create a Circle. A work path will be created.


4. Click on the Horizontal Type Tool in the Tool bar.

5. Move your cursor onto your document. As you move it closer to the work path, you will see the cursor change.  It will now look like an “I” with a wavy line through it. When you see that change, click on your document and start typing.


You can adjust your text, change font styles, sizes, or colors, just as you normally would.  Sometimes you might need to play with the spacing of your words to create the look you want.

Don’t limit yourself to circles.  Use any of the Shapes that Photoshop provides to add a fun look to your layouts!

Photoshop Elements 13 Users:  Once you draw your shape, choose your Type Tool, and in the options box at the bottom of your screen, choose Text on Custom Path.   I am not sure if this works the same in previous versions of Photoshop Elements.

 Untitled-2 copy

If you would like to keep this tutorial on your computer for easy reference, you may download a PDF here.

Toiny has created a new Tutorial Gallery for us!  When you experiment with this technique, or any technique you learn through our tutorials, we encourage you to upload your results to the new gallery! Show off your hard work!  Please include the name of the tutorial and provide a link to it, in case some of our readers missed it!

When I think of some of the fun and “cool” things we can do in Photoshop, the phrase “Cool Beans!” always comes to mind.  With that thought in my head,  I chose a paper from my collection Cool Beans to demonstrate the work path on.  You can take a closer look at this Collection HERE.

I’ve put it on Special Pricing for you through June 7th!

Enjoy this Cool Beans Stacked, which has plenty of room for you to add text paths that you create! Click on the image to download.


See you next week!


Marieh with her fantastic page Always Smile. I love all the paper borders and the flowers, that are so beautifully clustered. The colors are matching the photo perfectly and that lovely little girl makes me smile! So congrats Marieh on winning this weeks LOTW!


This fabulous page was created with the gorgeous Yolo collection by A-manda Creation.


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Don’t we all like to remember the beautiful moments of our lifes? That sweet feeling of melancholy? Sweet Melancholy by Mel Designs is the perfect kit to help you remember. The beautiful lavendar and the romantic touch will help you to scrap all your cherished photo’s. Sweet Melancholy by Mel Designs brings memories back to life!

Vinden we het niet allemaal fijn om de mooie momenten uit ons leven te herinneren? Dat heerlijk gevoel van melancholie? Sweet Melancholy van Mel Designs is de perfecte kit om je te helpen herinneren. De mooie lavender en het beetje romantiek zal je helpen al je geliefde en gekoesterde foto’s te scrappen. Sweet Melancholy van Mel Designs brengt je herinneren weer tot leven!


Besides the kit there are a few wonderful extras for you, to help you scrap your pages. Just take a look below:

Naast de kit zijn er een paar fantastische extra’s om je te helpen mooie pagina’s te scrappen. Kijk maar eens hieronder:





So here is the quickpage I made for you. Please enjoy!

En hier is de quicpage die ik voor jullie gemaakt heb. Veel plezier ermee!



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Colorful Meadow by Designs by Brigit

Lush grass, abundant sunlight, a field of flowers, the colors of summer are warm, rich and welcoming.  Let the colors in this kit, Colorful Meadow by Designs by Brigit,  instantly perk up any scrapbook page.


And here is a little corner cluster for you today, Enjoy!!!



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Working with Shapes

Today let’s take a look at working with Shapes: how to create them and the fun things we can do with them.

For the purposes of this tutorial,  I am working in Photoshop CC.    The Shape Tool can be found in the Tool Box on the left, and this is the same in all versions of Photoshop.  Click on the little triangle in the lower right corner of the Shape Tool to bring up all your options. In the image below, I have the Ellipse Tool selected.  Click on your choice to make it active.


Once you click on the Shape Tool, the Tool Mode options will become available to you at the top of the screen.


Be sure that “Shape” is selected. If it is not, use the drop-down arrow to open the options, then select Shape.

Next is where the fun happens!  You have lots of options to choose from now!

FILL:  Click on the drop-down arrow to see your options:  1) no fill; 2) color fill; 3) gradient fill; 4) pattern fill

In the image below, I have clicked on Pattern Fill, and the patterns that I have loaded are now available for me to choose from.


STROKE: Click on the down-pointing arrow to access your Stroke options.  They are the same as the Fill options:  1) no stroke; 2) color stroke; 3) gradient stroke; 4) pattern stroke

STROKE WIDTH: Here you may select the width of the stroke you wish to apply by using the slider. (New in CS6 I believe.)

STROKE TYPE: You may choose what type of Stroke you would like.   You may choose from dashed or dotted lines; but you can also click on the gear in the upper right corner to open the Stroke options box.  Here you can made additional choices, creating your own favorite stroke, and then saving it as a Preset. I love that!


Once you have made choices on how you want your shape to look, create a blank layer to place your shape on, then click and drag to make your shape.

Here are a few shortcuts:

1. To constrain proportionally, hold down the Shift key while you drag.

2. To draw from the center, press and hold the Alt key, then drag.

3. To set the exact size and position of your shape, with the shape tool selected, click on your document. The Create Custom Shape box will open.  Here you may make exact choices. Once you have done so, drag on your blank layer to create your shape.


I selected a 900 x 900 px size, with a Pattern fill (Follow Your Heart Glitter), no stroke, from the Center, Preserve proportions.

Once I dragged out my shape, I realized I wanted it a little larger.  Because shapes are vector-based, as opposed to pixel-based, I can  select the shape and use the Transform Tool to make it larger without losing any quality.  The larger shape is pictured below.


Now what?  So you can make these neat shapes. What can you do with them?

I decided to use this as a frame.  I used the Magic Wand to select the inside of the circle and then deleted that from the background paper. Since the paper is from Follow Your Heart, I placed one of the Follow Your Heart Clusters on the page, and had a Quick page in seconds!

Save 30% on Follow Your Heart Kit and extras for the next week! Or save the most with the Collection!


This is just one example of how Shapes can be handy. Paper Strips are very popular on scrapbook pages.  Create your favorite shape, clip papers to them, and you have custom Paper Strips that match your layout perfectly.  I am awed by the creative ideas I see in our challenges, and I know that you will all find awesome ways to use Shapes in your own work!

Toiny has created a new Tutorial Gallery for us!  When you experiment with this technique, or any technique you learn through our tutorials, we encourage you to upload your results to the new gallery! Show off your hard work!  Please include the name of the tutorial and provide a link to it, in case some of our readers missed it!

If you would like to have this Follow Your Heart Quick Page for your personal use, you may download it by clicking on the image below.


If you would like to keep this tutorial on your computer for easy reference, you may download a PDF here.

See you next week!


LOTW May 8 – 14 And the winner is …

donakat with her fabulous page Hello Reagan. I love the diagonal angle in this page. The cluster is beautiful, but most of all I love that sweet little baby. The photo’s are absolutely adorable and scrapped beautifully, so congrats Donakat on winning this weeks LOTW!


This lovely page was created with the fantastic Spring Flair Mini by Studio4 Designworks for the May 2015 Less Is More Challenge.

Studio4 Spring Flair_600_zpscfc1va7t

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It’s A Good Day to laugh and hang out with your friends. It’s a good day to read or to play with the kids. It’s A Good Day for kittens and the birds on their swing. It’s A Good Day for scrapbooking life’s memories and things. Not every day is a great day. Some days are simply standard, uneventful days. Those are often the days that hold the most heartfelt memories later in life. Those are the days that literally stitch together the moments of every life. It’s A Good Day by LouCee Creations is a kit for scrapping the memories in between all of the big events. It’s a Good Day by LouCee Creations is on sale for 40% off!

Het is een goede dag om te lachten en met vrienden om te gaan. Het is een goede dag om te lezen of om met de kinderen te spelen. Het is een goede dag voor kittens en vogels op hun schommels. Het is een goede dag om herinneringen uit het dagelijks leven te scrappen. Niet elke dag is een goede dag. Sommige dagen zijn routine dagen, waarin niets bijzonders gebeurd. Dat zijn de dagen die je jezelf later het meest zult herinneren. De dagen die alle momenten in het leven aan elkaar plakken. It’s a Good Day van LouCee Creations is de kit om al die momenten tussendoor te scrappen! It’s a Good Day van LouCee Creations is in de aanbieding met een korting van 40%!


I had lots of fun creating this quickpage for you. Please enjoy!

Ik vond het erg leuk deze quickpage voor jullie te maken. Veel plezier ermee!