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Creating a Custom Text Box in Photoshop

Adding a lot of journaling to a page can be difficult at times. If you have a long story to share, sometimes it can look “boxey” and not integrate well with the images on your page. But we scrap to share our lives, our stories…. so today let’s take a look at one way to make long journaling pieces a tad more interesting looking.

Let’s go from uninteresting…..


…….to this much more attractive and integrated custom text box.


 For this tutorial I am using CC2015. The technique will work with any Photoshop version that has a Pen tool, although in previous versions there may be a slight variation in technique.  While Photoshop Elements does not have a Pen Tool, I do have a work-around for you, so keep reading!

To create a Custom Text Box:

1. Have the element you would like to create a custom text box for on your canvas.

2. Click on the element layer to make it the active layer.

3. Select the Pen Tool. (Shortcut “P”).

4. Select “Path” in the top Menu Options Bar.


5.  Click on your document near the top of your element, here, the Christmas tree, to set your first Anchor Point (Anchor points will reflect as small squares on your document.) Release your mouse.

6. Click a second time on your document a little away from your first anchor point.  Before releasing your mouse, drag slightly down and to the right or left in order to create a slight curve around your element.  Things can get wonky fast, so take it slow and use short movements.

7. Continue until you have a path along the entire side of your element where you want your text box contour. This doesn’t have to be perfect. Just a general shape will be fine!


8. Hold down Shift, and click on the right edge of your document to establish the right edge of your text box. (Holding down Shift as you click will constrain the movement of the path, making it straight.)

9.Using the same method, click near the top right, then click on your first anchor point to close the path. When you path is closed, you will notice that all of the anchor points, are all now solidly colored black.


10. Press and hold the Control key, while clicking on the very first anchor point you placed on your document.  This will allow you to manipulate the anchor points.

11. While still holding down Control, click on the top right anchor point and move it either up or down, as needed, to create a straight line.  You can just “eyeball” it, or pull down a guideline to help you keep the adjustment straight.

12. Once you have straightened your top line, release the Control key and mouse.

13. Go to your Paragraph Panel.  (If you do not keep this Panel  docked,  go to the top Menu Bar > Window > Paragraph, and it will open for you.)  Click on Right Justify.


14. Click on the Text Tool, and move your mouse into the text area you have just created.  The cursor will change to an “I” looking shape with a tiny line through it, and a circle surrounding it. Click anywhere within your text box and start typing, filling up the shape.

15. Add embellishments as you like, and you’re done!


If you are not comfortable with the Pen Tool, or are a Photoshop Elements user, I think you will find one of our older tutorials helpful.  It was written by Steph (one of theStudio’s designers who has taken time off to be a full-time stay-at-home-Mom). This tutorial was written in 2012, and it’s a good reminder that our blog is full of helpful tutorials.  Just type in the Search Box your point of interest, and you might be surprised to find what pops up for you!  Steph’s tutorial link is:  Tuesday Tutorial: Text Boxes.

 Credits: The graphics in this tutorial are from Holiday Hoopla, and the (recolored) background paper from Deck the Halls, both by SnickerdoodleDesigns.

If you are looking for some interesting shapes or great graphics to practice your new skills on, pop on over to our Christmas in July Sale! Save at least 50% on all Christmas-related items, both Personal Use and Commercial Use!


 I have a Deck the Halls cluster for you to practice with! This was created by Kabra, a member of my Creative Team, and I thought with all of the angles it has, it would be a perfect practice piece! You may download it by clicking on the image below.


If you would like to keep this tutorial on your computer for easy reference, you may download a PDF here.

If you are a visual learner, you can view this tutorial on SnickerdoodleDesigns You Tube Channel and on theStudio’s You Tube Channel.

Please head over to YouTube and take a minute to Follow both channels.  Each Channel will have some exclusive videos, so by following both channels, you will be sure not to miss a thing!

See you next week!



Pool Party by WendyP Designs means it’s summer time… this means sun, water and flip flops. Who doesn’t love to be at the pool, if it is a big outside swimming pool or just a small one in your garden. One thing is absolutely sure it will always be a party, a pool party. Just add some water and have fun and Pool Party by WendyP Designs so you can scrap all your pool photo’s!!

Pool Party van WendyP Designs betekent zomer … en dat betekent zon, water en slippers. Wie houdt er nu niet van zwemmen, of het nu in een groot buitenbad is of gewoon in een kleintje in je tuin. Eén ding is absoluut zeker, het zal altijd een feestje zijn, een zwembad feestje. Voeg wat water en pret toe en Pool Party van WendyP Designs om naderhand al je zwembad foto’s te scrappen!


WendyP added some gorgeous extras to this kit to make things easier for you. Just take a look below:

WendyP heeft een aantal prachtige extra’s gemaakt om het makkelijker te maken voor jullie. Kijk maar eens hieronder






Of course there is an amazing deal for you if you want to have all these products. When you buy the Pool Party – Bundled Collection, you save over 50%!

Natuurlijk is er een geweldige aanbieding voor jullie. Als je de Pool Party – Bundled Collection koopt, bespaar je meer dan 50%!


Finally I will show you the quickpage I made with this wonderful kit. You can download it below:

Dan is het nu tijd om jullie de quickpage te laten zien die ik met deze prachtige kit gemaakt heb. Je kunt hem hieronder downloaden:





Letters filled with emotions and the soft scent of you, words penned long ago of a love real and true.  Young love at the ocean, a shell to remind, the beach filled with memories of years long left behind. Summer Love is our treasure,  Summer Love from long ago.  Who knew way back then how great our love would grow.


Summer Love by Amanda Creations and ADB Designs is a wonderful collaboration that I’m going to enjoy scrapping with.  Here’s a little something to get you started, Enjoy!!!




Seven Typography Shortcuts for Photoshop | Viget

I’ve recently picked up a few new Photoshop shortcuts related to typography so I figured that I’d share them. If you spend a lot of time in the program, you probably have seen most of these, but hopefully there’s a new one in here for you. I know I

Source: Seven Typography Shortcuts for Photoshop | Viget

– – –

When I saw this article – I was excited! I learned a couple of new tricks for making my journaling just right! Some (but not all) of the tricks mentioned work in Elements too! My favorite? Double clicking on the layer to make the text active! Sometimes, I struggle to get the right text block selected when I’m trying to edit a layout!

Give a few of these a try today! Maybe start with one of these fabulous templates that have roon for journaling – so you don’t spend all your time making the page – and instead, take time to learn a new trick! Are any of these tips new to you?

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LOTW July 5 – 11 And the winner is …

6grand with her fabulous page Dream. I love the composition of this page, the clustering is so beautiful. The shadows are splendid too and the happy photo’s really make this page shine. All this on the wonderfully coloured background make this page an outstanding one, so congrats 6grand on winning this weeks LOTW!


This beautiful page was created with the fantastic Butterfly Dreams by Studio4 Designworks.



Deep Blue Sea

Earlier this week, In a land far, far away…,  I bemoaned missing my Dad’s 72nd birthday.  It’s a trend this week! Today I’m bemoaning missing Soren’s 25th birthday. 25! A quarter of a century. And I missed it.  Though… I didn’t miss it 100%.

My phone starting beeping nice & early (Thank God he’s in California still!).  He’d taken the gang out for one last fishing trip, and he was reeling them in like there was no tomorrow (that’s Conrad’s angry jealous face in the top right photo).  Even the boat captain was impress with how many, and the sheer size of the fish Soren reeled in.

Of course I would much rather have been there. I love boats, ocean, fishing, fish! But I was almost there thanks to the marvels of technology.  All I needed was tast-o-vision later that day when they beer-battered & fried up a big batch of the catch.

Since Soren’s 17th birthday he’s been fishing on his birthday, out in the deep blue sea, and I’ve been beer-battering & frying fish.  I say “I’, but really, I haven’t done it for years.  I so would if I could, and I’m thrilled technology allows me to still be there. And I love that, even though he knows how blind-folded, he still asks:

“How many tablespoons of garlic?”



Scrubby Sliders in Photoshop

I really like that there are multiple ways to accomplish most tasks in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Sometimes it’s hard to remember all of the shortcuts that Adobe provides for us.  The most obvious way to achieve our goal, sometimes become habit; and shortcuts are forgotten. One of those shortcuts, for me, has been Scrubby Sliders. Are you familiar with them?

Scrubby Sliders provide a quick and easy way to change values.  Scrubby Sliders are “hidden” tools  are accessible when we hover over the “label” next to a tool that has a value option.

Let’s look at the Opacity Slider at the top of the Layers Panel. The “label” is “Opacity;” and the “value” is the percentage.  The most common way to change the opacity of a layer is to click on the down-pointing arrow to the far right. A Slider will pop-out, and then a click on the slider and a drag to the left will lower the opacity of the selected layer.


A faster way to accomplish the same thing is to use the Scrubby Slider.  Here’s how:

1. Hover your mouse over the Label “Opacity” and a hand, with 2 triangles, will appear.

2. While keeping your mouse button depressed, move the slider to the left to reduce opacity, and back to the right to increase opacity.  You do not have to keep the mouse positioned directly over the word “Opacity,” which is another nice thing about Scrubby Sliders.


One of my favorite places to use Scrubby Sliders is in the Character Panel.  Here is a quote typed in 48 pt.


I would like the author’s name to be in a smaller font than that of the quote itself.  I could highlight the text “~Ralph Waldo Emerson,” go up to the top menu option bar, click on the down-pointing arrow next to the font size, and click on the size I like.  That’s not only a lot of clicks, but also if I’m not sure of the exact font size I want it, I may need to test several sizes before I’m happy with the result.

However, if I highlight the text I want to resize, then access the Scrubby Slider in the top menu bar, I can move the slider and see real-time changes in the font size.  This is faster, easier, and takes the guess work out of finding the font size I want.


By reducing the font size of the author’s name, however, now the “g” in “laughs” is interfering with the “d” in “Waldo.”  We can use the Scrubby Slider to fix that too.  Here’s how:

1. Highlight the entire text.

2. Open the Character Panel (If this is not visible, go to Window in the top menu bar, and put a check mark in front of Character.)

3. Click on the A/A Label to adjust the leading, which is the space between the lines. Drag the slider to the left to to decrease the leading (making the lines closer together), and to the right to increase it (making the lines further apart).


That looks better.

You can also use the Scrubby Slider to adjust the tracking if you like. Tracking is the space between individual letters.

1. Highlight the line that you would like to adjust the tracking on.

2. Click on the “VA” Label in the Character panel.

3. Drag the Scrubby Slider to the left to decrease the tracking, and to the right to increase the leading.


Take a look around Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  You might be surprised to find Scrubby Sliders hiding, just waiting for you to find them!

If you would like to keep this tutorial on your computer for easy reference, you may download a PDF here: Scrubby Sliders in Photoshop.

If you are a visual learner, you can view this tutorial on SnickerdoodleDesigns You Tube Channel  and on theStudio’s You Tube Channel.

Please head over to YouTube and take a minute to Follow both channels.  Each Channel will have some exclusive videos, so by following both channels, you will be sure not to miss a thing!

When you experiment with this technique, or any technique you learn through our tutorials, we encourage you to upload your results to our Tutorial Gallery! Show off your hard work!  Please include the name of the tutorial and provide a link to it, in case some of our readers missed it!

The background paper used in today’s tutorial was created using an overlay from SnickerdoodleDesigns Shabby Overlays 1. This pack is included in the CU Gala Grab Bag collaboration between SnickerdoodleDesigns and WendyP Designs.  You may download the sample by clicking on the image below.


Whether you are a Designer or a Scrapper, CU Grab Bags are a great way to build your stash and stretch your digi-dollars! Stop by and see what catches your eye! There are just 2 more days to enjoy the savings in our Grab Bag Gala!


See you next week!


Grab Bag Gala


CU Grab Bags are a fantastic way to build your stash… whether  you are a Designer or a scrapper.  I am particularly fond of the vintage-style Grab Bags to build up my personal collection of old watches, papers, jewelry and bits & pieces to use on my heritage pages.  I’m slowly scanning in all my parents old photo’s and turning them into digital books to be printed and stored in the cloud.  I am determined not to lose these old memories.

Our Grab Bag Gala is to draw attention to the fabulous CU Grab Bags our team releases regularly. All our top CU Designers have brandnew amazing Grab Bags in the store, perfect to show of their amazing extraction and designs skills.  All at a fraction of their everyday price.

The Studio screens all commercial use products for quality.  That includes every product in our CU Grab Bags.  You can buy these products knowing you are receiving quality commercial use products with clean, sharp edges, no missing pixels and no blur.

I created this layout of my parents official engagement in 1965 using only pieces from CU Grab Bags. I looked specifically for vintage pieces, papers & overlays and I found them in grab bags by Manu Designs, ADB Designs, Laitha’s Designs and LouCee Creations. I also used a fantabulous template by Southern Serenity Designs to help me create my layout in a snap!







Chevalier courageux by butterflyDsign is a beautiful kit filled with lots of medieval elements, perfect for all those brave knights and lovely princesses out there. I’m sure there are many kids who would love to be a knight or princess and therefor love to dress up and make their fantasies come true! Chevalier courageux by butterflyDsigns is the perfect kit to scrap these fantasies. With two castles, a real knight, a dragon and lots and lots more this kit will give all the young knights and princesses many precious memories! Chevalier courageux is momentarily on sale for 30% off!

Chevalier courageux van butterflyDsign is een prachtige kit gevuld met een heleboel middeleeuwse elementen, perfect voor al die dappere ridders en liefdevolle prinsessen. Ik weet zeker dat er veel kinderen zijn die graag een ridder of prinses zouden willen zijn. Die het heerlijk vinden om zich te verkleden en zo hun fantasiën uit laten komen! Chevalier courageux van butterflyDsign is de perfecte kit om deze fantasiën te scrappen. Met twee kastelen, een echte ridder, een draak en nog veel en veel meer heeft deze kit alles om de kostbare herinneringen van al die jonge ridders en prinsessen te koesteren! Chevalier courageux is momenteel in de aanbieding met een korting van 30%!

theStudio Coordinated Collection: Summer Fun

Here is the quickpage I made for you with this wonderful kit. Please enjoy!

Hier is de quickpage die ik voor jullie gemaakt heb. Veel plezier ermee!




A few times a year, an opportunity comes up for our kids to sit in a Police car, talk to the officers and see the men and women who work to protect us. These experiences are ones to remember, so At the Police Station by Nibbles Skribbles was created. Combining some fun police themed elements with traditional scrapbooking bits – this kit is all you need for those moments!

You’ll find this on sale for 30% off this week too!!!


Pocket Pales: Pocket Templates Volume 2 is a set of 4 layered 12×12 templates is perfect for seasoned pocket scrappers, beginning pocket scrappers or anyone looking to add a clean lined layout to their albums!


I’ve used At The Police Station and one of the Pocket Pals templates to create you this fun freebie today, Enjoy!!!




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