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Featured Designer Free Add-on plus…

by Rebecca 14 October 2013

40%–50% Off Halloween is coming. The stores are filled with the traditional black and orange and bags of candy in every shape and size. Years ago this was definitely a child’s game, but it has grown into much more in recent years. Here in the U.S. it seems some folks are always looking for a […]

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Small Town Halloween by theStudio Designers

by tammy 10 October 2013
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Halloween in a small town begins with a parade down main street and a carnival in the city park.  There is a costume contest for the younger crowd, a haunted house for the older ones, and even entertainment for the parents. There will always be lots of warm drinks and homemade treats. What makes Halloween special is that everyone […]

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Back-2-School Fun & Sales!

by Toiny Westberry 17 August 2013

  Every year we have a Back-2-School sale in both our Personal Use & Commercial Use stores; and some extra forum challenges especially designed to get you ready for the new school year! Please join us for the Then & Now Challenge; Template Exchange; School Questionnaire; Lunch Box Notes Challenge and the Favorite Teacher! There’s also […]

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Recipe For The Perfect Photo?

by Rebecca 24 April 2013

Have you enjoyed the month long birthday celebration?  Have you won something or participated in one of the challenges?  The month isn’t over so there’s still time.  I love learning new things and I love being surrounded by talented and creative people.  I came home from Japan with a card full of photos and videos […]

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Love is in the Air, plus a freebie!

by Studio Team 4 February 2013
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Love is finding your stocking filled with the things you love and knowing that the person who filled it knows you like nobody else in the world. My husband and I are pretty good at choosing gifts for each other. We never do the typical department store Christmas, but rather focus on unique and personal items. […]

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Get Organized: October 2012

by Nibbles Skribbles 6 October 2012
Get Organized with Nibbles Skribbles

Welcome to another month of organizing fun! – I am always working on organizing when it comes to Digital Scrapbooking. Whether it’s tagging files, putting files away, figuring out what needs to be scrapped, uploaded, deleted, backed up etc – it’s an ongoing process. I’ll be popping in here, on theStudio blog, on the first […]

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Hay Day, plus a freebie!

by Studio Team 2 October 2012
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Have you ever seen those artists that dress up and pose as statues, you know, at amusement parks and such? I know some people think they’re funny, but they’re not my thing. I don’t like being spooked, and the pretending feels awkward to me. I will admit, though, there is one pretend statue that never seemed to […]

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Tutorial Tuesday: How To Make a Template

by Steph 11 September 2012

Hello folks! It’s Tuesday again and that means another tutorial! Today I am going to show you how to make a template. Now, as with so many things pertaining to PS, there is more then one way to make a template. This is just how I prefer to do it. Now, I scrap with templates […]

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Birthday Bash and MAJOR give away!

by Steph 1 September 2012
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EHD Winner has been announced! Winner Announced! It’s that time of year again folks! Major happenings at the Studio! Every year for the Studio’s birthday we like to celebrate in style. This year is no different. Check out the Next Designer Contest where you could win a designer contract AND a Silhouette Cameo! A Layout Artist Contest- these are […]

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Smash! Final Journal Challenge

by Steph 22 August 2012
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Today is the last challenge in the Smash! Journal Challenge Series! And guess what? If you have made it this far your deserve a bit of a break, so this challenge is a little bit easier- Challenge #4 What is your fondest memory of school? This is one broad topic! Run with it! You have […]

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