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Creative Team Inspiration

by Nibbles Skribbles 13 November 2013
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We have an amazing Creative Team at theStudio, and they do amazing layouts with our products! Today, I’m going to show off some of those awesome layouts! {All Layouts linked to the gallery, credits posted below layouts} Layout by NancyP using Christmas Forever by Feli Designs and Mel Designs Layout by hareraisers2 using Little T.O.Ts […]

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Spring Photo Ops, plus a freebie!

by Studio Team 15 April 2013

Do you ever wake up early on a Saturday morning, look out the window and see the sun yellow and bright against a clear blue sky and say to yourself ‘what a perfect day to spend outside in my yard?’ As spring meanders in between occasional April showers, I find myself in this position now and then. I’m not usually an early riser […]

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Laddie Brian, Lassie Brianna, and a freebie!

by Studio Team 18 March 2013
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Did you have a lucky and lively St. Patty’s Day yesterday? Perhaps you plucked a four-leaf clover, or found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow (as if, right?!). Maybe you just had a jolly celebration with family and friends, and wore a touch of green to avoid an unlucky pinch. As […]

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WMW – Double Page Tutorial with Freebie Template

by Rebecca 13 February 2013

Last week I showed you some great “all the time” bargains by BooLand Designs. Her One Page Wonders are a real steal at $1.97 all the time.  This week I have great step-by-step tutorial by Mary John using one of those One Page Wonders to make a quick and easy double page for a photo […]

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WMW – One Page Wonders – Scrap an album in a flash!

by Rebecca 6 February 2013

Last week was a terrible week for me.  My computer fizzled out just before the big Flash Sales and I was in a panic.  Not only was I scheduled to help a few people with their sales but I had big plans to grab some great deals myself.  I did grab a few goodies but […]

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Love is in the Air, plus a freebie!

by Studio Team 4 February 2013
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Love is finding your stocking filled with the things you love and knowing that the person who filled it knows you like nobody else in the world. My husband and I are pretty good at choosing gifts for each other. We never do the typical department store Christmas, but rather focus on unique and personal items. […]

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Jack Frost and Friends, plus a freebie!

by Studio Team 7 January 2013
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About a month ago, my husband Andy and I went up to Mt. Hood, Oregon to play in the snow. We took our dog, Sophie, who had absolutely froliced the first time we took her to the snow, so we were pretty certain she’d have a blast this time too. She did, but in all […]

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Snickerdoodle Designs: Year in review

by Studio Team 24 December 2012
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So I have this great idea for a Christmas card. Don’t worry, I do know that today is Christmas Eve. Not only have I not sent out our Christmas cards yet, I haven’t even made a Christmas card yet, nor have I taken the photo that is supposed to go on the Christmas card. Oh I’ve been […]

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Busted, plus a freebie!

by Studio Team 15 October 2012
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One day not so long ago, I was sitting at my computer in the office typing away when my dog Sophie came up to me and rested her nose on my leg. It left a wet mark on my pants. I was surprised and thought she might be thirsty. I turned to get up out of […]

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Hay Day, plus a freebie!

by Studio Team 2 October 2012
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Have you ever seen those artists that dress up and pose as statues, you know, at amusement parks and such? I know some people think they’re funny, but they’re not my thing. I don’t like being spooked, and the pretending feels awkward to me. I will admit, though, there is one pretend statue that never seemed to […]

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